2020 FLW Season | A Talk With Two Anglers On Tour

Some time has passed since Major League Fishing (MLF) acquired Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). In those six weeks, there has been some confusion about the 2020 FLW Season. 

The original format was laid out to incorporate MLF’s ‘every fish counts’ format and FLW’s traditional five-fish format into each stop of the FLW Pro Circuit. However, after much discussion, the regular season events will be in accordance with traditional five-fish events. And the new year-end Pro Circuit Championship will operate under the MLF format. 

We sat down with two FLW pros and ANGLR Experts, Matt Becker and Grae Buck, to see what they think about the merger and the new FLW Pro Circuit.

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Matt Becker’s Thoughts on the 2020 FLW Season

2020 FLW Season (2)

“I like the merger,” he said. “Now there’s a path to get to the Bass Pro Tour and in turn have no entry fees, all the coverage can be at the highest level. So I’m certainly excited about that.”

Becker welcomed the championship’s new format. 

“I do like the championship changing. That’s where it gives you a little taste of the Bass Pro Tour before you get there. The championship is no entry fee and you’re getting paid regardless in that event,” he said.

There’s a debate as to whether or not an angler’s style has to change in order to compete in the new MLF ‘every fish counts’ format. Becker’s not worried about that.

“I’ve always been a believer in just catching as many as I can. But now, every one of them will count. I’m sure every event will be a little bit different because of that.” 

He continued: “There are definitely people that don’t favor that format. Everyone is a little bit different. Everyone has their own opinion. You’re never going to please everybody. At the end of the day, you have to catch the biggest bass or the most bass to win. It doesn’t matter which you choose.” 

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Grae Buck’s Thoughts on the 2020 FLW Season

2020 FLW Season (3)

Buck appreciated the organizations’ willingness to hear the anglers out and modify their original proposed format accordingly. 

“I like how they were willing to listen to what we had to say,” Buck said, “And they took into account what the fans on social media had to say about it.” 

Buck doesn’t believe the format change will affect how he fishes typically, but there will also be certain occasions where it may. Take this inaugural championship for instance. 

In traditional five-fish tournaments on the St. Lawrence, an angler needs over 20-pounds a day to do well. To get there, he would need all 4 and 5-pound smallmouth. So anglers looking to win usually pass up numerous schools of 2 to 2-½ pounders. But with the MLF format, those schools are now worth fishing for. 

“I think you’re going to be able to milk them for all they’re worth. Up there, or places like that, it’s definitely going to change the strategy for a lot of guys.”

Overall, Buck is pleased with the merger and optimistic about the new FLW Pro Circuit.

“I think it’s going to be a good opportunity for us. Being able to qualify to fish the Bass Pro Tour and not have any entry fees if you have two good years of fishing. That gives us something to work towards.”

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5 Bass Fishing Gifts for Holiday Shopping on Any Budget

It’s that time of year again. Time to buy your favorite angler a little something for Christmas. But anglers are surprisingly difficult to shop for. At first glance you probably think, I’ll just buy him some bass fishing gifts or something for fishing. But buying ‘something for fishing’ has a multi-billion dollar impact on our economy every year. 

That’s a lot of somethings to choose from. 

Sure, you could always go with a gift card. That’s pretty hard to beat actually. But if you’re one of those who likes to put a little more thought into it, I’ve compiled a list of 5 bass fishing gifts ranging from a $5 budget to a $100 budget. These are either products that I’ve used personally or they’re products that I have been recommended to try by friends that I trust in fully. 

Here are my picks to help you narrow the search this holiday season.

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Bass Fishing Gifts: $100 Budget

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Casting Reel ($99.99)

Bass Fishing Gifts(1)

I have used this reel or its predecessor for several years now. Every year or two, Lew’s tweaks this model slightly and re-issues a new version of it, always keeping it at the $99.99 price point. And each time it gets a little lighter and a little stronger. 

This is the primary reel in my arsenal that I use for 70% of my fishing. For heavy braid applications like frogging and punching, I’ll step up to a Lew’s Super Duty for around $180. But for every other baitcaster application, I prefer the LFS. 

If you have an angler in your life that you’re looking to spend $100 on, this reel is hard to beat. I’ve fished with reels from a lot of other companies over the years and have never found one in the $100 range that compares. There will be a few different gear ratios to choose from, go with the SS1SHA (right-hand model) or SS1SHLA (left-hand model). These are both 7.5:1 gear ratio which is the best all-around reel in my opinion.

Bass Fishing Gifts: $50 Budget

Storm Arashi Glide Bait ($37.99)

Bass Fishing Gifts(2)

This bait actually comes in under budget if you have $50 to work with. And compared to other glide baits, the Arashi Glide is a steal. A lot of these style swimbaits range from $100 to $200 with several selling for even more. 

