Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 19 | The Fishing Story of Ben Milliken

On this special episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastI am talking with Ben Milliken who runs the YouTube channel, Milliken Fishing. Ben is one of YouTube’s most watched fisherman and takes his camera wherever he travels. As a full time YouTuber, you get a look not only into his fishing trips, but his life through his channel. All of us at ANGLR are happy to say that we are partnering with Ben to help give him another tool to teach his subscribers how to become better anglers. With such a heavy focus on teaching, it makes sense to work together and maximize how much information his viewers can pull out of a single video.

We started out the Podcast talking about how this year’s ice fishing season went. Ben had a pretty serious situation on the ice this year when he fell off of a dock and spent nearly 20 min hanging on in the freezing water. Luckily there were two gentleman that heard his yells for help and rescued him before it was too late. He said that this was an eye opener for him about safety on the ice, especially given the fact that he is fishing by himself the majority of the time. The good news? Spring is right around the corner now for most of us and open water season is finally here. To speed along the process, Milliken is taking a little trip down south to Guntersville, Alabama to chase some giant largemouth.

Ben MillikenAfter talking about his winter season, we dive into his past and how he got into the sport of fishing. He said that his dad was the one responsible for getting him into fishing and he loved it so much that he would spend hours sitting on the bank staring at his bobber. His parents even worried about him because of how much time he spent on the water as a child! During his high school and college years, he found tournament fishing and became a serious tournament angler. However, Omaha isn’t a tournament mecca and he knew that if he wanted to make a career in the fishing industry, something would have to change.

Ben Milliken(1)

That’s when Ben got introduced to Andrew Flair, YouTube fisherman and part of the Googan Squad. Flair showed him what filming a fishing trip looked like and Ben took a liking to this idea of shooting and sharing his trips. Eventually, he grew his channel large enough to quit his full time job and pursue YouTube as a career. I asked Ben if there was any rhyme or reason to his goofy mispronunciation of words in his videos and he responded saying that to separate yourself from other fishing channels, you have to share more than just fishing with your audience. Personality plays a huge key into your success, and being fun and likable really helps your growth.

Ben Milliken(2)

We wrapped up the podcast talking about future plans for his channel… Ben politely declined leaking any trips but said that he is more of an ‘on the whim’ guy and prefers not planning, just doing. I then shared my Guntersville trip from the ANGLR App with him to give him a jump start on his fishing day and let him go to stick some Slaunch’s (his famous fishing term for big bass). Please subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel, follow him on instagram, check out his merchandise, and let him know that the podcast sent ya!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 18 | St. Lawrence River Fishing with Grae Buck & Matt Becker

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastDerek Horner and myself are co-hosting Matt Becker and Grae Buck, two FLW Tour professional anglers who excel on the St. Lawrence River. Derek is a co-worker of mine who I have previously hosted on Episode 10 of the podcast and since we were in office for the day we decided to tag team this one.

We started off by talking about their upbringing into fishing and how they first got interested. They had similar stories with both being interested from a young age and continuing to gain interest as they grew older. Grae actually fished on the Penn State Bass Fishing Team where Derek also fished during his college years.

St. Lawrence River fishing (2)

After talking a bit about their past and how they got into it, we followed up with a question about a location that was special to both of them, the St. Lawrence River. Grae and Matt have both won events here and this location was the spot that really gave both of them the ability to turn fishing into a full-time deal. Without these key wins, there wouldn’t have been enough funding or sponsorship dollars behind them to afford the traveling expenses associated with the FLW Tour. When asked what the feeling was like when they knew they won, both shook their heads and called it indescribable.

After talking about what gave them their break in the tournament fishing industry, we followed up with a discussion about upcoming anglers looking to get into the professional scene. A few major pointers were brought up, including one to not chase after sponsors. Matt was adamant about this, stating,

“If you spend too much of your time chasing these sponsors, you won’t have time to develop into the angler you need to become.”

