Kayak Paddle Leashes

Kayak Paddle Leashes | The Top 5 Kayak Paddle Leashes

While kayak paddle leashes aren’t the most flashy or exciting piece of gear to think about, they’re essential in making sure you don’t lose hundreds of dollars worth of gear. If you’re like me, you enjoy purchasing quality gear and really take your time in doing so. That being said, the last thing you want is to head out for a nice day on the water only to lose a piece of valuable gear, especially a paddle. 

Paddle leashes are a great way to make sure that if you drop your paddle, for whatever reason, it isn’t going to float away and leave you stranded. These leashes are really affordable can save you a lot of frustration. Kayak paddle leashes can be used to secure a variety of accessories, not just paddles.

Kayak Paddle Leashes: Neverlost Rod Leash

Neverlost is a company that makes quality leashes for a variety of kayaking accessories. Every product from Neverlost is manufactured in the United States which is always important to support. 

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What sets the leashes from Neverlost apart, is the quality of the materials and the engineering that has gone into the products. 

Now when I first set out to write this article, I really wondered how could paddle leashes be all that different? Well, Neverlost has shown me. Neverlost’s leashes are built out of paracord with a nylon core that is coiled in order to save on space while offering a secure attachment point. The hardware added to the leashes offers a no-compromise aluminum ferrules that allows them to hold as strong as a metal cable. Other features like a quick disconnect, make Neverlost’s leashes really easy and intuitive to use.

Kayak Paddle Leashes: Sea to Summit Paddle Leash

Sea to Summit is a great company that’s known for the quality of its products. Their line of kayak accessories is no exception. The Sea to Summit paddle leash is a very straight forward product that will keep your paddle safe and secure during those crazy days out on the water.

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The big benefit of this leash is the length. 

Initially, the leash is 43-inches long but has the ability to extend out to 75-inches giving you a full range of motion for paddle strokes. Having stretch in a paddle leash allows it to stay out of your way while also allowing for some flexibility when needed. This leash has a velcro strap to attach to the shaft of your paddle and a loop on the other end allowing it to be attached to all kinds of equipment.

Kayak Paddle Leashes: NRS Bungee Paddle Leash

NRS is simply a powerhouse when it comes to kayak gear and accessories, their paddle leash is no exception. NRS’s paddle leash is extremely straightforward and effective. Consisting simply of bungee cord and two attachment points, this leash is reliable and discreet. 

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Kayak Paddle Leashes: YakGear Coiled Paddle Leash

Similarly to the Sea to Summit paddle leash, Yak Gear’s coiled paddle leash offering is constructed of a coiled bungee that is covered by a sleeve of nylon material. This allows the leash to maintain a smaller profile while being able to stretch if needed. The stretch can be extremely important when fighting a fish, you may potentially need to toss your paddle out of the way. This leash allows you to move your paddle without the fear of losing it and being stranded out there on the water.

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Kayak Paddle Leashes: Harmony Paddle Leash

Harmony has made quality kayak accessories for years and the Harmony kayak paddle leash lives up to this reputation. Very similarly to the other leashes mentioned in this article, it’s constructed from a coiled bungee cord that’s wrapped in a nylon sleeve. This option comes with a carrying bag which makes traveling with it easy with it not taking up much space.

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