Kayak Lights Installation

Kayak Lights Installation | Installing the Yak Power Button LED Lights with Adam Rourke

When it comes to safety, there are few modifications that can have a larger impact than adding lights to your kayak. Over the years, options for kayak lights have become more and more advanced. If the idea of drilling holes into your new kayak scares you, you’re not alone.

Companies that produce kayak accessories have been hard at work trying to find innovative solutions that make adding lights and other electronic accessories easy and less intimidating. Companies like Yak Power have come up with easy to install, fool-proof accessories that anyone with a basic understanding of hand tools can handle.

Kayak Lights Installation: Basic Items

To add lights to your kayak, you’ll need a few basic items:

  • A power source (battery)
  • A Fuse block
  • Wire
  • Wire connectors
  • Wire stripper/crimper
  • Quick connect battery adapter
  • Lights
  • A switch

Kayak Lights Installation: Installing Yak Power Button Style LED Lights

In this article, I’ll be sharing the process of installing button style LED lights from Yak Power. These lights are a great option for folks who want to minimize drilling and still get a super bright LED. For the install on my kayak, I decided to go with the Green lights. I wanted to put two on the outside of the hull and two on the inside so that I could see inside the kayak while fishing at night or during the early morning hours.

To power my lights, I’m using a 12-volt 15 mah LFP Bioenno Power battery with a marine grade fuse block. Yak Power does offer their own fuse block accessory but if you’re familiar with basic wiring, you can save yourself some money by building your own. As you can see in the photo below, the fuse block is attached to the waterproof container where the battery is stored. By no means am I a master with wiring but this option works great and has room to expand if I decide to add more electronics.

Kayak Lights Installation(4)

This battery is also used to power my fish finder.

To get power to the fuse block, you’ll need to run a wire from the positive and negative terminals on the battery to the appropriate terminals on the fuse block. While you’re working on this, be sure to remove a fuse from the slot you’re looking to add to, otherwise you’ll be going through a lot of fuses while you get your connections set up.

Once the battery and fuse block are set up, determine where on your kayak you want to install your lights. If you’re looking to use the button lights from Yak Power, you’ll need everything in the photo below.

Kayak Lights Installation(3)

One of the best features of the Yak Power button lights is that they are threaded and do not require a backing plate to securely fasten to your kayak’s hull. This makes installation in some of the harder to reach areas of you kayak possible and take a fraction of the time. Connected to the light is 12-feet of wire which should be more than enough to make it to your power source. The Yak Power products use an auxiliary style connector, similar to headphones, to plug into the included adapter. A drill bit is also included in the kit to ensure the proper size hole is drilled.Kayak Lights Installation(5)

Once you have a hole drilled and the lights securely in place, you’ll need to connect the lights to the included adapter.

This adapter is great and ensures that two lights will be powered on at the same time and controlled with a single switch. A big piece of advice for anyone attempting this install, the wiring on these quick connect adapters was reversed for me. When I connected the Yak Power adapter to another, the polarity was reversed meaning the red wire was actually negative and the black was positive. It took me about three blown fuses to figure this out. I’m not sure if this is done intentionally but I hope sharing this helps save you the headache.

Once the quick connect adapter is attached to the lights, use a wire stripper/crimper to strip and attach battery connections to the end of the wire and fasten the negative to the fuse block and the positive to your switch. Once the positive wire is run to the switch, run an additional wire from the switch to the fuse block. This switch should be in between the wire from the lights and the fuse block, which allows it to cut power to the lights and function as a switch. Once connected to the fuse block, add the appropriate fuse and press your light switch. Hopefully your lights turn on and look like this.

Kayak Lights Installation(2)

These lights look small but they are extremely bright and are plenty for early mornings and late nights.

Kayak Lights Installation(1)

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    Merle Forester says:

    Looking to install 4 green micro button lites into the hull of my Eddyline C-135, my concern is if they are on the very bottom of the hull, will they become a issue when I load and unload the kayak onto the top of my van, sliding the kayak across the roof rack tied on kayak/canoe pads ???


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