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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 16 | Nattie Up North’s Fishing Obsession

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastI am talking with Natalie Dillon of Nattie Up North. She is an up and coming fishing YouTuber who has seen massive growth on her channel and instagram page since she started them 10 months ago.

Nattie Up North

I started off the podcast by asking her about her background in fishing. Like me, she never really had a big introduction to fishing. Her family wasn’t very focused on it and the only time she got experience with a rod and reel was when they would go on Muskie trips. Even so, fishing still became one of her favorite activities and is the center of her Nattie Up North personality.

Nattie Up North(2)

We then talked about her favorite fish, the Muskie. Natalie says that there is just no other fish like them given the amount of effort that goes into each catch and the amazingly rewarding feeling that follows landing one. One of her proudest fishing moments and a highlight of her 2018 season was her massive muskie catch from a kayak which you can find linked HERE.

Nattie Up North(1)

We then go on to talk about what it is like being a woman in a heavily male dominated industry. She talks on how her channel wasn’t started to empower the woman angler but now that it has seen such growth she would hope that this is a effect of her content creation. Natalie often gets comments from young girls who are inspired by her or mothers who talk about how their daughters look up to her. She thinks that this is a great driving force to help her continue to make great videos. Make sure you check out Natalie’s channel HERE and please share her podcast episode with your friends!

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