How to Improve After a Trip with ANGLR

How to Improve After a Trip with ANGLR

One of my favorite things about the ANGLR app and accessories, specifically the Bullseye, is just how versatile the combination can be. ANGLR puts powerful tools and information at the fingertips of anglers. The best part, everyone uses the app and information differently and I find it really fascinating. All of that being said, here’s how I use ANGLR to improve my fishing.

Record Keeping

With social media constantly showing anglers catching new records and other monster fish, it’s easy to deny the reality that some days we go fishing and it just doesn’t go our way. One of the aspects of fishing that intrigues me is that we can plan and prepare until the cows come home but at the end of the day, the fish ultimately decide if we’re going to have a good day of fishing or not. This being said, when those not so good fishing days take place, I put a positive spin on them as there’s always something to be learned from a day on the water, especially the bad days. 

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Whenever I get home from a slow day of fishing, I always sync my data with the ANGLR app and start breaking down the spots I fished. 

I’ll use the maps to get an idea of what the water was like in terms of depth, drop-offs, and location overall. Even with my Torqeedo, I’m typically not able to cover an entire body of water in one trip so this information provides a crucial starting point for the next. 

Simply reviewing your fishing spots isn’t enough to get the entire picture. Luckily, the ANGLR app tracks your catches and waypoints as well as the weather and water conditions so that you can have a detailed account of what the day was like. Lakes and ponds are not the same from one day to the next and weather patterns can create really good or really bad fishing. 

After repeated trips to the same body of water, the ANGLR app will provide you with a wealth of information including where fish are consistently located and how they behave and react due to weather and water conditions.

Tracking My Gear

One of the more recent additions to the ANGLR app is the ability to track the gear that you’re using at any given time while on the water. Supported by the ANGLR Bullseye, anglers can easily update the rod and reel they’re using while also adding the lure that’s tied on. 

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This allows anglers to remember not only where they caught fish but what the fish were biting on a given day.

As much as I like to think my memory is on point, I’ve come to realize that the moment after I catch a fish, I start losing details around exactly how it happened. The more time that passes, the more those finer details start to fade. Those details and that information overall is so valuable for us as anglers to learn from. Thanks to the ANGLR app, we can now easily record our trips and use the information to elevate our fishing skills and abilities.

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