Brandon Palaniuk spent 3 years designing this bait for Storm and its pretty awesome. I recently purchased a couple of these myself and I have thrown one around a bit. It’s a little too cold for this style of fishing right now, but the action is fantastic. 

What’s cool about this gift idea is that you can open up a whole new genre of fishing to the angler in your life. For years, a lot of people didn’t throw big swimbaits like this because they didn’t want to gamble $200 on a single bait to try out a new technique. But I can say from experience, getting a big bite on a big bait like this is well worth it. The good news is, now you can find out for only $37.99.

Bass Fishing Gifts: $20 Budget

Bass Mafia Box 3700 Deep 2.0 ($21.99)

Bass Fishing Gifts(3)

This product comes in a little over budget for the angler you’re looking to spend $20 on, but it’s likely worth the couple extra bucks. Bass Mafia has been producing top of the line tackle storage systems for a few years now. They offer very high-end specialty boxes for things like deep diving crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and terminal tackle that sell for $40 to $60. 

I have personally invested in a couple of these boxes. Though they are pricy, they do a very good job of protecting and organizing hundreds of dollars worth of baits that would be a jumbled up rusty mess in boxes I’ve used in the past.

But I’ve never considered converting all of my tackle boxes over to Bass Mafia because the expense would be enormous, until now. 

The 3700 Deep 2.0 is new, and though I don’t have any yet personally, they look solid and I know they’re made by a company that knows what they’re doing. At 4-inches deep, you could store almost anything in them and they have a watertight seal like their higher-end boxes. They also boast 20% thicker walls than a lot of the competition.  

All in all, this is a pretty safe bet and a gift any angler would be excited to receive. 

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Bass Fishing Gifts: $10 Budget

Booyah Covert Spinnerbait ($8.99)

Bass Fishing Gifts(4)

Here’s another product I haven’t personally used yet but one that I feel very comfortable recommending. One of the greatest spinnerbait fishermen out there designed it, Jason Christy, and one of the best fishermen I know personally, Tom Frink, recommenced it. 

Frink, a buddy of mine since the college fishing days, back when he won a National Championship on Lake Chatuge, is a stickler for detail. He recommended this bait to me. I asked how he liked the hook and he said, “The first bite I got on it I boat flipped a 5-pounder and didn’t even have to fix the wire.” 

For those of you unfamiliar with fishing, that’s pretty impressive. For the rest of you, you can see why this bait made the list for under $10. 

Bass Fishing Gifts: $5 Budget

VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble ($6.29)

Bass Fishing Gifts(5)

Here’s a stocking stuffer that is a little something different. Most hard baits carry a couple of treble hooks, but now we can add a little flash to those baits by swapping out the standard treble hooks for these bladed bad boys. 

I’m unsure yet whether this product is going to be better at catching fish or fishermen, but it is something that conceptually makes a lot of sense to me and the product won Best of Show for terminal tackle at ICAST this year. So, for $6.29 it’s worth a try and definitely something interesting to find in your stocking.

Bass Fishing Gifts: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Bass Fishing Gifts (6)

As a final note, don’t forget the ANGLR Bullseye, another great stocking stuffer for any angler. By pairing the Bullseye with the free ANGLR app, you open up a wide arrange of additional capabilities accessible by the remote click of a button. For more on the ANGLR Bullseye, click here.

Fishing Log | The Importance of Keeping a Fishing Log

Let’s face it: We all know it’s important to keep track of our fish catches through a fishing log, or logbook for short. I’m talking about the type you might find tucked away in your granddad’s attic, filled with handwritten details from fishing expeditions of years past.

It’s something we should do, but those of us who aren’t OCD and meticulous note-takers could get caught up in the old adage of chasing ghosts by fishing memories.

My personal opinion aligns with those who say you shouldn’t get caught up in chasing memories. But I still prefer to keep a fishing log because quite frankly, my memory is garbage. I can’t remember the big picture stuff like the date and location of a fish catch, much less the details like barometric pressure and water temperature.

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A Fishing Log That Records Data for Me

That is why I love the ANGLR app — this isn’t your granddad’s logbook. For one, it collects data that is far more powerful. And you can say “bye-bye” to your handwritten efforts that would have you “fishing memories.” 

The ANGLR app lets me go back in time to see when the best feeding windows were relative to similar weather conditions that I’ll face on my next outing to help me develop a game plan. I’m not chasing memories, I’m predicting patterns.  

