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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 3 | Ohio Bass Fishing With Tyler Waller

On Episode 3 of Fishing Intelligence, I talk with Tyler Waller about how dealing with the fishing in Ohio might be one of the most difficult things in the world (joke intended… kinda). Everyone from Ohio knows it’s no secret that Ohio can be seriously tough fishing, other than the big lake of course.

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Tyler and I started first of talking about creating a social media presence.He is the owner of the On Another Line fishing podcast which I have been on before and was one of the inspirations for Fishing Intelligence. Starting up a podcast is no easy feet, and Tyler dove in head first going for a live stream with all of the right video and audio equipment for a great setup. The issue is getting your name out there and we discuss how hard it really is to organically grow an audience.

Ohio Bass Fishing

Tyler and I fished together on Rocky Fork Lake for Episode 2 of the ANGLR Tour!

After discussing that, we moved on to talking about beating these tough Ohio fisheries. Lake Erie, as most know, is a treat to fish. It is full of massive Smallmouth and Largemouth as well as Steelhead, Musky, Walleye, Perch and others. You just have to find a rock pile and I can almost bet you will catch a fish. Once you move inland, however, Ohio bass fishing is a different story.

Conditions change often and multiple times throughout the day. It forces one to really break down areas, as you can go through multiple different baits before finding what the fish are keying in on. Another strategy for tough fisheries is fishing the same points at different times in the day to try to get the rhythm of the fish down and give yourself the best fish catching chances possible. One of Tyler’s favorite tough lake lures is a shaky head and that is how we caught our fish when I met him in Southern Ohio on the ANGLR Tour. Make sure to check out Tyler’s podcast On Another Line Fishing Show on Facebook!

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