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Kayak Paddles | The Top 3 Kayak Paddles for Avid Anglers

Whenever ranking the best of anything, there’s always some controversy about what does and doesn’t make the list. With that being said, the following is simply my opinion based on my own experience. Please take the time to visit your local outfitters and try these kayak paddles for yourself, you may find that we have different likes and dislikes on things. The bottom line, take the time to try things for yourself and give local shops your business.

Paddles are something that I thought I was done with but with my recent move to a Bonafide SS127 kayak with a Torqeedo motor, I’ve had to get a good paddle for skinny water. When I got my first kayak I remember being so obsessed with the kayak itself that I just grabbed the first paddle I saw in the store and went on my way. 

Quickly, I began to hate paddling thinking that maybe kayaking just wasn’t for me. At a paddlesports show, I spoke to some folks from various paddle companies, sharing my complaints. When they heard what I was dealing with, they all said the same thing, it’s your paddle. Granted I’m sure they wanted to sell me a shiny new paddle but they turned out to be correct. 

A light paddle designed for anglers can save your arms a lot of stress over the course of a day. Choosing the best paddle can be more important than you think. I’ve selected these three based on quality and performance, balanced with affordability. Here are my top 3 kayak paddles!

Kayak Paddles | Bending Branches – Angler Classic

I’m a bit biased here as I just recently purchased this very paddle but I’ve been so happy with my purchase I had to share it here. Coming in at a price of about $140 this paddle is extremely light and extremely affordable. When I first got my hands on the Angler Classic, I was immediately impressed with how light it was. The blades of the paddle are made with the kayak angler in mind so they’re sturdy enough to use while standing up and can easily move a large kayak like my Bonafide SS127

Kayak Paddles(1)

A couple of cool features from the Bending Branches – Angler Classic, on one of the blades, there’s a notch that can be used to retrieve lures that may be snagged on trees or rocks. 

The second cool feature, the shaft of this paddle has a tape measure allowing you to get a quick measure of your catch. This isn’t something that I use much, but it’s still cool to know when deciding on which paddle to purchase.

Kayak Paddles | Werner Paddles – Tybee Hooked

Similar to the Angler Classic in build, quality, and price, the Werner Tybee Hooked is a great choice for any angler looking for a solid paddle that won’t wear your arms down.

Kayak Paddles(2) 

This two-piece paddle is constructed to handle the abuse of angling as well as stand up paddling. 

A special feature of this kayak paddle, is the adjustable ferrule system that allows a kayaker to dial-in their paddle at the perfect angle for how they paddle or just simply their preference.

Kayak Paddles | Feelfree – Angler Paddle

The Feelfree Angler Paddle makes this list simply because of the level of quality for such an affordable price. The Angler Paddle comes in at $99 and features a fully fiberglass shaft along side fiberglass reinforced blades. 

Kayak Paddles(3)

For a low price, an angler can get a paddle that’s lightweight and shares the features of some paddles that are almost twice the price. 

Whether you’re a veteran kayak angler or just getting started, don’t overlook this option from Feelfree!

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Adam Rourke is a bass angler with over 10 years of tournament fishing experience. About eight years ago, he shifted his focus to the sport of kayak bass fishing which led him qualifying for the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship in 2018 and 2019.

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  1. joshua
    joshua says:

    Nice write up, I have been using the Bending Branches paddle for years and it has been great. Very affordable, strong and light. I also like that it had the fish ruler on the paddle itself. It has faded a bit over the years but I measured a ton of fish on that paddle.


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