How ANGLR Helped Me Catch More Fish

ANGLR Has Helped Me Catch More Fish… It Can Help You Too!

As anglers, we all have a passion for the outdoors. Whether you’re fishing from the bank or standing on the deck of your bass boat, the view alone can leave you breathless at times. From incredible sunrises to spectacular sunsets, time spent on the water is priceless.

Competitive anglers love the time spent on the water just as much as your everyday angler, but what sets us apart is the desire to win. It’s a competitive nature that lives in every tournament angler, or even, any angler competing against their buddies or themselves.

This competitive nature drives us to devour hours of literature and videos learning about new techniques, baits, and the best equipment to give us an edge. What I’ve learned through this time spent, is that everyone seems to put in the time.

So, what else could I do to give myself the advantage come tournament day?

Use Fishing Data to Analyze and Improve

Fishing data? No, I didn’t make that up. It’s real, and it helps anglers improve… every single day. If this is the first time you’ve heard the term, you’re behind the eight-ball. Whether anglers are using the old-fashioned way of a logbook or using ANGLR’s digitized version, they are collecting data and analyzing it after every trip.

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You see, by gathering information like barometric pressure, moon phase, water temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage, and flow rates, anglers are able to dive into their data and figure out WHY they caught a fish and HOW to do it better next time. Thankfully, ANGLR makes collecting all of that data as easy as clicking a button!

Now, you might be wondering how to analyze your data. It can’t be that easy, right?


ANGLR makes it easy for me to analyze my data, with analytics charts for each and every trip on the water. With waypoints for catches and other forms of structure, I was able to map out each trip and break down the details associated with each catch and find exactly why the fish were feeding in a certain location!

When I Realized ANGLR Helped Me Catch More Fish

Like many bass anglers my age, I fished competitively in college. I was the team captain of the Penn State Bass Fishing Team for my four years of college. We worked with some incredible companies, ANGLR being one of them. I will admit, I was skeptical to use this newfangled technology when I first got my hands on it, but I’m glad I did.

After winning an FLW College Fishing Regional event my Sophomore year, we were headed to the National Championships on Wheeler Lake in Alabama. My partner and I put ANGLR to work every single day of practice. Each night, after retying and rigging up for the next day, we would sit down and analyze the data. We found that the fish were post-spawn, staging anywhere they had shallow water with deep water access nearby.

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The most intriguing part, we only caught fish when we found areas that had a current break.

Now, this might not sound incredibly intuitive to those of you who grew up fishing river systems, especially the TVA chains, but for a kid over a thousand miles away from home, it was a start. By looking at the gauge charts in our ANGLR app, we pieced together a pattern.

Here is one of my trips from practice I have shared publicly!

The first day of the tournament, we caught more fish than all three days of practice combined. It was then, I got hooked on analyzing my fishing data.

Using Fishing Data to Your Advantage and Winning

Not long after graduating, I found myself fishing a State Event through my states BASS Nation organization. To say I wanted to win would be covering an obvious fact, but instead, I had to win. I was fishing on Chautauqua Lake in New York.

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I had won the FLW College Regional there my Sophomore year, the PA Bass Federation State Championship when I was a Junior in college, and now, I had another opportunity to put my stamp on that lake.

The practice was tough. I had practically zero confidence going into the night before the tournament. So, I sat down to analyze my data. I knew that the first day of practice was my best. I had caught a handful of four and five-pound largemouth on topwater, but it seemed too sporadic. What I found in the data changed the game for me.

Cloud coverage.

I found that I needed cloud coverage for my topwater bait to get choked. Without it, they never touched it. For some reason, I never pieced that together in my head, but because I tracked my trips, I found the answer, in my data.  

Of course, the day of the tournament there were no clouds. Just bluebird skies for the first five hours. I had pieced together a decent limit for somewhere around 12-pounds skipping docks and then, the good lord blessed me with a cloud. I ran to my topwater spot as I saw it heading towards the sun. I got there literally as the sun was getting covered and tossed out my spook. After two five pounders, the cloud moved on, and I was headed for weigh-ins.

ANGLR helps catch fish

After winning that event, I was sold. I was already a believer, but that sealed the deal for me.

So now, I am telling every single competitive angler I meet about the power of this technology. The power of analyzing your data can truly change the game for you. You can take my word for it, or you can try it out for yourself.

The ANGLR App is free to download and free to use. Do yourself a favor and don’t let 2019 be another year where you were so close to winning you could taste it, instead, bite into your data and bring home some hardware!

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If you want to learn how this can help your college team catch more fish, click here.

This article was contributed by an ANGLR Expert

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I am an avid bass fisherman and part of the ANGLR marketing team. I recently graduated from the Pennsylvania State University after being the team captain of the PSU Bass Fishing team for four years. I fish in tournaments nearly every weekend of the fishing season. I love to fish and have devoted my life to constant improvement with big goals to accomplish. I hope to help others improve and increase their knowledge along the way!

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