FishUSA 5 Live Shootout

FishUSA 5 Live Shootout Presented by Cashion Rods

There is something new happening in the kayak fishing community. With tournaments brought to almost a complete standstill, people are finding more and more ways to remain competitive and in the public’s eye. For the past couple of weeks, Scott Beutjer Fishing has hosted the FishUSA 5 live shootout presented by Cashion Fishing Rods.  

Five anglers are chosen to fish (by invite only), in the no-entry-fee events for a $1000 prize. In addition, Rogue Fishing Co. has put a $250 BIG BASS BOUNTY on the table to sweeten the pot.  The live events give anglers and their sponsors some air time amidst all of the social distancing; also allowing the rest of us to follow along online.

FishUSA 5 Live Shootout | Format

The 5 Live Fishing Facebook page sets the format; 

“These five anglers will launch from five different states across the country at 9 am (ET) on their chosen body of water. They will have thirty minutes until lines in, from there it will be a two-hour shootout in the best five fish format (CPR).  The live stream hosted will broadcast all of the action live, with play by play commentary and on the spot angler interviews. Anglers have been given instructions to fish any body of water they choose as long as they are able to broadcast the YakAttack Camera View.”

Those who have competed so far have had great things to say about the format, but also admit that it can be extremely different when compared to a normal tournament. The winner of the first event, who had his limit in no time at all, Derek Brundle of Massachusetts, said that the event was “2 hours of heart-pounding, gut-wrenching pressure that either works out or it doesn’t.”  From his finish, I would say that it worked for him during the initial event where he took the first check back up north. He was paired with anglers Jody Queen, Josh Stewart, Jamie Broad, and Casey Reed.

Brad Case, a Mississippi angler who took home the win during the second live event, also commented about the pressure of an online event. “It is a whole different style of tournament to fish. Just two hours. And the stress is there.  You have to fish like there is no tomorrow”, while Alabama’s Tim Perkins shared Brad’s mentality that there are no second chances. “That’s basically it. Your swinging for the fence, base hits don’t count! You got to be on fish and your regional area has to be lined up as well.” These two anglers battled Jamie Denison, Dylan Fuqua and Mike Elsea.

We all fish tournaments, but they span an entire day or days. The 5 Live format has it narrowed down to a very specific timeframe.  

Jamie Broad of Louisiana said of that short window to fish; “It was the fastest-paced 2 hours of fishing I have ever been a part of. I can’t wait to do it again.

FishUSA 5 Live Shootout | Preparing For These Events

So how do you get ready for the events? A couple of Virginia guys, Jody Queen and Casey Reed, shared similar views. Jody, always a solid angler, thinks “the strategies are different for the anglers. Do you go for a quick small fish limit or swing for the fences?” Casey thought that those decisions are the most critical.  

“This two-hour format leaves no room for mistakes. Makes your decisions so much more valuable.”

But, Indiana angler Mike Elsea believes that flexibility is just as important. “It’s a 2-hour mental test.  You gotta be on your game and be able to make decisions instantly.

The format with multiple venue(s) comes with challenges. Putting five anglers on five bodies of water in different states, then tying all of that together for a live presentation is not simple. Perkins and Queen were quick to point out some lessons to future competitors. Tim wants to remind them that “phone signal is probably the most overlooked factor!” Jody shared his thoughts on this too; “don’t forget also that you are at the mercy of your phone signal.

FishUSA 5 Live Shootout(1)

Event three is already lined up and as the anglers learn more about camera angles and how to manage their time; these events are only going to get better. Y’all make sure to check out the next round featuring Cory Dreyer, Matt Ball, Jaxton Orr, Mel Ashe, and Dusty Yakker. It is sure to be a good one as one more person wins a spot in the championship!

FishUSA 5 Live Shootout(2)

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