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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 18 | St. Lawrence River Fishing with Grae Buck & Matt Becker

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastDerek Horner and myself are co-hosting Matt Becker and Grae Buck, two FLW Tour professional anglers who excel on the St. Lawrence River. Derek is a co-worker of mine who I have previously hosted on Episode 10 of the podcast and since we were in office for the day we decided to tag team this one.

We started off by talking about their upbringing into fishing and how they first got interested. They had similar stories with both being interested from a young age and continuing to gain interest as they grew older. Grae actually fished on the Penn State Bass Fishing Team where Derek also fished during his college years.

St. Lawrence River fishing (2)

After talking a bit about their past and how they got into it, we followed up with a question about a location that was special to both of them, the St. Lawrence River. Grae and Matt have both won events here and this location was the spot that really gave both of them the ability to turn fishing into a full-time deal. Without these key wins, there wouldn’t have been enough funding or sponsorship dollars behind them to afford the traveling expenses associated with the FLW Tour. When asked what the feeling was like when they knew they won, both shook their heads and called it indescribable.

After talking about what gave them their break in the tournament fishing industry, we followed up with a discussion about upcoming anglers looking to get into the professional scene. A few major pointers were brought up, including one to not chase after sponsors. Matt was adamant about this, stating,

“If you spend too much of your time chasing these sponsors, you won’t have time to develop into the angler you need to become.”

St. Lawrence River Fishing

Photo by: Charles Waldorf

Grae gave a tip about expanding your horizon when it comes to fishing. He wishes that he would have journeyed south more when he was younger to make himself more comfortable in a wider variety of fisheries. All in all, these are two stand up anglers that we had the pleasure of talking to and you should certainly follow them on the tour for the rest of the 2019 season!

Matt Becker


Grae Buck

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