St. Lawrence River Fishing

Photo by: Charles Waldorf

Grae gave a tip about expanding your horizon when it comes to fishing. He wishes that he would have journeyed south more when he was younger to make himself more comfortable in a wider variety of fisheries. All in all, these are two stand up anglers that we had the pleasure of talking to and you should certainly follow them on the tour for the rest of the 2019 season!

Matt Becker


Grae Buck

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 17 | Joseph Harrick

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastI’m talking with ANGLR Expert, Joseph Harrick. His YouTube channel, Joseph Harrick Fishing, is all about capturing a variety of fisheries and the challenge of finding the fish within. We started off the podcast talking about a recent fishing trip that Joe and I went on here in the famed, “Steelhead Alley”.

For a full 10 hour day, we fished the Rocky, Chagrin, and Grand with no luck. When we got on the water in the morning, the temperatures were in the teens, our guides were freezing, and there was ice floating down the river. Joe and I agree that we definitely put a good effort forward for finding the fish and he still made a video out of the trip. You can find that video HERE.

After talking about this failed steelhead adventure, we moved on to talking the algorithms of YouTube. Joe has put in a good bit of time studying algorithms for different social platforms, primarily Instagram and YouTube. He says that Instagram has a pretty simple algorithm and growth is fairly predictable if you are consistent. His insta following of 34.1k is a testament to that.

For YouTube, however, things are a little trickier. You have to be extremely consistent with your posting and getting engagement is everything. He is in to something with the algorithms though because he recently hit the large milestone of 5k subscribers. Make sure to check out Joe’s instagram and thanks for listening to another episode of Fishing Intelligence.

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 16 | Nattie Up North’s Fishing Obsession

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastI am talking with Natalie Dillon of Nattie Up North. She is an up and coming fishing YouTuber who has seen massive growth on her channel and instagram page since she started them 10 months ago.

Nattie Up North

I started off the podcast by asking her about her background in fishing. Like me, she never really had a big introduction to fishing. Her family wasn’t very focused on it and the only time she got experience with a rod and reel was when they would go on Muskie trips. Even so, fishing still became one of her favorite activities and is the center of her Nattie Up North personality.

Nattie Up North(2)

We then talked about her favorite fish, the Muskie. Natalie says that there is just no other fish like them given the amount of effort that goes into each catch and the amazingly rewarding feeling that follows landing one. One of her proudest fishing moments and a highlight of her 2018 season was her massive muskie catch from a kayak which you can find linked HERE.

Nattie Up North(1)

We then go on to talk about what it is like being a woman in a heavily male dominated industry. She talks on how her channel wasn’t started to empower the woman angler but now that it has seen such growth she would hope that this is a effect of her content creation. Natalie often gets comments from young girls who are inspired by her or mothers who talk about how their daughters look up to her. She thinks that this is a great driving force to help her continue to make great videos. Make sure you check out Natalie’s channel HERE and please share her podcast episode with your friends!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 15 | A Year in Review (2018)

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am doing things a little bit differently. With the year wrapping up, I thought it would be a fun idea to take some of my favorite fishing moments from 2018 and share them with you all. As many of you know, I was fortunate enough to host the first ever ANGLR Tour last summer and fish in 36 locations all over the Easter US while living out of my Jeep Wrangler.

All of the fishing trips that I did were each special in their own way and I hope to eventually discuss all of them on this platform but here a five of those trips for you discussed in this podcast. The first place I talk about is peacock bass fishing in Miami with Chad Nelson. Chad is a family man who took time out of his busy life to put Alex and I on our first ever Peacock Bass. He even was nice enough to give us a place to stay the night! These fish are incredible and you can watch this episode here.

The second stop I talk about was Steelhead fishing with Jeff Blood, a fly fishing Legend. Steelhead are my nemesis but somehow he was able to put me on a multiple fish day. You can watch this episode here.

Steelhead Fishing

Next up was the South Holston River with Brady Carter in Tennessee. I am an absolute trout nut, especially when you can catch them on Dry Flies so this trip was an absolute treat. You can watch this episode here.

After the Holston, I discuss Cape Canaveral with Josh Baker. This was my first Offshore fishing trip and boy did it pay off big with a massive Mahi and Barracuda! You can watch this episode here.

