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Kayak Paddle Clips | The Best 3 Options for Kayak Paddle Clips

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Kayak paddle clips might very well be the most overlooked accessory in kayak fishing and kayaking in general. Nowadays most kayaks, especially fishing kayaks, come pre-rigged with a paddle clip. These clips act almost like a third hand while out on the water, they hold your paddle safely and securely which allows you to use both of your hands to land a fish or grab yourself a drink. 

Being able to put your paddle down in a spot where it’s secure and out of the way allows you to focus on making a cast rather than managing your equipment. Despite seeming really simple, kayak paddle clips allow you to make more casts and spend more time fishing each time you hit the water.

Kayak Paddle Clips: YakAttack RotoGrip

When it comes to paddle clips, nothing beats the RotoGrip from YakAttack. YakAttack is known industry-wide for their amazing quality accessories and the RotoGrip is no exception. The RotoGrip is constructed out of super-strong plastic with two rubberized wheels that allow a paddle to be securely seated without risk of falling out. The rubberized wheels create a snug fit as well as friction that prevents the shaft of a paddle from shifting out. I use two of these RotoGrips currently to secure my paddle while not in use and I’ve never had any issues with it. 

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On top of the great design, the RotoGrip can be added to any kayak that has a track for accessories. 

Simply loosen the nut, slide down track, tighten back down, and you’re good to go! On my kayak, I have RotoGrips mounted on my Boondedox Landing Gear which works great and keeps my paddle securely fastened behind me. I’ve even bumped my paddle few times with fishing rods and such but they never budge! 

Kayak Paddle Clips: Ram Roller-Ball

The Ram Roller-Ball is very similar to the RotoGrip in terms of its shape and how it works, but there are a few things that make Ram’s offering different. The first is the roller-ball always ensures that whatever it’s holding down maintains three different points of contact. The bottom part of the paddle holder is spring loaded ensuring a custom fid for any paddle shaft. 

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The Ram Roller-Ball also offers a hook for attaching a leash which would come into play if for some reason the Roller-Ball were to fail, your paddle wouldn’t go very far.

Kayak Paddle Clips: Scotty Paddle Clip

The Scotty Paddle Clip is a great example of a classic paddle clip design. This clip has been around for ages and has been used in a variety of applications. I’ve even seen this paddle clip used to on a paddle clip belt that a YouTuber created. 

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These things are extremely versatile and affordable. 

While this clip won’t be able to mount to your gear tracks, it only takes two small screws to attach and you’re ready to roll. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these 3 options for paddle clips. Consider your kayak fishing style and how you like to store your gear and pick the one that you think will work best for you.

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