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Fall Kayak Fishing | Top 5 Fall Kayak Fishing Baits

By the time fall hits, the tournament season has pretty much come to a close which means it’s time for fall fun fishing. I always get excited about this time of year because it allows me to experiment with new baits without the pressure of having to catch a limit. Of course, I have my go-to baits for the fall, but there’s usually a wildcard of some sort tied on. So, here are my top 5 baits for fall kayak fishing.

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits #1: Chatterbait

This one shouldn’t be much of a surprise, the chatterbait is one of my top baits just about year-round but when the bass start feeding in the fall, this bait my favorite. When bass are actively feeding, the “search bait” nature of a chatterbait allows you to cover a lot of water and bring your lure by as many bass as possible. When bass are actively feeding, you can find yourself on schools of bass, landing a fish every cast. 

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits(1)

There’s just something about chatterbaits that actively feeding fish just can’t resist.

I used to think that because of conditions getting colder, I’d have to slow down how I fish this bait but the more I fish in the fall the more I see the opposite. Of course, when we start getting closer to freezing conditions, the bass will eventually slow down but in the early weeks of fall, the fish get really active and aggressive. I’ve had some fall days where I’ll burn a chatterbait through weeds or even in deeper water and the strikes are extremely aggressive. Throw a chatterbait this fall, you won’t regret it.

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits #2: Senko

I mean, I really can’t think of a time when a senko isn’t on my kayak and ready to be thrown. Senkos are hated by some and loved by many, myself included. Love them or hate them, senkos work year-round. 

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits(2)

In the early spring and fall, things can slow down a bit and there have been plenty of instances where casting a senko and just letting it sit has been the most effective presentation. 

I’m not sure that I’m a believer that the color of a senko makes much of a difference but that being said, I’m a big fan of green pumpkin. 

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits #3: Spook

When I think about fishing in the fall, my mind almost always goes straight to thinking about colder weather. Eventually, this happens in fall but in the early days of the season, the cold hasn’t quite taken over and the water temps will remain warmer despite the air temperatures dropping at night. 

Here in the Northeast, the cold air comes in quick so it can be easy to want to throw something more subtle. The reality is, the early fall is my favorite time to throw topwater, specifically a spook. There’s something about fishing spook that is not only fun but also really satisfying when you catch a monster on it. 

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits(3)

Walking a spook creates one of my favorite sounds and when that’s disrupted by a bass attacking it, things just don’t get much better than that.

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits #4: Dropshot

When the cold of fall sets in, bass can start retreating towards deeper water. Here in the Northeast, our smallmouth will start to school up in certain spots. This is where a dropshot will excel. Once you hit a school of these fish, it’s game on, cast after cast of smallmouth bass

When fall hits, I tend to change my dropshot bait up a bit. My go-to dropshot bait is the Z-drop by Zoom. I’ve had the most luck with this bait and it’s pretty much all I use when throwing a dropshot, the only thing I’ll change is the color. During the warmer months, I’ll use a green pumpkin color. 

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits(4)

In the fall, I change this color to the purple smoke color. 

This color is more transparent and subtle. In my experience, it can get a bass to bite in tough conditions.

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits #5: Spinnerbait

It feels a bit like cheating to include spinnerbaits on a list that already has chatterbaits, but there are many instances when there’s just no substitute for the flash of a Colorado blade. The reality is, chatterbaits require a certain amount of speed for the lure to work effectively. Spinnerbaits can be retrieved slower, go deeper, and create more flash in the water than chatterbaits. You can learn more about chatterbaits vs spinnerbaits here

Fall Kayak Fishing Baits(5)

When it comes to throwing spinnerbaits, I keep it simple, typically throwing a white spinnerbait with varying blade types and colors. 

Every so often, I’ll use a white with some chartreuse in murky water. Spinnerbaits are one of those great versatile lures that even on the toughest days will eventually catch fish.

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