I’m not trying to go back and catch the same 4-pound bass that I lost on one particular stump 2 years ago. No, I’m using all the data collected from 10 trips I made under certain conditions to tell me what I need to do when the wind shifts directions or the barometric pressure increases. 

Fishing Log(1)

This is next-level stuff.

Even if you have a great memory, you don’t have a running clock in your head to be able to look back one day and remember you caught a fish at exactly 10:03 AM. Nor do you carry around a barometer to memorize the barometric pressure at the point of each fish catch… but the ANGLR app does

bass fishing blog cta equation

This Fishing Log Changed How I Look at My Data

The great thing about this massive data accumulation is that it happens with very little input on my end and it’s completely private. I am not OCD. I am not disciplined when it comes to taking notes. Luckily, the app does most of the work for me, keeping up with a wide array of conditions automatically and locking them all down to the second when I drop a pattern point relative to a fish catch. 

And if I’m feeling extra motivated, ANGLR lets me add my own notes in conjunction with a particularly meaningful catch. Say I caught a fish beside a dock instead of under it on a bait I don’t typically throw due to abnormal water clarity. I can add all those details on the spot or later when I’m off the water. Then, in similar conditions, I can refer back to them right there on the app. I can even add a picture to my notes of the bait, dock or fish if I want. 

So stop chasing ghosts by fishing memories. Do yourself a favor and use the app. It’s a powerful tool that helps you avoid making the same mistakes over and over. It’s a tool that will make you a better angler every time you use it.

A Year in Review: Shaye Baker’s One-Year Recap Using ANGLR

I’ve been providing content for ANGLR and using the ANGLR app with their digital logbook for a little over a year now. I thought it would be prudent to sit down and reflect on that time. 

For anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with ANGLR, their core product is a free digital logbook that simplifies the otherwise tedious process of data collection on the water. No more wasting time with pen and paper. Now, with the push of a button, you can create a private pattern point in the app to associate a fish catch to its location, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, time of day, current in some situations and so much more. 

So, let’s talk a little about what I’ve noticed working closely over the last year with ANGLR.

catch more bass fishing app banner 1

Dedication to Getting Better

The first thing I’ll mention is the first thing you see when you open the app, the company’s mission statement, Never Stop Improving. I have to commend ANGLR on that, not just being a slogan, but a mantra they operate by. In the time I’ve worked with the company, they’ve added feature after feature and issued dozens of updates. 

Sure, there have been some bumps in the road. But when you’re blazing a trail, bumps are to be expected. 

Now that most of the groundwork has been done, the updates are smoothing out more and more bumps every day and the app is operating strongly with more functionality than ever.

The Most Impressive Thing They’ve Done

Back in February of 2019, ANGLR hosted a summit of sorts where they brought together various anglers and fishing industry members with very diverse backgrounds, ages, and views on fishing as a whole. To me, that was the most impressive thing I’ve seen them do. 

Sure, the tech is awesome but that’s way above my head. And companies who do tech, do it every day, so I’d say I take that for granted a bit. But what most companies don’t do is listen. When I arrived in Pittsburgh for the ANGLR summit, I walked into a collaborative set of very well coordinated thought experiments aimed at digging down to the root of what each of us would like to see from a digital logbook. 

Some great ideas were the result of those meetings, which have since been implemented by the leadership and design teams, who did in fact listen. 

Shaye ANGLR(2)

One such idea was the ANGLR Backtrack feature.

bass fishing blog cta equation

My Favorite Feature Release Over the Last Year

The Backtrack feature, with the user’s permission, is able to go through your photos, recognize fish, take the date and geolocation information that was saved when you took the photo and create past waypoints and trips from that data. 

Which is simply put, amazing.

So now, if you caught a 6-pounder and took a photo 8-months before you even downloaded the app, the app will access that photo and create a waypoint for you where the photo was taken. That to me is just crazy and seamlessly takes advantage of the social media world we live in where we photograph everything. Now all those fish catches that you hurried to snap and post to Instagram can quickly be converted into tangible, usable data: in effect, transposing ANGLR’s mantra onto you, the angler, by helping you to Never Stop Improving

Most Useful New Feature

Perhaps the most useful new feature is the ability to transfer pattern points from your ANGLR app to the electronics on your boat and vice versa. This allows you to do all sorts of things. For instance, I’ll still mark brush and other pieces of cover on my graph, but can track my fish catches just by clicking the ANGLR Bullseye I wear on my hat and then upload all those fish catches to my graph if I want later. Or if I’m catching a lot of small fish and don’t want all that data jumbling up my graph screen, I can choose not to import them. Or import only the best 5 at the end of the day. 

Shaye ANGLR (1)

The options are vast. 

