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Personalized fishing profiles linking students, coaches, and parents together
Full control of cross-user sharing between coaches, students, and parents
Helpful in-app feedback loops between coach and students for improving students fishing skills
Connected logbook for keeping the entire teams activity in one place each season
Features for planning and gathering pre-fishing data so the team is more effective on the water
Advanced mapping and environmental data layers powered by USGS, NOAA, and ESRI
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Features for students, coaches, and parents.

With the coach and parent aligned, the student anglers begin benefiting from added feedback, encouragement, and learnings provided from parents, coaches, and friends alike.  Most of all, the students start catching more fish, have more fun doing it, and stay connected in the sport we all love - Bass Fishing!

Break down & learn waters together.

High School Fishing teams struggle to have a team mentality as fishing is inherently an individual sport. That makes it tough for student anglers to learn from each others experiences on the water.

Tracking every detail of fishing trips improves fishing skills faster. Collaborate over trip details to compare which areas, baits, and techniques are working. Whether it’s before or after a tournament, breaking down each teams trips will help each angler learn and improve!

Go Live & broadcast trips to any device to increase the feedback loop.

It’s like being a spectator in a tournament but from your couch. It's difficult for coaches and parents to follow along with their anglers while they’re on the water. Unlike other sports, the “playing field” is miles from the boat ramp, making it impossible to watch in real-time, see how they’re doing or the decisions they’re making.

With Go Live,  it’s easier than ever for coaches, parents, and friends to follow along with Student Anglers on the water! You’ll be able to see their trip path, catches, and give them real-time feedback!

Stay up to date with your team and strengthen your coaching ability.

In each club, there are student anglers who are new to fishing and struggling to get the opportunity to learn from friends, the club, and their own fishing experiences on the water.

Student anglers can add coaches and parents as friends in the app. Now, people who care about helping anglers improve can give feedback, help in decision making, and improve their catch performance. The learning curve shortens when you have the information and fellow anglers helping each other!
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