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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 2 | Kayak Bass Fishing With Cody Prather

On the second episode of Fishing Intelligence, I am talking with Cody Prather of Yak 4 It. Cody is a kayak fisherman as well as videographer and has mastered the kayak fishing in his home state of Texas. We started off by talking about his recent bass that almost went over the 10 pound mark, weighing in at 9.7 pounds! Just to make the story even better, he caught that 9.7 pounder on a topwater lure which is something that every bass fisherman dreams of.

Kayak Bass Fishing

Cody and I fished together during Episode 13 of the ANGLR Tour on Texas’s famed Sam Rayburn!

After telling me the story of this monster fish, Cody and I got into talking about some of the best gear that one can have with them while kayak fishing. We discussed all of the finer details down to line type and pound test. When you are kayak fishing, you don’t have the option to bring all of the gear you own, so it is important to work on keying into a few different setups that will allow you to throw the best variety of baits possible to get the job done.

Kayak Bass Fishing (1)


Another topic that we talked about was how kayak fishing forces the fisherman to learn the water better than a guy fishing out of a boat. When in a kayak, you don’t have the ability to pick up the trolling motor and run 15 miles down the lake to the next spot you think will produce. You have typically under 8 miles as a total range to really break down the area that you put in at. This causes the fisherman to hit each section of water and every possible fish holding location instead of just hitting the good looking patches and leaving. We finished up by talking some of Cody’s favorite lures and baits to use in Texas any time of the year. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out my ANGLR Tour episode with Cody!

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