It’s also an awesome feature for tournament prep. I used to fish a lot of bigger tournaments where I couldn’t logistically go to South Carolina for example and practice on Santee Cooper until right before the actual tournament. So to prepare, I’d sit on my phone or computer in Alabama and scour Google Earth for anything that looked interesting. The trouble came when I’d try to take a couple of dozen things I marked and figure out how to identify them on my boat’s graph so I could find them when I actually set out on the water.

Now with the ANGLR app, I can sit on my couch and look at historical satellite images when the water was low on a lake, mark 100 brush piles if I want and then transfer all those waypoints over to my graph with a couple of clicks. That’s an awesome and extremely useful feature. 

Looking Forward

There’s a lot more to ANGLR’s company, app, logbook, and other products. And certainly, even more great things to come from ANGLR in the future. I try to align myself with companies and products I believe in, and with ANGLR, that’s easy. If you haven’t yet tried them out, give the app a try. The free version has loads of features and functionality. If you like what you see and want even more, be sure to check out their Premium


We can always be better. That to me is one of the most appealing things about fishing. 

The challenge and how even the greatest anglers of all time have not, cannot and will not perfect their game completely. 

There will always be room for improvement. There will always be one fish that outsmarts or outmaneuvers us. One set of conditions that puzzles us and stumps us. One decision we rethink and desperately want to re-do. It would be really nice to have a tool to help us track, learn, and grow from all those mistakes and past fishing trips. And now we do.

Planning a Fishing Trip: How to Plan a Kayak Trip With the ANGLR App

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer

One of my favorite parts of the ANGLR app is the number of different ways it can be used. The more I use this app and the more updates are released, the advantages offered are only expanding. When I first started using the app, I thought I would simply track my fishing trips and mark good spots to fish and areas where fish were caught. I soon realized that I was only utilizing a small sliver of what the app could provide. 

During the days leading up to a fishing tournament, anglers are constantly sharing tips and information with each other and while I appreciate the communication, I’ve never cared for a last-minute change in approach. I’ve been around many anglers who’ve completely changed their game plan based on some information they heard from someone that turned out to be third or fourth hand. Using the ANGLR app to breakdown a body of water, I’m able to see things for myself and target areas that I think will be productive based on my confidence baits.

Here’s a rundown of how I plan a day out on the water using the ANGLR app.

Planning a Fishing Trip: Find Water

This probably seems silly to read at first, but there are plenty of weekends that come up where I’m set on going fishing just not certain as to where I want to go. To assist in my decision, I open the ANGLR app and take a look at what’s around me. With satellite imagery or topographic imagery, I’m able to easily locate a body of water and assess it’s accessibility. 

Planning a Fishing Trip(1)         Planning a Fishing Trip(2)

There have been plenty of times when I’ve located a body of water close to my house that I never knew existed. Some of my biggest bass this year have come from small bodies of water that aren’t popular fishing spots. These fishing holes would be tough to find without detailed maps. The ANGLR app’s topographical maps can even give you a sneak peek of what the depths look like on a pond or lake before fishing it.

Planning a Fishing Trip: Check the Weather

As a kayak angler, it’s really important to be aware of the current and forecasted weather conditions. Kayaks these days are super stable, but they can only do so much when the weather gets bad. Not only does ANGLR Premium provide a live weather radar, but it also provides a 72-hour wind map which has become a staple in my fishing preparation. 

Knowing what the wind is going to do allows me to decide if it’s safe to go fishing but also where the fish should be active based on the wind direction. The weather on the ANGLR app is regularly updated and can be checked while you’re out on the water as well just in case something changes. 

Planning a Fishing Trip: Logbook

For years, I’ve planned to start a fishing journal where I record the details of every fishing trip I go on. I had the intention to start, but I’d never actually done it. Well… until this season.

Now, the ANGLR app does it for me by tracking your trips, catches, and waypoints that you record with the Bullseye. Come next season, I’ll be more prepared for events when I can just refer to the previous trips on a body of water. I’m looking forward to using this historical information to help me ensure my pre-fishing and events are more focused and my approach is more effective.

Kayak Fishing Apps | The Top 5 Kayak Fishing Apps

There has never been a better time to be a kayak angler. Advances in the design of kayaks and their accessories have provided all kinds of advantages for the kayak angler. To go along with kayaks and their accessories, developers have created kayak fishing apps that put a whole world of information within the palm of our hands. 

This work has resulted in powerful applications that allow anglers to access all kinds of information, log information about their trips, connect with other anglers, hold kayak fishing tournaments, and more. Here are my top 5 fishing apps.

