A Roundup of the Best Perch Ice Fishing Videos

It’s that time of year where you start brushing up on your winter ice fishing tactics. Pulling your augers out of the back of the garage and making sure they’re tuned up and ready to go. What better way to kick off the perch ice fishing season than to get yourself warmed up with some videos?

We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best perch ice fishing videos geared towards piquing your excitement, honing your skills, and making your jigging finger twitch.

Perch Ice Fishing Tips to Hone Your Skills

Jason Feldner takes you through how to use a dropper rig to land jumbo perch in Lindy Fishing Tackle’s Use a Dropper Rig to Catch More Perch. He shows you exactly how to set up and use this rig when the fish aren’t schooled up, but are on the move.

Ivo Coia, host of Thundermist Fishing Tips, gives some great advice on how to get set up for some great perch and shows you the perfect jigging spoon technique in Ice Fishing Jigging Tips and Tricks. They’ve got the Stingnose jigging spoons on the line today and catching a variety of sizes.

If you’re new to the game, Fish Ed host, Jon Thelen shows you exactly what to look for when picking the perfect perch post in The Perfect Winter Perch Spot. Thanks to Lindy Fishing Tackle, he brings in a few of the jumbo guys that everyone’s seeking.

If it’s really jumbo perch you’re after, you’ll want to watch Fish Ed 020 Ice Fishing Tricks to Catch Devils Lake Perch with Jason Feldner. Lindy Fishing Tackle does it again, showing you exactly where you want to get yourself set up and what sort of jigs and bait to use. He gives you tricks for how to catch more and bigger. Don’t miss this one!

Rick Larson takes you through My Perch Ice Fishing Bag of Tricks! To show you exactly what equipment he packs and what his presentation set up is.

Perch Ice Fishing Videos: Bait Tips

Coia is back again on Lake Erie for a trip out after perch and goes into good detail on baiting up with tiny jigging spoons and minnows. Then he shares some other baiting tips, including a surprisingly simple bait tip you don’t want to miss in Ice Fishing For Perch on Lake Erie With Jigging Spoons and Minnows.

In Secret Ice Fishing Perch Bait by Clam Outdoors, Jason Durham lets you know it’s not only okay to modify your bait, but when it comes to perch, it’ll get you better results. He shows you a few of his favorites that make him so successful.

Perch Ice Fishing Videos: Use Technology to Your Advantage

Follow along as Mike from Deeper Sonar traces the lay of the land until he happens upon the perfect spot to land some perch in How to Target Mid-Winter Perch Under Ice. You’ll spend less time looking for an ice fishing hole with sonar on your side.

Not quite sure how to use that Deeper Pro Plus? The Fishing Doctors Adventures takes you through just how to read your screen and use that signal to your advantage so you know exactly how to target those marks. You’ll get lots of practice reading the screen as they take you through How to Use Deeper Pro Plus Sonar for Ice Fishing Perch.


Perch Ice Fishing Videos: Straight Fun Catching Em’

In JUMBO Perch Ice Fishing!, ProFishermanJones gives out a few pointers here and there but shows a solid five minutes worth of hauling some nice keepers out one after the other. He clues you into his favorite spoon while hauling in some good jumbo perch on the Great Lakes.  

LiveActionVideo spends some time jigging for perch underwater. Well, not really, but their camera is! If you’ve got a day where you’re just feeling lazy and looking for some slow fun to mesmerize you, Ice Fishing – Perch. Underwater Camera is for you.  

Another underwater camera shows you different jig types and techniques in Fun Ice Fishing For Perch by Ricky Hembel. It’s a cool comparison of how the fish are reacting to each different rigging.

For a little get-up-and-go-get-em inspiration, Action Packed Perch Ice Fishing – Lake Simcoe really gets you into the mood. You’ll barely be able to wait ‘till the ice is thick enough to stand on. Thanks for getting the perch pumping, PFSC Fishing!

Curious about where you can and should use your SonarPhone? Check out SonarPhone Used For Ice Fishing? By Vexilar Marine.


Muskie Fishing Videos

When you Google “Muskie Fishing Videos,” a whole plethora of videos pop up. From “Musky Fishing 101: All You Need To Know About the Fish Of 10,000 Casts” to “Crazy Boat-Side Muskie Strikes,” there are a ton of videos posted about the strong fighter, muskellunge.

So, what are some great ones?

Here are a few that you can add to your watch list. Enjoy!

Muskie Fishing Videos For Beginners


Muskie Fishing for Beginners – Part 1 of ?? Release Tools is the perfect introduction to muskie fishing, starting you from the ground – up. Getting Crushed TV kicks off its four-part series with a tackle-packing list, so you’re not left surprised and up a creek before your first outing even gets started.

You can easily progress to the rest of the series, which takes you through different lures and techniques for the best approach :

Muskie Fishing for Beginners – Part 2: Bucktails

Muskie Fishing for Beginners – Part – 3: Jerkbaits

Muskie Fishing for Beginners – Part – 4 Topwater

Giant Quest has put together a Musky Trolling Tutorial to give you an overview of techniques used to catch musky. It’s not as exciting as some of the other videos, but it really gets into how to find your catch and some basics of landing, clearing, and releasing.


Orvis takes you through what you need to get started chasing muskies fly-fishing-style in their Video Pro Tip: How to Rig Line and Leader for Muskies. Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips shows you what kinds of lines to use and how he builds a leader to cast big flies, deal with a toothy quarry, and handle a big fight. If you’re after these giants on the fly.

