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Here are the next steps to get you and your club set up on ANGLR.

1. Complete your online registration below
Complete Registration Form
Give us 3 business days to process your application.  We will then reach you by email or cell to set up next steps, and provide materials that will help you, the students, and parents.
2. Set up your personal account on ANGLR
If you haven't already, please send us your user handle created on ANGLR.  This information is critical for keeping your club associated to your account. Once you set up your profile, please add Derek Horner as a friend. Add friends anywhere you see this icon - icon
3. Download our program packet for parents & students
Download Program Packet
The materials we send you are an easy way to quickly get your club up to speed on ANGLR.
4. Review our High School cheat sheet for all things ANGLR
Review Program Information
The questions and answers we've prepared for you to get you, the coach up to speed on all things ANGLR.
That's it!  We'll be in touch shortly through email for a one-on-one call to answer any questions and prepare your club.