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Mike Cheatham’s Reasoning For Why Kayak Anglers Should Use the ANGLR Logbook

How many of you have seen guys walking around at tournaments with an ANGLR Bullseye on their hats and wondered why? I mean is it just a cool marketing tool – a way to get your brand out in public? Just another gadget to catch an angler, not to help catch fish?  

Well, I have been asked those questions at events and shared my thoughts on the subject; but I’ve also shared the facts about the ANGLR app and the Bullseye.

ANGLR Logbook: How the Bullseye Caught My Eye

Being very open, the Bullseye is what got my attention when I saw a lot of guys wearing them. It made me curious to see what this thing was for, what was its purpose. So, it is a cool marketing tool that made me look, but it is also a Bluetooth device that links to the ANGLR app.  When you link it up at the beginning of each fishing trip, you simply push it once to mark a catch (allowing you to collect water and weather data), or twice to mark a waypoint (also collecting data) or you can hold it in for 2-3 seconds to mark a gear change (making your data more powerful). 

This data is yours, not the worlds; and can be recalled to see the conditions, location, gear, and more about your day on the water.  If you choose to share the data collected with others, that is also an option, but not a requirement.  

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Since the Bullseye doubles as a marketing tool, it does help catch anglers (me anyway); but it also helps you to catch fish when paired with the app.

The data you acquire in the ANGLR logbook by pushing the button during each trip gives insight into what worked, what didn’t; when the bite was strong and when it was not on. You see peaks and valleys in fish activity that can be checked against barometric pressure, flow and water temperature (based off of local water gages), see what gear and lures were effective; it is a key to the knowledge that most of us have just remembered about the luck we had on a given day.  But unlike my memory, it doesn’t get distorted with time or clouded with other trip memories.

Using the ANGLR Logbook and Bullseye on the Same Body of Water for Repeat Trips

I know you all have a place where you fish, the place that you can always catch ‘em, but even those waters have days that are less productive. I took the ANGLR app to the spot where I learned about fishing to see if the science really works. Well, I thought I understood my home water (my ego said I did) until I collected real data.  

Now I have information that helps me to predict those days when I will catch them, times that are better than others, locations where they bite better under certain conditions… a baseline to develop patterns that can be used on other bodies of water. 

The ANGLR logbook has increased my confidence; I can check the data while on the water to know when it is time to move, or when to buckle down and really cover an area… or when to just wait, because it is about to turn on!

We all buy the latest lures and colors, go with the best tackle storage systems, buy new rods and reels, invest in the coolest fish finder technologies and anything else we think will give us the best chances of winning tournaments or just catching fish. We search for videos, use Google Earth, maps, etc..  We do all of this without hesitation. Some of y’all even keep journals to take that a step further. So why wouldn’t we use a tool that gives us knowledge over time?  I plan to use everything I can to grow as a tournament angler, and the ANGLR app and Bullseye are part of my arsenal.

I do know this for certain, those guys with the Bullseye on their hats and the ANGLR app on their phones or computers, they have taken it to the next level and are building a pile of information that can (and will) be used against you in a tournament. It is not just something designed to catch anglers like that cool snake lure I have hanging in my garage; it will help you to catch more fish and be a better angler.

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Mike Cheatham


May 2016, sat in my first kayak. October 2016, skunked in my first tournament. Spring of 2017, placed 11th in the KBF Open and have chased the addiction since. Fishing is the one place my mind gets quiet, the place I have always found peace. To do it competitively with a great bunch of folks is just a bonus. To have an opportunity to combine my love for fishing with writing...I feel like I have finally found a place in this world! I do have the support of a wonderful woman who understands my need to be on the water; she supports my dreams is truly good.

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  1. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    I love fishing; there is something empowering about being out in the water, trying to land that fish. I am still learning and, therefore, need all the resources I can get.

  2. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    Very insightful and knowledgable! I had no idea about half of this and will use this information to help me out with my adventures, thanks for writing this!


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