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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 12 | Life on the Road with Robert Field

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am talking with YouTube fisherman, Robert Field. Rob made the life choice a couple years back to sell everything and move into an RV for the next 5 years with the goal of fishing in each state in the contiguous US.

Robert Field

We started off the podcast by first talking about how he got into this journey. He is a strong believer in doing what you love.

“If you put in the time and effort working with what you are passionate about, you will be able to turn it into something that can support your future.”

Rob brought up the great point that with the social aspect of today’s communication, it is easier than ever to target others who have the same interests as you. When I first met Rob back four years ago at a kayak fishing tournament, his positivity for success and eagerness to get on the road left an impression on me.

Robert Field (1)

As I sat in classes during college, I would always see updates as to where he was traveling and think to myself that I want to do something like what he is doing. This is where the idea for the ANGLR Tour came from. After talking some about the similarities between our trips, we talked about some of the struggles of life on the road. One of the biggest issues that Rob has is dealing with connectivity and inconsistency within location.

Being that he runs a YouTube channel, he needs to be connected to upload and communicate with subscribers and this is challenging when most trailer parks aren’t in the best areas for WiFi connection or service. We finished up by talking about some of the best parts of his trip so far. Make sure you check out Rob’s channel by looking up Robert Field on YouTube and Instagram or Facebook and tell him we sent ya there!

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