Kayak Bungee Deck Kit

Kayak Bungee Deck Kit | Installing a Kayak Bungee Deck Kit

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Every kayaker likes to set up their kayak in their own way but one of the most common storage accessories is the bungee cord. It’s easy to overlook the value of a bungee cord on kayaks because they seem like such a side note, but they play an important role in providing secure storage for all of your gear when out fishing for the day or even a multi-day trip. Installing a kayak bungee deck kit on the deck or other parts of your kayak can seem intimidating, but like other kayak accessories, they’ve come a long way. 

More often than not, your kayak will come with bungee cord pre-installed or at least have mounting points added. If your kayak is an exception to this, don’t fear, there are plenty of options available for any application.

Kayak Bungee Deck Kit: Finding the Right Mounting Points

Many kits come with everything you’ll need to install the kit. Before starting the install, you’ll need to take a look at your kayak and determine where mounting points can be installed without affecting the way your kayak performs or worse, creating a leak. Flat spots on the top of the kayak deck work best.

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Next, figure out how you want to configure the bungee cord. Most kits are designed to have the cord running from one side to another, back and forth in order to make sure there’s a good amount of tension that will keep your gear secure. Depending on the kit you select, you may need to rivet the guides to your kayak or in other kits, screw them in. Before you fasten the guides, position them where you think they’ll work best in order to visually inspect if their locations are correct and will work the way you want. When you have them in position, use a marker or a pencil to mark where holes will need to be drilled into the kayak.

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Kayak Bungee Deck Kit: Drilling the Mounting Points

Now onto the drilling. A big word of caution when drilling into a kayak, be sure that your drill settings are turned down. The plastic of a kayak is relatively soft and easy to get through, you won’t need the full power of the drill. Using the full power could lead to the drill causing unintended damage to the hull of the kayak, the last thing you want is a crack in your hull.

Once the hulls are drilled, fill each hole with a marine-grade sealant and then place the mounting points over the holes. Once everything is in place, start putting the screws or rivets into place. If using screws, get the first screw started but don’t tighten it all the way down. This helps prevent alignment issues and potentially making the drilled hole larger than needed. Using the sealant will help secure the screws or rivets and will ensure that water does not leak through the mounts.

When you’re finished securing the bungee mounting points, you can run your bungee cord through the mounts as you like. Once you’ve got everything the way you want it, secure the bungee cord with a knot and you’re ready to go! It’s that simple.

Adding accessories to a kayak can be nerve-racking, but be sure to follow the directions that come with the kayak bungee deck kit you select and you won’t encounter any issues!

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