Planning a Fishing Trip

Planning a Fishing Trip: How to Plan a Kayak Trip With the ANGLR App

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One of my favorite parts of the ANGLR app is the number of different ways it can be used. The more I use this app and the more updates are released, the advantages offered are only expanding. When I first started using the app, I thought I would simply track my fishing trips and mark good spots to fish and areas where fish were caught. I soon realized that I was only utilizing a small sliver of what the app could provide. 

During the days leading up to a fishing tournament, anglers are constantly sharing tips and information with each other and while I appreciate the communication, I’ve never cared for a last-minute change in approach. I’ve been around many anglers who’ve completely changed their game plan based on some information they heard from someone that turned out to be third or fourth hand. Using the ANGLR app to breakdown a body of water, I’m able to see things for myself and target areas that I think will be productive based on my confidence baits.

Here’s a rundown of how I plan a day out on the water using the ANGLR app.

Planning a Fishing Trip: Find Water

This probably seems silly to read at first, but there are plenty of weekends that come up where I’m set on going fishing just not certain as to where I want to go. To assist in my decision, I open the ANGLR app and take a look at what’s around me. With satellite imagery or topographic imagery, I’m able to easily locate a body of water and assess it’s accessibility. 

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There have been plenty of times when I’ve located a body of water close to my house that I never knew existed. Some of my biggest bass this year have come from small bodies of water that aren’t popular fishing spots. These fishing holes would be tough to find without detailed maps. The ANGLR app’s topographical maps can even give you a sneak peek of what the depths look like on a pond or lake before fishing it.

Planning a Fishing Trip: Check the Weather

As a kayak angler, it’s really important to be aware of the current and forecasted weather conditions. Kayaks these days are super stable, but they can only do so much when the weather gets bad. Not only does ANGLR Premium provide a live weather radar, but it also provides a 72-hour wind map which has become a staple in my fishing preparation. 

Knowing what the wind is going to do allows me to decide if it’s safe to go fishing but also where the fish should be active based on the wind direction. The weather on the ANGLR app is regularly updated and can be checked while you’re out on the water as well just in case something changes. 

Planning a Fishing Trip: Logbook

For years, I’ve planned to start a fishing journal where I record the details of every fishing trip I go on. I had the intention to start, but I’d never actually done it. Well… until this season.

Now, the ANGLR app does it for me by tracking your trips, catches, and waypoints that you record with the Bullseye. Come next season, I’ll be more prepared for events when I can just refer to the previous trips on a body of water. I’m looking forward to using this historical information to help me ensure my pre-fishing and events are more focused and my approach is more effective.

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