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Why I Vibe | Vibe Anglers Bring More Than Fishing to Their Community

The kayak space has a different feel to it. There isn’t as much of the pushing and the shoving as there is in the big boat world. Anglers are still super competitive, but not at the cost of sportsmanship and camaraderie. It’s just a whole other vibe if you will allow the egregious pun. 

But Vibe Kayaks has its own subset of that. A community feel, where even executives of the company hop on Facebook message boards at all hours of the night to answer any question one of their customers might have, that is if another member of the community doesn’t beat them to it. 

Pair that sense of community with a lineup of well-crafted vessels and you start to see why so many anglers are now choosing Vibe Kayaks. We sat down with a few of those anglers to get their input on what sets Vibe apart.

Why I Vibe | Ben Adrian 

“I have been around the kayak industry for over ten years and have owned dozens of different kayaks. As I developed my own preferences, I began to find the paddleboard style kayaks more fitting. After using both traditional kayaks and fiberglass SUPs, I was in the market for a roto-molded SUP and that is when I came across the Maverick 120.”

Why I Vibe(1)

“Instantly, I knew this boat would fill all my needs and my particular style of fishing. Combining this kayak with the Vibe community and customer service made this an easy decision. The kayak community began as a close group of anglers and strayed as the sport grew. However, the community of Vibe anglers has brought the sport back to its roots.”

Why I Vibe | Jake Suvak

“For me, my first kayak was a Vibe. Ever since I first started using it, the customer service has been amazing. Having the Vibe Kayak community on Facebook really helped me learn all kinds of different ways to rig up my kayak. That’s been the biggest thing for me, how great the community is.”

Why I Vibe(2)

“The people that are high up in the company even come on and help out. Like Josh (Thomas) is always active in the groups and it’s not very often that you see the founder of a company come on and reach out to try to have a conversation with you.” 

“I also went to one Vibe only tournament and that was a lot of fun. It was actually the first time I had been saltwater fishing and a bunch of the guys there helped me learn some presentations and what to use. So that was pretty cool.”

Why I Vibe | William Strasburg

“I grew up as a canoe guy with my dad. My brother and I used to fish the boundary waters up in Canada and Minnesota. My dad would take us in the summer up to one of the access points to the boundary waters and he’d tell my brother and I, ‘Alright, I’ll see you boys back here in one week.’ And we’d go out and a week later we’d be back.” 

Why I Vibe(3)

“I’ve been in a kayak now for 20 years. After I retired from the Army I was looking for something better to fish from and found Vibe in 2015. The people were great, I bought one and I haven’t turned back since then. Vibe is something besides just a kayak. It’s the community and sharing, trying new things. It brings back that sense of adventure from when I was a kid. That’s why I Vibe.”

Why I Vibe | Jeff Jones

“Originally in 2016, I was searching for a kayak and I had a list of requirements. I wanted it to be 12 to 14 feet, the ability to be able to stand in it, I wanted it to have a framed seat and of course to be a sit on top. But the problem was every kayak I was finding was a little out of my price range. But I finally found Vibe on a Facebook ad.”

“So I got to looking at it and the Sea Ghost 130 was my first boat. Initially, I got into a Vibe for the affordability and what they offer at that price point. It came with a rudder and a paddle, which was pretty important at the time because I wanted something with a rudder and that was  an add-on with other companies.”

Why I Vibe(4)

“Then after that, I just really liked the community. The boats are great and still really well built and affordable. I’m running the Shearwater 125 now. But I love the motto, No Drama, Just Adventure. And that’s why I’m still with them. It’s just a great community.” 

Why I Vibe | Erica DeLana 

“For me, the reason for “Why I Vibe” extends beyond my feeling that they offer a great line of kayaks with great features at an affordable price point. I first learned about Vibe Kayaks roughly 5 years ago when my kayaking experience consisted mostly of river floats and paddling for shorter periods of time fishing our my local lake. My husband and I were big into fishing, but mostly from a boat and had dabbled at best with fishing from a kayak. I’d met a few Vibe field team members through a charity fishing tournament I was hosting, and they invited us to paddle with them and their families a few weeks after on a local river. We showed up with our very basic sit on top kayaks, and despite sticking out like a sore thumb, we were immediately welcomed into the group of about 20 people that were there that day… most were in Vibes. We were intrigued as we really didn’t know much about Vibe at all, except they were way fancier than what we were paddling and “fishing kayaks.” It wasn’t until the end of that trip that I learned we’d also been hanging out with two of the owners, Josh and Miriam, and one of their daughters. We had no idea because that’s how chill of an outing it was… and because those behind Vibe truly live the brand they’re promoting.”

Why I Vibe(5)

“The Vibe Kayaks community is one that truly emulates their motto, “No Drama. Just Adventure.” It doesn’t matter what kind of kayak you paddle (or pedal), whether you’ve got the latest and greatest gear, if you’re a seasoned pro that lives and breathes kayaking, or if you’re a newbie like we were. I can honestly say that a single trip changed how I viewed kayaking and kayak fishing. The guys and girls there were just out spending a day doing what they loved – happy to help answer any questions we had, freely offering tips and tricks fishing rivers, and never once made us feel like we didn’t belong. The kayaking community, by and large, is a more-the-merrier group where friends of friends quickly become your friends.”

 Why Should YOU Vibe?  

Simply put, community. That’s what you hear time and time again from anglers who run a Vibe Kayak. They’ll eventually get around to talking about their Shearwater, Sea Ghost, or particular model they have and all the ins and outs of the boat. But by and large, there’s just that different feel to Vibe. Less company, more companionship. 

In a world wrapped up in divisiveness and disdain for one another, it’s easy to see why anyone would Vibe once you find that community feel. And with a lineup of quality watercraft to choose from, Vibe makes it easy to slide into their community in style. So I guess the real question is, why don’t you Vibe yet?

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