Vibe Kayaks Comparisons

Vibe Kayaks Comparisons | Maverick, Sea Ghost, and Shearwater

Vibe Kayaks are known not only for their quality but also for their affordability. In an ever-expanding market where prices are going through the roof, Vibe has made a real effort to continue to deliver great platforms without breaking the bank. The base price of their new Shearwater 125 does come in a little higher than their previous models, but if bells, whistles, and options are your thing, you’ll quickly see the value. 

Vibe offers up a boat for just about anything anyone would want to do on the water. From their kayak/paddleboard hybrid, the Maverick 120, to the well rounded and water ready Sea Ghost 110 and 130 and then again all the way up to the new Shearwater 125 that presents an elite tournament angler with everything he or she could possibly want in a boat. There’s something here for everyone. And while Vibe makes other models as well, we’re going to quickly compare these three.

Vibe Kayaks Comparisons | Maverick 120

The Maverick 120 is certainly the most unique of these three. 

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A hybrid between a stand-up and paddle (SUP) board and a kayak, Vibe has done a great job of marrying the two worlds. 

A flat fishing platform with foam padding on the deck gives you ample space for one or even two people to move around. The blank slate surface allows you to put whatever you want onboard and the hatch in the deck allows you to store anything you don’t want getting wet down below. And with 5 top-loading gear tracks and bungee tie-downs, the boat is very customizable.

Vibe Kayaks Comparisons | Shearwater 125 & Sea Ghost 110 and 130

The Shearwater and Sea Ghost have more in common, though still some very key differences. Both the Shearwater and Sea Ghost share several features like their Hero Seat, Phantom Grip handles and pre-installed rudders. The Shearwater takes a subtle step or two out in front of the Sea Ghost in that it has 4 flush mount rod holders where both Sea Ghost models only have two. But the real difference-maker comes in the propulsion department. 

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With the Sea Ghost, you can add a motor or just use a paddle. 

But with the Shearwater, you have those two options and the ability to add the Vibe X-Drive Peddle Pod. Some anglers even do all three by adding a Bixpy to the motor-ready Vibe Gravity Rudder System. Having all those options certainly puts the Shearwater way out front if you’re wanting to be able to move around a lot out on the water. 

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The Shearwater 125 has 3 pod options where the Sea Ghost has a really nice but fixed pod. 

With the Shearwater, you can go with the Vibe Base Pod to add more room to the deck, the Vibe Versa Pod with a magnetic tray, bungees, and a nice sized storage cavity or move all the way up to the pedal drive in their X-Drive Pod. 

Although you don’t have all the various pod options with the Sea Ghost, you still have one of the best-fixed pod systems in the industry in the Vibe Versa Console. With multiple bungees, dual mini hatches with cargo bags, hinged access, a magnetic tray, a cup holder and two gear tracks, Vibe really packed a lot in. 

These three boats are definitely different but all three are also high-quality rides with specific anglers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. No matter what you want to do on the water, you’ll find the boat you need to do it in here.

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