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Kayak Fishing Apps | The Top 5 Kayak Fishing Apps

There has never been a better time to be a kayak angler. Advances in the design of kayaks and their accessories have provided all kinds of advantages for the kayak angler. To go along with kayaks and their accessories, developers have created kayak fishing apps that put a whole world of information within the palm of our hands. 

This work has resulted in powerful applications that allow anglers to access all kinds of information, log information about their trips, connect with other anglers, hold kayak fishing tournaments, and more. Here are my top 5 fishing apps.

Kayak Fishing Apps #1: ANGLR

You’re most likely reading this article on the ANGLR website, so let’s address the obvious concern right off the bat. I write for ANGLR but I’m not obligated to include this app on my list. The ANGLR app is rated at the top of this list because of my own usage and experience.

I first heard about this app at the 2019 KBF National Championship. During that time a friend gave me an ANGLR Bullseye and I started using it immediately. At first, it seemed like the app was more of a tracker, something that you turned on at the start of your trip to see where you went. That seemed interesting to me but not really enough to get me using it all the time. 

When you add the ANGLR Bullseye, the app becomes an all in one fishing experience, allowing you to log your trips, plan future trips, and check current weather conditions. The folks at ANGLR are hard at work as you read this, adding new features to the app itself while increasing the functionality of the Bullseye. 

Kayak Fishing Apps(1)

With this app, I’m able to look back through fishing trips and remember what the conditions were like and what the fish were biting the last time I was there. 

I’ve intended to start a fishing journal for years and with the ANGLR app, I’ve finally done that. With this app, I can track every spot that I’ve fished, every location that I’ve caught a fish, and with the new updates, track the equipment I was using when I made the catch. This app, along with the Bullseye, has changed how I fish.

Kayak Fishing Apps #2: TourneyX

If you’ve ever competed in a kayak fishing tournament, then you’re probably well aware of what the TourneyX app is. If you’re unfamiliar, TourneyX is an online fishing tournament management application that allows anglers to compete in tournaments without requiring them to bring fish to weigh in. 

The app works like this, you catch a fish, place that fish on a measuring device in accordance with your clubs rules. Take a photo of that fish then upload that photo to the app. Once the photo is uploaded, it’s reviewed by judges who determine that the fish is a legal catch or not. These tournaments typically go by overall length and use a unique identifier code and GPS location in order to prevent cheating.

Kayak Fishing Apps(2)

This app has changed how fishing tournaments are run and for kayak fishing tournaments in particular, has completely changed the game. 

If you get a chance, check out TourneyX’s site and their social media pages, Dwayne Walley is always sharing new updates and features that they’re trying out in order to improve the app and its service. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into an app like this and it really benefits kayak anglers everywhere!

Kayak Fishing Apps #3: Navionics

One of my favorite things about kayak fishing tournaments is the number of places I’ve fished that I wouldn’t have otherwise. A major challenge with this is not always having the time to pre-fish or scout out a body of water before a tournament. 

This is where Navionics comes in. If you’ve never heard of Navionics, think of it as a Google Maps on steroids, for water. Navionics offers maps for bodies of water that displays depth, hazards, and other markers on the water. This resource can easily be the difference between catching fish and not. There have been countless times where I’ve spotted a drop-off that looked interesting, gone to that spot, and found fish.

Kayak Fishing Apps(3)

The number of details on these charts can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t fish without checking Navionics first.

Kayak Fishing Apps #4: Scoutlook Fishing

Scoutlook fishing is an app that I’ve used on and off for the past few years. It’s a great app for really breaking down weather and how it could impact the fish and what they’ll be interested in. To be completely honest, I don’t use this app much anymore due to the recent additions to the ANGLR app, but Scoutlook is still a trusted back up.

Kayak Fishing Apps(4)

This app has changed quite a bit over the years and now seems to have settled on the weather as a focus, offering some great detailed forecasts.

Kayak Fishing Apps #5: Fishidy

Fishidy is a great platform for anglers to find fishing hot spots while breaking down the water. Known as a map based social fishing app that allows anglers to network their data with others, it’s a great way for anglers to find a honey hole. I have to admit, I’ve found myself obsessing over this more than a couple of times. 

Nevertheless, this app connects anglers from all over the world and lets you follow along on their adventures and fishing trips.

Kayak Fishing Apps(5)

This app offers many great features that will get you acclimated to a body of water in a hurry.

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