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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 19 | The Fishing Story of Ben Milliken

On this special episode of the Fishing Intelligence PodcastI am talking with Ben Milliken who runs the YouTube channel, Milliken Fishing. Ben is one of YouTube’s most watched fisherman and takes his camera wherever he travels. As a full time YouTuber, you get a look not only into his fishing trips, but his life through his channel. All of us at ANGLR are happy to say that we are partnering with Ben to help give him another tool to teach his subscribers how to become better anglers. With such a heavy focus on teaching, it makes sense to work together and maximize how much information his viewers can pull out of a single video.

We started out the Podcast talking about how this year’s ice fishing season went. Ben had a pretty serious situation on the ice this year when he fell off of a dock and spent nearly 20 min hanging on in the freezing water. Luckily there were two gentleman that heard his yells for help and rescued him before it was too late. He said that this was an eye opener for him about safety on the ice, especially given the fact that he is fishing by himself the majority of the time. The good news? Spring is right around the corner now for most of us and open water season is finally here. To speed along the process, Milliken is taking a little trip down south to Guntersville, Alabama to chase some giant largemouth.

Ben MillikenAfter talking about his winter season, we dive into his past and how he got into the sport of fishing. He said that his dad was the one responsible for getting him into fishing and he loved it so much that he would spend hours sitting on the bank staring at his bobber. His parents even worried about him because of how much time he spent on the water as a child! During his high school and college years, he found tournament fishing and became a serious tournament angler. However, Omaha isn’t a tournament mecca and he knew that if he wanted to make a career in the fishing industry, something would have to change.

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That’s when Ben got introduced to Andrew Flair, YouTube fisherman and part of the Googan Squad. Flair showed him what filming a fishing trip looked like and Ben took a liking to this idea of shooting and sharing his trips. Eventually, he grew his channel large enough to quit his full time job and pursue YouTube as a career. I asked Ben if there was any rhyme or reason to his goofy mispronunciation of words in his videos and he responded saying that to separate yourself from other fishing channels, you have to share more than just fishing with your audience. Personality plays a huge key into your success, and being fun and likable really helps your growth.

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We wrapped up the podcast talking about future plans for his channel… Ben politely declined leaking any trips but said that he is more of an ‘on the whim’ guy and prefers not planning, just doing. I then shared my Guntersville trip from the ANGLR App with him to give him a jump start on his fishing day and let him go to stick some Slaunch’s (his famous fishing term for big bass). Please subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel, follow him on instagram, check out his merchandise, and let him know that the podcast sent ya!

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