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How to Use a Fishing App to Track and Improve Your Fishing

Whether you’ve ever gotten around to starting one or not, a fishing logbook can be a hugely beneficial tool in your tackle box. You can do all the reading and research and listening you want… But at the end of the day, some of the most importantly helpful knowledge you can glean is from yourself.

Hopefully You’ve Been Keeping a Fisherman’s Log Book

You learn something every single time you’re out on the water, whether it be a new lesson, the discovery of a great fishery, or an aha moment about your favorite species habits. Sometimes it may take a little while to piece the patterns together, and other times they bite you in the nose. Having things logged in some form or another makes them easy to recall and study later on.

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Even if you could remember every single fish you caught and on what spot for the last 12 years, what about the rest of the conditions that led you to that catch? How about the wind direction, water temperature, and what bait is and isn’t working? How about where and how the fish were positioned? Can you remember all of that?! Chances are, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you can’t, so journaling all this pertinent information for later review is incredibly useful.

But at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, who really has time for all that? Fishermen like to pride themselves on their memories, but we’re no different than anyone else. When we get home from a trip out on the water, the gear needs to be cleaned and reset, the dog needs tending to, our partner wants attention, and bills have to be paid. By the time we remember to come back around to picking up our journal to log our trip, we remember the fish we caught (and lost), but not the circumstances surrounding all the catches.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of gadget or gizmo that did that hard part for you?

Leave That Part to Us… Introducing the Fishing App!

There’s good news and then there’s more good news. ANGLR has created cutting edge fishing technology designed to make the task of logging your fishing journeys easier. With an app available through your Apple or Android, you can easily log all your trip information through your phone. Just download and go.


It gives you the ability to navigate through map features, review the conditions of your trip, and add to it by marking waypoints, catches, tackle you used, and photos. You can look back on that trip any time you want.

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How to Use the ANGLR Fishing App

It really couldn’t be any easier than this. Even my dad, who is not tech savvy was able to figure the ANGLR app out in a matter of five minutes after reviewing the quick tutorial available the first time you download the app. Creating your profile is a breeze: Simply choose your screen name and password and upload a profile picture if you desire.

Just in case, you’ll soon receive an email with some helpful tips to help you get started.

Open your tackle box in the app and add what’s in your repertoire. You’ll be able to choose from your inventory when you set out on a trip. It’ll be automatically logged along with the rest of your trip data. The power is in the details.

For instance, in the case of lures, you’ll be able to choose the category – “spoon,” the type – “jigging,” brand – “Bomber Lures,” and colors – “purple and speckled black,” as well as the size. It also gives you space to write additional notes about that particular lure if you choose.

You’ll have the ability to also set up your “Baits,” “Flies,” and “Rods.” The more information that you put into the app, the more you’ll get out of it later.

Once you put it into “Fish Mode,” you’ll see a map of your area. You can toggle back and forth between various mapping features. Once you hit the start button, the ANGLR app will automatically record the weather, your gps path, and water conditions for you. With a simple “click”, you can take a picture through the course of a trip. When you make a catch, click on the “Catch” button to log it. You’ll be able to input the species, specs, and any notes. The tackle you used will automatically be logged for you, based on what you put in at the beginning of your trip. So will the weather and water conditions right at the time of your catch. By dropping a pin, add custom waypoints, and the same information will also be logged for that location.


The trip log becomes a permanent part of your free profile, accessible anytime you want to look back at it. In fact, you can choose to play your trip back, following yourself across the map, seeing pictures of your catches, and watching fluctuations in weather and water. Use it to spot patterns in your habits, catches, and near misses.

You can keep your information as private as you like, or choose to share your trips and catches with your friends or publicly. Tap into your fishing community on your terms to collaborate, compare, share, and compete with your friends and followers with as much detail as you want.

Logging into your computer at home, you’re able to pull up a view of your trip and see detailed reports sprawled out in front of you. With the analytics, it allows you to uncover your patterns and high level trends, helping you to make better future decisions so you can catch more fish using your own data.

As ANGLR Expert Dave Lefebre remarked, “It’s easy, automatic, and all in one place.”

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But Wait! Our Fishing App Gets Even Easier!

How is that even possible?

In case a do-all app isn’t quite enough for you, you can pair it with the optional Tracker or Bullseye devices, making it easier than ever to log your entire trip without ever touching your phone while on the water.

The Tracker is the world’s only rod-mounted fishing tracker sensor. It pairs via bluetooth with the ANGLR App so you don’t miss a beat. It records casts, hooksets, and more automatically. Using the touch of a button, it gives you the ability to drop smart waypoints and record catches.

The Bullseye is a fishing tracker that clips to anything, allowing you to log information when you want by just pressing the button. One click records a catch, while two clicks logs a smart waypoint.

Anything that can make your life easier shouldn’t be an option, it’s a necessity. An app like ANGLR can really save you a ton of time, leaving more time for you to be out on the water!


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