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Kayak Anchors | The Top 3 Options for Kayak Anchors

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One of the biggest advantages to fishing from a kayak is the opportunity to fish spots that boats cannot reach. While this is a big advantage, kayaks also tend to be more susceptible to any wind that may be in the area. When sight-fishing it’s essential that your kayak is able to stay on the spot, giving you the right vantage point and out of a fish’s sight. The most effective way to do this is with kayak anchors. 

Traditionally when we think of an anchor, we picture big pieces of metal that are tossed over the side of a boat making a big splash. For kayak anglers, there are plenty of options that are more subtle, light-weight, and easy to manage. Here’s my top three.

Kayak Anchors: Power-Pole Micro Anchor

For years, Power-Pole has been a major player in the bass boat industry, reconceptualizing the concept of an anchor. A Power-Pole is essentially an electric motorized stakeout pole. The original version was designed to keep bass boats in place while fishing. Fast forward a few years later and Power-Pole adapted this technology for kayaks and other small boats. 

The set up is really straight forward. All you have to do is attach the base to your kayak and run a power wire or connect the optional battery pack and you’re ready to go. The Power-Pole Micro Anchor is by far the most expensive option on this list but if you ever get a chance to ask someone who owns one, they’ll confirm it’s worth every penny.

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Cory Dreyer on the water waiting to deploy his PowerPole Micro anchor. Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing

The major advantage to the Micro Anchor is the quiet operation and wireless remote. Using a remote prevents anglers from having to deal with ropes and other areas to tie-down and with a click of a button your kayak is secured on a spot. The stakeout pole is designed well and is extremely strong and durable.

Kayak Anchors: K4x Kayak/Canoe Anchor

The K4x Kayak/Canoe anchor is specifically designed with the fishing kayak in mind. This anchor is extremely lightweight and folds up to avoid taking up too much space on a kayak. Weighing in at under 2-pounds, the K4x is designed to dig into the ground underwater and keep you securely on a spot. 

This anchor option is extremely effective when using an accessory such as an Anchor Wizard which makes deploying and retrieving an anchor extremely easy. Simply wind the handle to bring the anchor up and reverse to deploy it. The mechanism is very quiet and super simple to use.

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There are other options like the K4x, like the DaBomb anchor which operate very similarly when paired with the Anchor Wizard.

Kayak Anchors: Traditional Folding Anchor

This third option is on the list due to its simplicity and affordability. A folding anchor can vary in weight and comes in a 3-pound size that’s perfect for any kayak angler. Not only is this option super affordable but it’s also extremely simple to use. This option simply needs a rope and a tie-down point somewhere on your kayak. You’ll want to select this spot carefully to avoid having your anchor tip you over but other than that, it’s ready to go.

The beauty of kayak fishing is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Depending on your style and how you like to rig your kayak, there are plenty of options for you!

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