Must Have Fishing Gear

Must Have Fishing Gear That Isn’t Fishing Gear

We’re always talking with ANGLR Experts and finding out their favorite rigs and favorite baits. But, we also hear about other things that they just can’t live without that have nothing to do with fishing, but are absolute staples. So, we decided show you their must have fishing gear that isn’t fishing gear!

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Mark Franks

I take it old-school country all the way and have Gatorade and my lucky hat. I also have to have black licorice bears (anise) for the ride. They’re good for scent control! HA!

Scott Scheldberg

If I’m in my typical routine, I grab a tumbler of coffee and the rest of the pot goes into my thermos. Then it’s McDonald’s on the way to the launch for a Sausage McMuffin with egg. I have to have my beanbag cup holder so that I can break into my breakfast beer. It’s got to be either Surly Coffee Bender or Big Wood Morning Wood coffee stout. Then I’m ready to go! On the boat, I always have a neck gaiter, water, and sunglasses at the ready.

Stephen Jesso

Cheese balls. Cheese balls have to go with me on every trip.

Eric Faucett

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The worst weather I’ve ever fished was eight degree weather, but I caught something like 120 fish; it was the best trip ever. I had my Crocs on that day, because I love them. I just wore some thick socks and they kept my feet pretty warm. They’re so comfortable and are the best thing in the world. For fishing in the summertime, I can’t stand getting shoes wet when I’m loading or unloading the boat, so I can just step up out of the water and into the boat, and in an hour or two my feet will be dry because of the Crocs. That doesn’t work with tennis shoes. My “Croc Tan” is pretty strong. I’ve got little suntan holes all over my feet. Croc haters can keep hating, and I’ll just keep being awesome.

Eric doesn’t own the awesome thrown alone. Ryan Fox also never leaves home without his ole’ faithful Crocs! Along with Eric and Ryan, even Flukemaster never leaves home without his Crocs!

Jef Nelson

I have to have my Teva Mush flip flops or Chacos, sunscreen, and Blistex, not to mention a ton of hydration! I used to tell my Boy Scouts on Backpacking trips: “Hydrate or die!”

Will Selby

I have to have comfortable shoes on the boat always unless it’s summer. Then it’s no shoes.

Rick Sineath

I have to have my NOCO Genius portable jump box. With as many electronics as I run on a boat, the last thing I need is to be stuck on the water!

Taurus Lopez

Must Have Fishing Gear(2)

I’m embarrassed to say, but I have a favorite pair of socks. I can’t answer why, but they’re my favorites. I have to wear these socks when I’m fishing. It has nothing to do with fishing, but in my head, I’m a better fisherman when I’m wearing these socks. If I go fishing two days in a row, I’m washing those socks or I’m wearing them dirty, that’s just the way it’s going to go.  I use them more for tournaments, not so much for fun fishing.

They’re blue and neon yellow Mossy Oak socks. They’re just comfortable. When you’re fishing you’re constantly standing on your feet. It’s in my head, but I feel more comfortable in them. Even if I’m going in sandals, I’m gonna have those socks on. I had purchased them for hunting. I don’t wear them in the hot summertime, but for right now in the fall and the early seasons like March and April.

Cameron Wilt

Pringles. I have to have Pringles. Gotta’ Pringle powerup!

Matt Huggler

I have to always pack a pop tart, sunflower seeds, Gatorade, and my brick speaker.

Jacob Jesionek

I carry a lucky coin. It’s a lucky life coin and I always have it on me tucked in my wallet. I found it one day. It’s an interesting dollar coin, so I decided it was my lucky coin because I found a dollar on the road.

Gus Glasgow

I can’t survive the ice without my Mr. Heater Buddy Heater.

Colin McCain

Much to the chagrin of everyone else around me, I always take a banana with me on a trip. I genuinely do it all of the time. I love my bananas before I head out! Superstitions, be damned!

Nolan Minor

Must Have Fishing Gear(3)

My buddies and I always make a Sheetz run at four or five in the morning whenever we’re headed somewhere. That’s probably our biggest ritual when we get together to go kayak fish somewhere. I don’t usually get the same thing all the time, I just choose something off of their Made-to-Order menu. Here in West Virginia, one of us also always has a big bag of pepperoni rolls somewhere. It’s apparently a West Virginia thing. I didn’t even know what they were ‘till I came to school here.

Kevin Cole

I have to have a Nos drink in the morning and Slim Jims to channel my inner “Macho Man” Randy Savage throughout the day!

Joseph Caprarola

I always take along a jar of pickles and some boiled peanuts.

Josh Baker

Footwear is a big thing for me. I’m a little different than anyone else. I had blown my hand up a few years ago with a firework, no less. They had to cut my left big toe off to put it on my hand to replace my thumb. I can’t really wear flip flops like everyone else. I need to keep my feet covered. I don’t really do the barefoot thing on the boat because I really don’t want to freak out my clients. I don’t want them to look down and wonder what’s happening with Captain Nine-Toes on board! I’m not a big brand guy, but I use what I need to make things work and get the job done. I definitely need something with good footing because I can’t risk losing my footing on the boat and end up in the water.

Abby Olson

The fish inspector is a must! My dog comes with me on every trip and has to inspect each catch for me.

Tyler Barnes

I don’t fish without my reggae music.

Brett Davis

I don’t have any off the wall items but the iPad comes with me on every trip.  It’s a life line for many different aspects of the trip. I have to have it for my maps, live videos, weather, drone piloting, etc.

Carrie Cates

I need beef jerky, Gatorade, some type of sun protection.

Nathan Harmon

Sunflower seeds are definitely a must for me.

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One thing that nearly all ANGLR Experts mentioned was their cell phones so that they could access their ANGLR App! If the experts won’t leave home without it, why should you?!

Comment below and tell us what you always take with you on your fishing trips!

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