How to Use ANGLR to Create a Pattern While Kayak Fishing

If you’ve read any of my previous articles, you already know where I stand when it comes to the benefits of using the ANGLR app. In many of those articles, I share how I use the app to keep a historical record of trips and how the fishing was on that given day. 

Something I have yet to write about is how the ANGLR app can help you in real-time while you’re still on the water. 

I used to think that using a depth finder or any technology of that kind in a kayak was a waste of time and money. Over the years I’ve come to realize the value and power of having quality technology and electronics at your disposal. Currently, I live in New Hampshire but am part of a club in Maine. Most of the trail events are at least two hours away which I don’t mind, but it does limit the amount of pre-fishing I am able to do. To get around this, I rely on my fish finder, Google Maps, and the ANGLR app

It’s extremely helpful to be able to see a layout of a body of water that I’m about to fish. 

How I Use the ANGLR App

The ANGLR app offers some key features that allow me to figure things out and make adjustments in real-time while on the water. First, alongside the Bullseye, I’m able to see where I’ve been, where I’ve caught fish and what gear I’m using. Everyone has had those events where things just don’t add up and while you’re in the moment, it’s hard to take a step back and objectively figure out what you’re doing wrong or what should be adjusted. 

Tracking what I’m doing, using, and catching in real-time allows me to take a breath, look at the app and try to figure out what I need to change in order to turn my day around. 

A great example of this was one of my last events of this season. I had just purchased a new Bonafide SS127 along with a Torqeedo motor. This setup was very new to me and I was still getting used to how everything worked and how to best operate with that setup. I’d pull up to spots, land a fish or two then move on. Towards the middle of the day, I found myself without a limit and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I grabbed my phone and started looking at the maps in the ANGLR app for some ideas. What I found was a bunch of lines all over the place, indicating that I had been moving from spot to spot all day without taking the time to find fish. 

After realizing that I was moving around too much, I started to take my time on spots that looked good. 

After a bit, I started catching more fish, sometimes multiple fish on the same spot. This is what I was missing while being distracted by my new boat and motor. Once you get into the habit of using the app and bullseye, you won’t even notice it and will find yourself with all kinds of helpful information that can make the difference between a good and bad day on the water.

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Adam Rourke is a bass angler with over 10 years of tournament fishing experience. About eight years ago, he shifted his focus to the sport of kayak bass fishing which led him qualifying for the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship in 2018 and 2019.

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