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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 10 | College Bass Fishing With Derek Horner

On the tenth episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I am talking with ANGLR’s Marketing Coordinator, Derek Horner. Derek fished the last four years for the Penn State Bass Fishing Team and is now one of the people I work most closely with as he runs ANGLR’s social accounts and content creation.

We started the podcast off by talking about fishing at the collegiate level. Coming into college, Derek was already fishing competitively and knew that he wanted to be apart of a team for his college career. As a freshman, Derek joined the PSU team immediately and became the Captain of their Bass Fishing team. He also bought himself his first boat to use for competition.

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The Textbook On College Fishing 

Throughout the years, he has done well in many different bass tournaments with most of his success being on Chautauqua Lake. In the podcast, he gives me some of the techniques he uses for being successful on lakes like Chautauqua with the most helpful tip being the idea of labeling docks as one of four categories. By doing this, he can locate big bites on certain types of docks and then use this knowledge to skip over docks that he knows don’t fit the pattern.

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After talking about College Fishing, we move onto talking about ANGLR and how he got started. Derek and I met at the Bassmaster Classic where ANGLR hosted both of us at their booth. After the Classic and graduating college, he came on full time and now is a key component to our expert program. Any articles that you see posted to our page have been vetted by him and he also has the task of creating interesting topics to be written about.

We end the podcast with a quick tip to anglers looking to fish during their college years. Make sure to check Derek out on his instagram page and let him know if you have an interesting topics to write about!

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