Kayak Fishing Apps #1: ANGLR

You’re most likely reading this article on the ANGLR website, so let’s address the obvious concern right off the bat. I write for ANGLR but I’m not obligated to include this app on my list. The ANGLR app is rated at the top of this list because of my own usage and experience.

I first heard about this app at the 2019 KBF National Championship. During that time a friend gave me an ANGLR Bullseye and I started using it immediately. At first, it seemed like the app was more of a tracker, something that you turned on at the start of your trip to see where you went. That seemed interesting to me but not really enough to get me using it all the time. 

When you add the ANGLR Bullseye, the app becomes an all in one fishing experience, allowing you to log your trips, plan future trips, and check current weather conditions. The folks at ANGLR are hard at work as you read this, adding new features to the app itself while increasing the functionality of the Bullseye. 

Kayak Fishing Apps(1)

With this app, I’m able to look back through fishing trips and remember what the conditions were like and what the fish were biting the last time I was there. 

I’ve intended to start a fishing journal for years and with the ANGLR app, I’ve finally done that. With this app, I can track every spot that I’ve fished, every location that I’ve caught a fish, and with the new updates, track the equipment I was using when I made the catch. This app, along with the Bullseye, has changed how I fish.

Kayak Fishing Apps #2: TourneyX

If you’ve ever competed in a kayak fishing tournament, then you’re probably well aware of what the TourneyX app is. If you’re unfamiliar, TourneyX is an online fishing tournament management application that allows anglers to compete in tournaments without requiring them to bring fish to weigh in. 

The app works like this, you catch a fish, place that fish on a measuring device in accordance with your clubs rules. Take a photo of that fish then upload that photo to the app. Once the photo is uploaded, it’s reviewed by judges who determine that the fish is a legal catch or not. These tournaments typically go by overall length and use a unique identifier code and GPS location in order to prevent cheating.

Kayak Fishing Apps(2)

This app has changed how fishing tournaments are run and for kayak fishing tournaments in particular, has completely changed the game. 

If you get a chance, check out TourneyX’s site and their social media pages, Dwayne Walley is always sharing new updates and features that they’re trying out in order to improve the app and its service. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into an app like this and it really benefits kayak anglers everywhere!

Kayak Fishing Apps #3: Navionics

One of my favorite things about kayak fishing tournaments is the number of places I’ve fished that I wouldn’t have otherwise. A major challenge with this is not always having the time to pre-fish or scout out a body of water before a tournament. 

This is where Navionics comes in. If you’ve never heard of Navionics, think of it as a Google Maps on steroids, for water. Navionics offers maps for bodies of water that displays depth, hazards, and other markers on the water. This resource can easily be the difference between catching fish and not. There have been countless times where I’ve spotted a drop-off that looked interesting, gone to that spot, and found fish.

Kayak Fishing Apps(3)

The number of details on these charts can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t fish without checking Navionics first.

Kayak Fishing Apps #4: Scoutlook Fishing

Scoutlook fishing is an app that I’ve used on and off for the past few years. It’s a great app for really breaking down weather and how it could impact the fish and what they’ll be interested in. To be completely honest, I don’t use this app much anymore due to the recent additions to the ANGLR app, but Scoutlook is still a trusted back up.

Kayak Fishing Apps(4)

This app has changed quite a bit over the years and now seems to have settled on the weather as a focus, offering some great detailed forecasts.

Kayak Fishing Apps #5: Fishidy

Fishidy is a great platform for anglers to find fishing hot spots while breaking down the water. Known as a map based social fishing app that allows anglers to network their data with others, it’s a great way for anglers to find a honey hole. I have to admit, I’ve found myself obsessing over this more than a couple of times. 

Nevertheless, this app connects anglers from all over the world and lets you follow along on their adventures and fishing trips.

Kayak Fishing Apps(5)

This app offers many great features that will get you acclimated to a body of water in a hurry.

Planning a Fishing Trip With the ANGLR App | My 4-Step Process

So you want to go fishing on a fishery you haven’t been to in a while, perhaps ever. How do you maximize the effectiveness of your time on the water? I get this question a lot on social media in some form or another. I’ve had people ask, “How do you prep for a one-day tournament without practice?” or “What do you do to get ready to fish a lake you’ve never been to before?”

For me, it’s pretty simple: research. Now I’ve never been one to call up a guy and ask him to tell me exactly what they’re biting and where. That’s not research. That’s pointless to me. You might get a check but you miss out on the sense of accomplishment that you get from finding and catching fish on you’re own. And even if someone “puts you on them”, they’re typically either lying to you or mean well, but have you chasing ghosts that even they couldn’t catch. 