Next up was the stop in Cape Canaveral, the absolute most insane two days of fishing in my life hands down. These Martha’s Vineyard Striper guys are bonkers for fishing and we only slept 6 hours in 2 days of straight fishing. You can watch this episode here.

Epic Cape Cod Striper Fishing Trip (10)

I wrap up the podcast talking about the epic shark fishing that we did while relaxing on the beach of Emerald Isle with Tyler Barnes and my first ever magnum spoon bass on Lake Fork with Eric Faucett, you can watch this episode here.

2018 was an absolute blast of a year for me and I want to thank everyone for their help with making it so amazing. Here is to an even better 2019!!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 14 | Kayak Fishing with Tim Perkins

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I have the pleasure of hosting kayak fisherman Tim Perkins. Tim is a three time River Bassin National Champion as well as a two time National Team Champion and has found great success in the kayak fishing niche. He has been successful enough to even design and use his own spinnerbait, the FadeBlade River Series.

Kayak Fishing  Kayak Fishing(1)














We started off the podcast by first talking about how he got to kayak fishing in the first place. Tim was a creek fisherman as a child. From there, he became a bass boat guy, fishing tournaments and finding success until the industry took over and he had to give it a rest for a few years. From there, he picked up kayak fishing after seeing an add for a new tournament series and has been hooked from there. He started out in a Wilderness Systems boat and hasn’t left them since.

Kayak Fishing(2)

All of his championships and high finishes have been out of his Wilderness yaks. We then began talking about how to go about getting into kayak fishing if you are new to the sport. He suggests not starting with the absolute base model kayaks but instead put a little more money into a basic fishing kayak and then build from there based on how much you enjoy your time on the water. We wrapped up by talking about how great the kayak community is and how willing they are to help others. Make sure to check out Tim and his sponsors as well as pick up one of his custom spinnerbaits!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 13 | Lake Trout Fishing with Ben Nowak

On this week’s episode of Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am talking with YouTube fisherman Ben Nowak. Ben is primarily a Bass fisherman normally focusing on the Great Lake region and specializing in mondo smallies.

Lake Trout

Recently, Ben stumbled on a massive school of Lake Trout holding to a waypoint that he thought for sure were smallmouth. He told me that when they pulled up to the spot, they thought they were about to get into the most killer smallmouth bite they had had in awhile. However, when they cast out and hooked up, the massive slow head shakes from the fish turned out to be those of a Lake Trout!

bass fishing blog cta equation

Lake Trout (1)

He told me that up to that day, he had only ever caught two lakers, but after that day, him and his buddy put over 60 in the boat!! Given that I have never caught a Laker hook and line, I couldn’t imagine how much fun it would be to have a 60 fish day with these mean giants.

While I was out in Yellowstone, we focused on gill netting for them so I have handled 10’s of thousands but never got the opportunity to fish for them. After talking about the Lake Trout bite, we dove into the upcoming 2019 season and what we had to look forward to from Ben’s channel.

We talked about his plans to utilize the new ANGLR Expert program to go on more fishing trips with ANGLR reps and broaden his bass fishing horizon. We finished up the podcast by talking about why we both think filming your fishing trips is not only important for better understanding your fishing spots but also gives you another way to enjoy your time on the water. Make sure you go check out Ben’s YouTube channel and let him know that the podcast sent you!

Want to see some of the action from Ben’s Lake Trout day of a lifetime? Check it out below!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 12 | Life on the Road with Robert Field

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am talking with YouTube fisherman, Robert Field. Rob made the life choice a couple years back to sell everything and move into an RV for the next 5 years with the goal of fishing in each state in the contiguous US.

Robert Field

We started off the podcast by first talking about how he got into this journey. He is a strong believer in doing what you love.

“If you put in the time and effort working with what you are passionate about, you will be able to turn it into something that can support your future.”

Rob brought up the great point that with the social aspect of today’s communication, it is easier than ever to target others who have the same interests as you. When I first met Rob back four years ago at a kayak fishing tournament, his positivity for success and eagerness to get on the road left an impression on me.

