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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 4 | Fishing Motivation With Eric Faucett

On Episode four of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I’m talking with Eric Faucett of the BFLs. He is a tournament angler whom we also fished with on the ANGLR Tour. We started the podcast off by talking about how the bass fishing world has been completely shaken up. For those of you who don’t know, MLF announced it would be launching an 80 person field tournament series and people from BASS have been flocking to the new program. The MLF Bass Pro Tour has been a shakeup in the bass fishing industry!

Fishing Motivation

I get Eric’s opinion on whether this change up is going to be good for the industry or not and either way we looked at it, it was only going to bring more attention to the sport and would eventually be a win win for everyone involved. There will, of course, be hurt feelings one one side more than the other but after this initial sting, all it does is open more positions for more people to complete. After talking about this change up in the sport, we shifted to talking about positivity and motivation in Bass Fishing.

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Here’s a solid Lake Fork largemouth I landed during Episode 12 of the ANGLR Tour!

People sometimes will take themselves too seriously in this sport and we both thought that there was too much negativity in the sport. Eric does a lot of motivational, live and recorded talks on his facebook page and we talked about why he does these as well as how he thinks these talks help change people’s perspectives in fishing and life. We finished up by talking about stories from fishing together on the tour and me catching my first fish on a spoon on my first cast. Make sure to check out Eric’s Facebook page at Eric Faucett Fishing!

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