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Top 5 Kayak Fishing Gifts for Tournament Anglers

My wife loves Christmas with all the decorations; the tree with gifts, stockings filled with candy and more gifts, lights and snowmen all around the house. Each year we say that we are not going to buy each other anything, she even promises to not buy me anything for Christmas – then I get Festivus gifts, something for Winter Solstice or National Mutt Day. I have tried to resist, but whatever your belief system, this is the time of year where we get together for parties with friends and families; and gifts are often exchanged. Not everyone is sending a list to Santa (me, ‘cause I ain’t been that good), but there are some things we would like to have if we were to choose our gifts.

Now, the perfect list of gifts; a Hobie ProAngler 14 with the 360 mirage drive, a 9” Hummingbird Helix Mega with sidescan powered by a Bioenno 40ah Lithium battery, with a Torqeedo 1103AC all sitting on a Tennessee Trailer is not everyone’s perfect kayak fishing gifts list… nor would it be practical to fit it under the tree… or on a credit card.  

I have learned something about kayak anglers, they are a fairly independent group of folks who have developed a certain way of rigging their kayak and like to choose their own equipment. So to keep you from picking up something that will sit in the closet – unless they specifically ask for something (like the new Torqueedo, hey Santa!); I put together a short list of practical kayak fishing gifts that would help almost any tournament angler during the next year without forcing a second mortgage.

Kayak Fishing Gifts #5: Gift Cards 

Kayak Fishing Gifts(1)

There are a lot of different gift cards you can give your favorite kayaker that would be more than welcomed. You can find displays of them in almost any big box store – for almost anywhere.  Pick any for a local tackle shop, Bass Pro, Academy, etc. – or Amazon which opens up unlimited opportunities and usually anything ordered can be at your door before you put down your computer.

Then there are cards that can feed kayakers as they travel across the U.S.; Subway is everywhere, Burger King, Chick-Fil-a, or Cracker Barrel just to name a few. Pick the larger chains and they can be used in virtually any state.

You can even just put some cash on a Wal-Mart card; a lot of us spend time sleeping in their parking lots to save money on the trips. This card can buy food or gas… or tackle… or donuts.

Kayak Fishing Gifts #4: Base Layer Gear

Mobility is important in a kayak, so is staying warm and dry on cold days. While the base layer gear doesn’t replace dry or wet suits, it can keep you extremely comfortable on cold days. It holds in body heat and wicks away moisture without hindering movements. These are available in different weights with 4 being the warmest. This gear is also helpful if your rain jacket proves to be less than adequate; it can keep you warm until you make it back to the launch.

Kayak Fishing Gifts(2)

The Under Armour brand can cost a few dollars more, but it is worth it.

There may be some challenges with correct sizing based on body types (maybe it was just me), so be aware there may be an exchange in your future; but I am certain this would be a gift you’ll get many thanks for giving. The Under Armour Cold Gear Base clothing is incredible and comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Kayak Fishing Gifts #3: Lanyards/Flexible Tie Downs

One of the most precious things a kayaker has in his possession is gear. If you are fishing a tournament and only have a single tackle box and one rod, imagine losing that along the way.  

Kayak Fishing Gifts(3)

RoboHawk and Rogue Fishing make some great lanyards to keep Ketch Boards, phones, paddles, or anything you can hook to them safe. They even have models that allow you to pull the kayak, making the trek to the water easy too.  

Lanyards differ from flexible tie downs in that they allow the angler to use the item while it is tethered to an immovable (or movable) station; keeping the items safe from sinking to the bottom should it fall or be dropped over board.

Kayak Fishing Gifts(4)

Night Ize Gear ties allow you to attach items to your seat, kayak, or just each other in a way that is quick to remove.

They are flexible and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so their application is virtually limitless. These can even be used to bundle items stored in hatches, dry bags, and tackle storage; to hold the sinker on your dropshot rigs, or they can hold gear in the kayak during transportation.

Kayak Fishing Gifts #2: Headlamps

Walk by almost any register at a home improvement store, and they are on the impulse racks just under the candy. These are relatively inexpensive, and something that most every kayaker uses at some point during the day. I didn’t understand why anyone would need to get them in multi-packs, but having left no less than five at the bottom of a lake, I get it now.  

Kayak Fishing Gifts(5)

Cyclops makes a versatile and inexpensive light that not only offers 350 lumens of light; it has red, green, and a blinking light setting.

The red and green settings make it easy to see your gear without blinding fellow anglers, while the blinking light can help to get the attention of other watercraft on the water.    

Kayak Fishing Gifts #1: The ANGLR Bullseye

This item, when paired with the ANGLR app, allows for easy tracking of your time on the water.  The ANGLR app allows anglers to collect real time data of each and every trip on the water.  Data which belongs to the individual, and can be shared with friends, or kept private. The pairing of the Bullseye with the app has the potential to enhance an anglers experience on the water. 

Kayak Fishing Gifts(6) 

This can be a pretty cool item to drop in a stocking or give to any angler.

Again, most of those who are kayaking have already picked up what they want, or are already telling you very specifically what they would love to receive as a gift. Cash is also a great substitute, if you give any to someone this year and they don’t want it, call me. In the meantime, Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Festivus… Mutt Day… Bacon Day… birthday; Tuesday… whatever occasion you choose to give gifts!

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