So what does research look like to me? I like to do a lot of map study, check the forecast for both weather and water conditions, review my personal previous experiences on that body of water, and then I also research past tournaments held on that fishery. 

catch more bass fishing app banner 1

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR: Map Study

I do lots of map study when I’m preparing for a day on the water. Because I’m a shallow water guy, I prefer satellite imagery first and then topographic maps second. For the satellite imagery, I used to use Google Earth primarily, but now with the ANGLR app, I can pull up satellite imagery of a fishery and also drop waypoints or pattern points within the app to make notes for where I want to fish when I get there. 

I can find little hidey holes from the aerial point of view that I might overlook when I’m on the water. I can also see grass lines and other vegetation much better from above. On a fishery where there is a drawdown or winter pool, I can use older satellite imagery to locate laydowns and brush piles that are exposed by the low water. Using the ANGLR app, I can map out a game plan before I ever even hit the water. 

Likewise, with topographic maps, I can determine if certain oxbows or creeks are accessible and find where shallow and deep water meet for times when fish are transitioning in the spring and fall. I used to primarily use the Navionics app for this, but ANGLR has also added some topographic maps to their app that are useful for comparison. What’s neat about the ANGLR app is that I can even drop waypoints to mark something that caught my eye in the Navionics app.  

You can see how I do this in my Predicting Patterns episodes on YouTube. Here’s an example from the Major League Fishing Redcrest!

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR: Forecasts

Wind, weather, and water forecasts are extremely important when planning a fishing trip. The  ANGLR app allows me to check all of these leading up to a fishing trip from within the app, which is very handy. 

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR(1)

ANGLR is still working to incorporate more and more water current gauges. For some of my local fisheries, I have to use an app like Alabama Shorelines or the TVA  app to see what the current is doing. 

When it comes to weather forecasts, the 72-hour wind forecast feature on the ANGLR app is really handy, as well as the realtime radar so that I’m not bouncing around between a dozen different apps. With ANGLR’s Premium Maps, watching the weather and predicting the weather can be done all in one place!

bass fishing blog cta equation

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR: Reviewing My Personal Experience on a Fishery

I have fished a lot of places over the years and I also have a terrible memory. Which isn’t good for anglers. I have actually put in at a lake before thinking it was my first time there and realized at some point during the day that I actually have had the boat in the water there once before in the whirlwind of my past life as an outdoor journalist covering fishing tournaments for B.A.S.S. and FLW.

So for me, a logbook is a huge asset… had I been keeping one all these years. 

Unfortunately, I only recorded scattered experiences here and there over the years. Mostly details about good days on the water which ironically are the ones I don’t really need help remembering. 

The ones that matter even more to my future success are those where I didn’t do well. 

‘What was the air temp and weather like the day I bombed on Guntersville throwing a frog?’ 

‘What was the date and water temp when I threw a jerkbait all day on Martin but only had 3 bites?’ 

The answers to those questions keep me from making the same mistakes twice. The beauty of the logbook feature in the ANGLR App is that it writes itself regardless of how well the day is going. I just start the trip in the morning and whether I catch 20-pounds or don’t get a bite, the logbook is constantly gathering weather and water data and associating it with my GPS track and the time of day. 

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR(2)

When I do mark a fish catch with either the app itself or my Bluetooth connected Bullseye, the GPS location and conditions of that exact moment are frozen in time for me to review from here to kingdom come… and it’s all stored privately, just for my eyeballs to see. 

Having the ability to go back to the day I had 29-pounds on Okeechobee and see all the invisible factors like barometric pressure and wind speed that were happening all around me would be wildly beneficial. And now thanks to the ANGLR app, I will have similar information someday to look back on and study when preparing for a day on the water. 

Planning a Fishing Trip With ANGLR: Looking at Past Tournaments

To get a feel for the weights a fishery puts out, I’ll go back and look at previous tournaments there. Obviously, if I’m fishing a tournament, I want to catch as much weight as possible but doing well in a tournament and especially throughout an entire season requires being realistic at times. Knowing if a good bag is around 13-pounds or 20-pounds helps me determine whether I’m going to split my time between a limit hole and a big fish pattern or go for broke and dedicate my whole day to trying to get 5 big bites. 

Coverage of past tournaments can also tell you if you should look shallow or deep and perhaps give you a few hints to patterns and baits that work well on the fishery. But again, don’t get caught up buying into too much of that. If there’s one thing I learned in my time covering tournaments, anglers lie

But not me. I’d never lie… unless you ask me something and I don’t want to tell you the truth. But hey, what do you expect. But I will say this with 100 percent earnestness, I would never offer up a lie unprovoked… probably.

