Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 5 | Shark Fishing And Hurricane Florence With Tyler Barnes

This is now the fifth episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast and I am talking with Tyler Barnes out of North Carolina. Tyler is a fishing enthusiast in the area as well as a surf fishing guide primarily targeting big sharks with his Fins On The Beach guide service. Unfortunately, North Carolina got blasted by the hurricane just a week earlier so I’m talking with Tyler to learn about the damages this hurricane caused and what they do to the fishery.

Shark Fishing

Tyler and I with a beautiful Lemon Shark from Episode 24 of the ANGLR Tour!

We start the podcast off talking about how the actual storm went. Tyler stayed at his house in North Carolina for the storm after a lot of thought and told me about how terrible the weather truly was at its worst. There were downed trees, flooded homes, and blown out structures. Even though the weather was terrible and conditions were dangerous, Tyler went out of his way to go help shrimpers who had their boat beached in a nearby river and provided shelter for them while the storm continued.

Shark Fishing (1)

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After telling me stories about the damage and aftermath, we transitioned to the fishing side of things. Apparently when a hurricane moves through, it moves massive amounts of sand with it and completely changes the beaches. This actually improved the near shore fishing in the area because the drop of became closer to shore and provided a different habitat for the fish.

I would have never thought a positive could come from a hurricane but that’s the attitude of people living on the coast when a storm comes is to find the best in it. After talking about the changes the hurricane cause, we discussed the recent shark fishing success he’s been having for his guided trips and how he is getting multiple runs a night from his surf rigs. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out Tyler’s services if you are in the Emerald Isle area!

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