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ANGLR’s Best Fishing Apps Guide: Find Your Fishing Apps Stack!

If you’re not already aware, there is a way better way to keep track of your outings than to come home and jot your catch data down on your old high school style notebook. Fishing Apps are the way to go. By having the opportunity plan out your trips by looking at weather forecasts and satellite imagery of the body of water, you can have a gameplan before you even get to your fishing destination! They also make tracking your trips so simple, even a beginner can keep up.

If you’ve never used a fishing app before, the process of choosing the right one (or the right ones) may seem like a daunting task. But have no fear! ANGLR has created an all-inclusive, intensive guide to using fishing apps, and we’ve included everyone, not just our own app.

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ANGLR’s Fishing Apps Guide

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Deciding which app to choose may be confusing. That process could seem a whole lot worse when you’re considering stacking several apps together for a well-rounded fish tracking experience. ANGLR has taken all of the guesswork out of the process by creating their own in-depth fishing apps guide.

We’ve done all of the research and put together the ultimate list of fishing apps for you. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, everyone can benefit from taking a look at our Fishing Apps Guide. We can help you piece together a stack of apps that will give you exactly what you need to catch more fish.

The guide is created to allow you to browse an extensive list of apps and choose those that will cater to the type of fishing you’ll be doing, and what you need to accomplish both on and off the water. Since our mission is to help avid anglers constantly improve, we’ve included many of our “competitors” in this guide. We’ve done a ton of research on the topic, and believe they’ve created some really useful tools, too.

The guide is laid out in easy-to-see chapters, so you can jump to exactly what you’re looking for without any fuss. We give you the low-down on what each app we feature can do and their strengths.

Why Stack Apps?

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Apps are built to perform specific functions. Some are all-around apps that can do just about everything, others are more specific. Take a small business. The owner may have an app to keep track of inventory, an app for tracking sales and invoicing, and an app for employee payroll. Each app serves a very specific purpose. When you have a variety of apps working together to run the whole business, it’s called a stack.

Fishing apps are no different. Some are great trackers, some are great for GPS or weather, some are perfect for logging your trips, and others may be perfect for keeping track of your vast inventory of tackle. If you have just one, you may only have a piece of the fishing trip puzzle. But putting several specialized apps together as a stack will create the ultimate fishing experience.

Breaking It Down

The Fishing Apps Guide is broken into clickable chapters so that you can skip right to what you need:

We go into detail about apps that have the ability to give you data in five different areas:

  • Pre-fishing data
  • Maps, spot tracking, and waypoints
  • On-the-water catch and waypoint data logging and tracking
  • Post-fishing analytics, trends, and data dashboard analysis
  • Social features to connect, compete or collaborate with other anglers

These apps are as close to everything you need as you can currently get with your smartphone, and we dive deep into features of the six best ones.

A collection of the best apps geared to bass-heads, whether that be weekend warriors or tournament anglers.

So much more than just logging your catches, apps geared to fly fishing have the ability to help you stay aware of what’s going on in the water: changes in flows, height, water clarity, and temperature.

Heading out for the open water has its own set of variations and concerns. There are apps specializing in salt water sport, including helping you keep track of regulations.

Focused specifically on navigational needs, these apps can help you see the water, whether it’s crystal clear or murky with mud.

Once you’re out on the water on a perfect day, you still need a way to keep track of your catches. You may not forget that bucketmouth you caught, but you may not remember what rigging you used or the bait you grabbed it with. There’s an app for that!

Do you have a desire to know exactly what day you should hit the water for the most success? Are you looking to figure out weather and water conditions? These apps cater precisely to your need!

Aimed specifically towards nuanced purposes, these apps are specialized tools that have the ability to make or break your day on the water. We’ve broken things down for you into sections like ice fishing and trolling.

Now that we’ve given you the run-down on the best apps out there, how do you put them all together to create the ultimate fishing experience? We’ve given you examples of what the pros use. Do you think you stack up?

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