Try the ANGLR app for free today! 

How the ANGLR App Has Helped Me Become a Better Bass Angler

As a competitive bass angler, we’re always searching for the next best thing that will give us an edge over our competition. Oftentimes, we look at new baits, rods, reels, or lines that might help us improve our catch ratios. For me, I grew tired of the monotony of looking for the newest techniques or baits, so I found something even better. 

ANGLR App(1)

I started keeping a logbook to learn from each and every fishing trip. 

Now, most of you might think I’m crazy for writing every little detail down… well here’s the surprise… I don’t write down a single thing. I use an automated, virtual logbook that records all of my fishing data for me. I use the ANGLR app.

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The General Basis of the ANGLR App

I will start off by explaining how the ANGLR app works with the ANGLR Bullseye. The ANGLR Bullseye is a small, Bluetooth device than can be clipped on your hat or a lanyard. I prefer the lanyard as I can see what I’m doing with the Bullseye whether I’m marking a waypoint, marking a catch, or changing my gear. 

Every time you press the button on the Bullseye, it will mark either a catch or a waypoint on the ANGLR app. The app records weather data such as air temperature, wind speed, wind direction as well as barometric pressure and water data such as temperature, flow, and gage hight. The app also allows you to record the equipment you use from the rod, reel, line down to the bait, this is key to improving your game!

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How the ANGLR App Has Helped Me Improve

The ANGLR app has helped me improve as a bass fisherman because it allows me to learn from every trip I take. Prior to heading out for a fishing trip, usually the evening before, I will log in to the ANGLR web application. I will look for trips that I have taken in the past around the same time of year. I will also research the weather pattern that I will face during my day of fishing. 

I have found by using the ANGLR app, I am putting a game plan together based on my past fishing experience. For example, based on the barometric pressure data I have collected, I can typically predict whether or not the bass will be active enough to go after a topwater bait. This little tidbit of information helps me plan out my day on the water and what baits I need to have tied on. 

The ANGLR app has given me a ton of confidence while I am fishing because I know I am doing the right thing to catch fish at all times throughout the day. I have been to quite a few lakes that I have never fished before and have caught fish simply by looking at my data in the ANGLR app from similar bodies of water.

ANGLR App(2) 

I have also been able to repeat successful fishing trips while using the ANGLR app. 

For example, there is a small body of water near me that receives a ton of fishing pressure. I went there one Saturday morning and caught 9 bass in 3 hours of fishing. I came home and analyzed my data and was been able to return and duplicate my day of fishing due to recording the trip in my ANGLR app. Knowing this, I can come back and check the conditions of this trip to see if they are comparable when I’m planning my next trip. If they are the same, I know what techniques to use and if they are not comparable I will know what not to use. All in all, it makes piecing the puzzle together easier than ever. 

Try the ANGLR app for free today! 

ANGLR’s Summer Update Features New BackTrak Feature & Redesigned Logbook!

The ANGLR Summer update is here to help you get through these dog days of summer. 

This update is focused on two main areas:

  1. A completely redesigned profile (now referred to as logbook)
  2. A brand new BackTrak feature

Let’s dive in on this hot new release!

bass fishing on a budget

Introducing a Completely Redesigned Profile

Have you been told you’re obsessive about your Logbook? Do you want to log every imaginable detail about each trip you take? We get it. We have the same issues… and the new ‘Logbook’ area is built to simplify the navigation of your trips! Just in time to learn how to target finicky bass during the dog days of summer! 

The new Logbook organizes all of your trips with a snapshot of the trip and the date of the trip. The new Logbook allows you to easily navigate through each and every trip you’ve recorded with ANGLR. This makes learning from your trips and preparing for the next trip easier than ever before!

ANGLR Summer Update(1)

The new ANGLR Logbook also features a native data set. This means you can check your Logbook and past trips even without service! For all of you anglers who fish areas with minimal cell reception, the new Logbook will make sure you never have to worry about checking past trips when you don’t have cell service.

Other new highlights:

  • New ‘My Stats’ gives you insights into your past 6-months of fishing trips
  • Each individual trip shows you the conditions, stats, and photos
  • You can now add waypoints to the trip map at the top of each trip
    • Simply hold your finger on the trip map to add a waypoint

The Brand New BackTrak Feature

The Summer release introduces a brand new feature to help you build out your Logbook!

With ANGLR BackTrak, you can allow an automated system to privately and securely scan your camera roll for fishing photos! Don’t worry, this system is automated and your photos won’t be seen by anyone but YOU.

ANGLR Summer Update(2)

As BackTrak analyzes your photos, it will pull in location, time, and conditions data associated with each fishing photo. Using this information, our automated system will build out fishing trips for your new Logbook using those photos.

