Digital Fishing Tackle Organization (1)

Digital Fishing Tackle Organization

You won’t find much about digital fishing tackle organization on the internet right now. It’s still a relatively new concept, and there aren’t very many apps or sites that offer the capability. But an online tackle box can really make all the difference to your fishing game.

What’s Wrong With the Old-Fashioned Way?

Digital Fishing Tackle Organization(1)

We all can agree that being prepared for a day on the water or a week-long tournament is important because it makes us, as anglers, more efficient and confident. We need to know what rods, reels, and baits we have to choose from at any given moment. For many touring pros as well as the up-and-coming anglers, we tend to acquire massive amounts of “fishing stuff.” Whether that is baits we catch on-sale at our favorite tackle shop or a sweet deal we found on Tackle Direct for that reel we’ve been wanting, we need to know what we have.

If you are an avid angler like me, you’ve been standing in the aisles of Tackle Direct, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Academy Sports prepping for a tournament and wondering:

“Do I have this color of craw or stick bait? How many 7.3:1 reels do I have? Do I even have a medium-­light rod for a Ned Rig?”

You question yourself and you pick up a couple packs of baits, a reel, and a rod, only to get back to your boat to find you already have four packs of the very same baits you just bought, or two extra reels that you now spent an additional $200 on. That money could have gone to lunch, ice, an entry fee, or gas for the boat.

As each year passes we acquire more and more tackle and there comes a point where we have so much that we don’t even know what we have ­anymore. We all have totes and bags full of hard baits and soft plastics, hooks, weights, line, etc., etc., etc, . . . .  

It can be overwhelming.

The Digital Fishing Tackle Organization Solution

So how can you keep it all together ­in one easy-to-get-to place, calling up your entire inventory of tackle right in the palm of your hand without having to go through several totes of gear or overspend on things you probably already have?

If you don’t already have the ANGLR App downloaded, you’re behind the times.

Digital Fishing Tackle Organization(2)

Part of the ANGLR App is a feature called “Tackle.” This is where you can keep inventory of every major tool we all use on the water – rods, reels, lures, flies – and pull it all up at a moment’s notice with a touch of your screen. Utilizing the the Tackle feature within the ANGLR App allows you to have your physical tackle box right there in the palm of your hand, everywhere you go. No more standing in the aisles of a tackle shop trying to remember what you have.

Digital fishing tackle organization can definitely help you save some cash if you commit to keeping things up-to-date. Tournament entry fees have increased, so some of us have to scrape to gather enough to compete each month. Keeping your fishing tool box clean and organized can have many positive impacts on your fishing, including the potential to save money since you won’t be over-buying baits, rods, and reels anymore.

Being organized digitally can speed up your tournament prep and allow you more time to sleep, research the lake, or chop it up with your fishing buddies.

Getting digitally organized will take a little time initially as you enter your inventory into the app, but it is time well spent in my opinion. For the record, a great time to do this is right now, during the long cold months of winter. There’s not usually a whole lot of fishing going on, depending on where you are in the world, so winter is when most anglers are prepping for next year’s tournament season.

If you are wanting to step up your game as an angler I strongly encourage you to download the free ANGLR App and get started with your online digital fishing tackle organization. It also allows you to mark waypoints, record fish catches, mark structure, or pinpoint your favorite restaurant on the lake.

ANGLR’s Digital Fishing Tackle Organization Gets Even Better

Digital Fishing Tackle Organization

But don’t stop there. Take your fishing game to the next level by picking up the Bullseye from ANGLR. If you are into metrics like me, you can pair your ANGLR Bullseye with ANGLR Tracker to record how many casts you’ve made on any given fishing trip and compare those numbers with your buddies to see who is really the best among you, all electronically. The app enables you to choose who you share your information with, and how much of your secrets you can keep to yourself.  

The ANGLR App along with the Bullseye, the Tracker, and the Tackle feature is an all-in-one resource I believe is indispensable.­ It will make you a better angler because it will make you smarter, more efficient, and the most organized angler on and off the water.

Utilizing the ANGLR App on the water to its full extent and staying digitally organized, you can single-handedly give yourself the edge over other anglers. We all know that being more efficient on and off the water allows us to be more successful, allows more time to focus on other aspects of fishing, and allows us to actually enjoy ourselves. Spend less time pondering what’s in your tackle box, and more time enjoying the waters.

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