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NuCanoe Additions| Why Pro Kayak Anglers are Adding Trolling Motors

There are a lot of social media posts concerning the use of motors on kayaks during competition. The opinions cover the entire spectrum; from total acceptance to complete distaste for the option. 

Regardless of where you stand, they are accepted on the KBF and BASS trails and it will be a hard sell to change that direction. Having written about motors, and sharing my opinion, I felt I should give you the perspective of two guys who are advocates for their use and have enjoyed success with them from their NuCanoe’s.

Cody Milton and Derek Brundle are two anglers having a great amount of success on the kayak trails. If you have not heard the names, you have not been following kayak bass fishing. Derek is coming off a KBF Rookie of the Year win and Cody just absolutely hammered the fish during the second BASS Nation event on Lake Fork utilizing a motor.

NuCanoe Additions | Cody Milton’s Trolling Motor Thoughts

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Cody fished with a Torqeedo for years until recently joining with NuCanoe. He is now powered by a Motor Guide Xi3 and is definitely a motor guy; 

I don’t know how many events I will fish anymore without motors. The motor has become such a part of how I fish and practice now. You don’t have to fish tournaments that do not allow them to find big events to fish.

I am not like a lot of kayak people, I don’t really just like pure kayak fishing, so I like the motor.  The way I like to fish, the motor really makes it nice for me.

Milton also shared that he likes the amount of water you can cover. “It allows me to cover so much more water, and it really fits my type of fishing.”  

NuCanoe Additions | Derek Brundle’s Trolling Motor Thoughts

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Derek agrees with Cody about the motor being integral to his success, and how he fishes.  

He has a more personal reason for leaning toward motors though; 

A little over five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and had some pretty extensive chemo and radiation treatments which basically destroyed all of the muscles in my neck. If I paddle or pedal all day I cannot even move at the end of the day. I won’t say it is a necessity, but it works out for me.

Brundle also runs the MotorGuide on a NuCanoe. “I use a MotorGuide 55lb thrust/12V Xi3 with the pinpoint GPS bow mounted on my kayak. That thing will hold you in 2 to 3-foot of a spot. It will also top out at about 4 or 4.3 mph.

I run an Amped Outdoors 100ah battery and run it all day long. I have been running the lithium for a good while and it is half the weight of a lead battery. I feel like I need to run far away from everyone, especially kayakers, and find that one secluded spot… so I make a 3-5 mile run to a spot, then fish my way back. I can get there in an hour, and I am not fatigued.

Derek was also clear about his opinions on a foot control model but gave a friendly warning about the remote option.  

I have tried the foot control, but I am a fan of the hand remote because it tucks behind the PFD.  Make sure you get familiar with the remote! The anchor button is close to the left button, it will stop you and spin you around; just a word of caution from experience!

NuCanoe Additions | Same Opinions… Different Reasons

Both share the same opinions about motors; Cody seeing more in play while Derek is in favor of a little more restriction.

Milton feels certain that the world of kayaking tournament fishing will never see a completely motor-less future.

I don’t think there is any way that motors are ever going to go away now. The more that people use them they become more of a crutch or staple; more people will be using them. I don’t think you are going to have a competitive series that doesn’t allow motors in the next year or two.

I don’t know how many events I will fish anymore without motors. The motor has become such a part of how I fish and practice now. You don’t have to fish tournaments that do not allow them to find big events to fish.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them allow two motors. I think once you have Torqeedo and MotorGuide becoming sponsors for bigger events, I am pretty sure they will begin to allow two motors. I hope they allow that.

Brundle has a slightly different take on how the future should play out.

The motors are a game-changer for sure. Our local club allows up to 70lbs thrust – keeping the motors to a single battery 12V system. It limits weight, torque, and improves safety.

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We discussed safety and adding too large a motor and agree that there needs to be more limiting that has previously been set in the rules for some trails. 

We all see that motors are here to stay, and if these two are any indication, they are going to play a larger role in the success of anglers as the sport expands.

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