Robert Field (1)

As I sat in classes during college, I would always see updates as to where he was traveling and think to myself that I want to do something like what he is doing. This is where the idea for the ANGLR Tour came from. After talking some about the similarities between our trips, we talked about some of the struggles of life on the road. One of the biggest issues that Rob has is dealing with connectivity and inconsistency within location.

Being that he runs a YouTube channel, he needs to be connected to upload and communicate with subscribers and this is challenging when most trailer parks aren’t in the best areas for WiFi connection or service. We finished up by talking about some of the best parts of his trip so far. Make sure you check out Rob’s channel by looking up Robert Field on YouTube and Instagram or Facebook and tell him we sent ya there!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 11 | Lake Chickamauga Fishing Report

On this special episode of Fishing Intelligence, we are coming to you with a live stream from a recent content trip I did with Flukemaster, Alex Rudd Fishing, and Scott Beutjer. ANGLR provided us an opportunity to get together on the water at Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee to discuss ANGLR App features, work on educating ourselves about the app, and catching Chickamauga giants!

Lake Chickamauga Fishing Report
We started off the podcast talking about how the fishing had been so far. The bite was not great and we had seen our only action by finding schooling fish and throwing flukes into the baitfish. We would then work the fluke back slowly and if you worked it just right you would be rewarded by seeing a fish blow up on your fluke just below the surface. However, the fish were being weak in their commitment and we all missed a lot of fish collectively. After talking about the bite, we moved to the webapp portion of ANGLR’s software and Gene ran his followers through the trip we had tracked. We started off at the Sale Creek boat ramp and quickly realized the fish were in grass after I missed a fish on a fluke right off the grass and Gene caught one on a chatterbait ripping it through the cover.

Lake Chickamauga Fishing Report (1)

We then moved from pocket to pocket with some success but didn’t have the greatest day on the water. As we were about to get off the water, Gene told me we would hit one more spot where he guaranteed a fish and sure enough it blew up on my fluke and I ended up losing it because I was using a spinning rod. After talking through our day, we fielded some questions about the Bullseye’s price and uses and then Gene discussed how he planned on using the app in the future as a tool to better teach the world how to fish. Overall, it was a great episode and thank you to Gene, Alex, and Scott for joining. Check them out by clicking their names for their channels!

Lake Chickamauga Fishing Report(2)

P.S. The next day after the podcast, while fishing with Gene, I caught my PB largemouth of 5.41 pounds on a fluke! Video of the day to come so stay tuned to the ANGLR YouTube Channel.

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 10 | College Bass Fishing With Derek Horner

On the tenth episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am talking with ANGLR’s Marketing Coordinator, Derek Horner. Derek fished the last four years for the Penn State Bass Fishing Team and is now one of the people I work most closely with as he runs ANGLR’s social accounts and content creation.

We started the podcast off by talking about fishing at the collegiate level. Coming into college, Derek was already fishing competitively and knew that he wanted to be apart of a team for his college career. As a freshman, Derek joined the PSU team immediately and became the Captain of their Bass Fishing team. He also bought himself his first boat to use for competition.

college bass fishing

The Textbook On College Fishing 

Throughout the years, he has done well in many different bass tournaments with most of his success being on Chautauqua Lake. In the podcast, he gives me some of the techniques he uses for being successful on lakes like Chautauqua with the most helpful tip being the idea of labeling docks as one of four categories. By doing this, he can locate big bites on certain types of docks and then use this knowledge to skip over docks that he knows don’t fit the pattern.

college bass fishing (1)

After talking about College Fishing, we move onto talking about ANGLR and how he got started. Derek and I met at the Bassmaster Classic where ANGLR hosted both of us at their booth. After the Classic and graduating college, he came on full time and now is a key component to our expert program. Any articles that you see posted to our page have been vetted by him and he also has the task of creating interesting topics to be written about.

We end the podcast with a quick tip to anglers looking to fish during their college years. Make sure to check Derek out on his instagram page and let him know if you have an interesting topics to write about!

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