You will be able to manually select which photos you’d like to have included once the photos have been analyzed, which makes this process seamless and easy to build out the perfect trips using all of the fishing photos you have stored in your camera roll! 

With the #ANGLRSummerUpdate, building out your Logbook and organizing your Logbook is easier than ever before! Start improving and building your new Logbook today!

Get the update today and try out these new features for yourself!

ANGLR Premium Maps: How 72-Hour Wind Forecasts Help You Catch More Fish

For years and years, anglers have been caught off guard by windy conditions while out on the water. Whether it’s simply a 5 mph increase over what you expected, windy conditions will change the way bass and other species eat and stage on any given body of water. 

We will get into how wind affects where fish will stage a little later, but when it comes to planning your trip, knowing how strong the wind is going to be and the direction it will be coming out of is key. Many weather forecasts do their best to provide an accurate depiction, but it isn’t always easy to read or find for that matter. With ANGLR’s 72-hour wind forecast overlay, it’s easier than ever to check the forecasted winds for your body of water.

How Anglers Use 72-Hour Wind Forecasts to Catch More Fish

With the ability to view an accurate 72-hour wind forecast overlaid on a map (similar to how you’d view live weather radar) anglers are able to plan their trips more effectively and decide when their body of water may be too rough due to the windy conditions forecasted.

bass fishing on a budget

Use Wind Direction to Know Where the Fish Will Congregate

For those of you reading this that have fished in windy conditions, you know how frustrating it can be to get blown off of your honey hole when 4 to 5-foot waves come out to play in some nasty windy conditions. If you’re out on the water and run into this issue, don’t worry, there are other places to check where you can use the wind to your advantage! 

Heavy wind on any body of water presents two conditions, waves and current. Both waves and current will congregate baitfish and actually put them in various vulnerable positions where a hungry bass will be lying in wait. When the wind picks up and stays steady in one direction, it will push the baitfish with it. So, this means if the wind is coming from the south, you can fish a point from the northern side and catch bass and other species lying in wait for the baitfish to use said point as a current break. Not only will you be sheltered from the wind, but you’ll also be fishing in a high percentage area! 

This same phenomenon can also occur on the bank. If the wind is coming from the south, the northernmost bank will be fielding the larger waves, but with those waves comes a stronger current which will push balls of baitfish up along that bank. Depending on the size of the waves, fishing that windblown bank can pay dividends in exchange for braving some rougher than normal conditions! If the waves and wind get too rough, the bait and other species will actually stage at the next closest current break where the water isn’t similar to that of a washing machine, so keep that in mind as well. 

Plan Your Trip Effectively

Deciding where the fish will be staging isn’t all you can use a 72-hour wind forecast for! Are you trying to decide whether you should go fishing on Saturday and mow the lawn on Sunday or vice versa? 

It wouldn’t make much sense to go out on Saturday if you’ll be fishing in gale force winds with 4-foot waves rolling down the lake when it is forecasted to be calm all day Sunday while you’re riding your John Deere… so don’t make that mistake! 

Simply check the 72-hour wind forecast and decide which day will present you with the wind conditions that fit your style of fishing! Take the guesswork out of your decision!

Know When Your Body of Water Might not be Safe to Fish!

To go off of the previous section, those of us who fish larger bodies of water consistently know how quickly a fun day on the water can turn into a less than ideal situation when you have to run 5-miles in 4-foot waves. With the great lakes and lakes like Kentucky Lake and some of the TVA bodies of water, the wind can build waves for miles upon miles before they get to you. This can lead to “getting caught” in a bad situation. 

Don’t get caught in a bad situation! 

Simply check the 72-hour wind forecast in your ANGLR app and have a better idea of when the heavy wind is supposed to pick up! If you check and see constant 25 MPH winds the next day, maybe you’ll make the decision to stay at home, or fish a different body of water. Either way, you won’t be that guy who shows up at the boat ramp to be disappointed they drove so far to not be able to launch their boat safely due to the waves and strong winds! 

In short, 72-hour wind forecasts simply make you a more proficient and safe angler. These maps give you insights to your body of water that our ancestors only dreamed of. 

The best part? You’re one step closer to deleting that fishing app folder!

Now you can have 72-hour wind forecasts at your fingertips! With the release of the brand new Premium Map, 72-hour wind forecasts, the ANGLR app now offers you the ability to check wind forecasts on the fly from your phone! Whether you’re on the bank, in a kayak, or on a boat, these maps will help you plan your trips efficiently and stay safe on the water!


Learn more and start your free trial today here!

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