Bennett Marine Video has put together another good all-around video full of tips coming from Lake Saint Clair, where the largest population of muskies in the world resides. Captain Frank Piku takes you through an exciting lesson that will teach you the best ways to hook up muskies on a variety of lures using a variety of approaches in How to Catch the Big Muskies.

Taking Muskie Fishing Videos to the Next Level

Monster Muskies in Weeds is a good introduction to muskie lures and hardware. This video isn’t just about the big one highlights. It takes you all the way from tackle selection, to testing the fish, and some great landing techniques. Linder’s Angling Edge shows you how to experiment and find out how individual lures have unique triggering characteristics which get muskies in the weeds to bite.

Still want more? Leave it to Bass Pro Shops to bring you an in-depth tutorial focusing on one technique at a time. Musky fishing: Walking the Dog tells you exactly what you need to know to perform Walk the Dog, working a topwater lure that has side to side action for muskies with both a slow and high speed retrieve reel.

Though a bit of a longer watch, Musky Fishing with Bucktails produces BIG Fish takes you all through the power of bucktails in the sport of muskie fishing. Keyes Outdoors Musky Hunting Adventures shows you size of bucktails and when is the proper time to use them, then goes so far as to break things down into seasons. Color, size, shapes, and speed make all the difference in success when fishing for this fish of 10,000 casts. This is a must-watch, well-directed, educational video put together with big wins, and sad losses.

Fun To Watch Muskie Fishing Videos

Topwater Muskie Fishing Close Calls And Amazing Strikes starts off a little slow, but if you can hold on ‘till around the 1:00 mark, you’ll start to witness a couple of great topwater strikes.  Chris Munchow even slows it down a bit for us to see just how powerful a strike this bulldog of a fish has!

In Why We Musky Fish – 2018 Highlight Video, Burning Eights make you believe all you’re going to see are teasers of anglers just hooking the big dude, but as suspense builds, they finally allow you the satisfaction of a landing, and a peek at the prize is well worth the wait. It only gets better from there. This is a must see!

Muskie Fishing – CHAOS TACKLE – PREDATOR NATION has most certainly been put together by Tea Predator Nation for the purpose of highlighting what the Chaos Tackle Madussa can accomplish, but if you’re looking to get your off-season jollies by looking at an overwhelming array of striking muskie pictures, check this one out!

Whoops! Sometimes the fish just surprise you! Mark Daniels Jr. hooked what he thought was a giant smallmouth, but he soon realized he had hooked into a massive muskie on the final day of the Advance Auto Parts Bassmaster Elite on Lake St. Clair. It’s amusing to watch, as he’s not even quite sure how to handle the giant in the video.

Animal Planet heads to Canada with Jeremy Wade to film a shoot on River Monsters. He heads out in pursuit of the elusive muskie, but his confidence as an expert angler takes a hit as he’s faced with one of the greatest challenges and most extraordinary catches of his life in Canadian Horrors – How to Catch a Muskie.

As a final video to round out this list, although it may not be specifically about Muskie, you can see Major League Fishing Pro, Dave Lefebre, holding up a solid Chautauqua Lake Muskie in ANGLR’s video below!


Logbooks, Waypoints, And Patterns Using ANGLR With Dave Lefebre

Professional bass angler Dave Lefebre has been with ANGLR since the beginning. He has helped shape the idea into what it is today. Having the ability to measure, record, and improve with each and every fishing trip has changed the game for so many anglers. Here’s what Dave had to say about the progress thus far!

Dave Lefebre Using Logbooks To Find Patterns

Dave grew up tracking all of his fishing in a logbook with the ol’ pen and paper method. He attests that keeping an old fashioned log book just isn’t productive anymore. With so many years of fishing data, it can be nearly impossible to find a specific trip or snippet of data. But, he knows how valuable a logbook can be!

“Keeping a logbook is something everybody should do, it makes you better.”

With ANGLR, your logbook is tracked digitally in real time. Being able to mark waypoints and collect all of the data simultaneously is the way of the future! Dave admits that he was kind of a geek with his old fashioned logbooks. He tried to track everything so he could figure out why the fish bit. When he began to notice some days were better than others, he knew keeping track of everything was going to improve his fishing. Now, He uses the free ANGLR app as a logbook to track every piece of data he needs to constantly improve!

“I don’t need the notebooks anymore, it’s all digital. I can do all this stuff a lot quicker, I can research it quicker. It’s easy, automatic, and all in one place.”

For Dave, using ANGLR saves him an incredible amount of time, but he’s able to still learn just as much if not more through reviewing his data. With ANGLR, Dave can see all of his data in real time, right at his fingertips! There used to be a lot of things that went into figuring out why the fish were or weren’t biting, now it’s easy! It’s literally the click of one button!

Using Fishing Technology To Solve A Century Old Problem

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For centuries, collecting fishing data has been a real pain in the waders.

ANGLR has solved this problem with a free fishing app and arsenal of fishing tracking accessories.

Now, you have the ability to build fishing intelligence without interrupting the fishing experience. One click marks a catch. Two clicks marks a waypoint.

You don’t even have to touch your phone or fish finder.

Don’t leave it to luck. Plan, record and improve. Turn your data into insights using the ANGLR fishing intelligence platform.

This is a lot more than a feed of selfies and fishbra pics like those other apps.

You’ll have complete trip summaries from start to finish with GPS routes, waypoints, catches, conditions and more waiting for you in your profile. And remember, your spots are your spots. You decide when and who to share them with.

This is fishing intelligence for the future. This is your chance to become a better fisherman. Hassle not included.

We hope you enjoy the video, we had a ton of fun creating it with the entire team. Huge shoutout goes to Dave Lefebre, Orange Astronaut, and Danny Jones!