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Fish Bump Board | The Top 3 Kayak Measuring Boards

When kayak fishing tournaments started using the Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) format, a consistent and accurate kayak measuring board was needed. In the early days, the main fish bump board used was the Hawg Trough. The Hawg Trough was great; it was light, cheap, and reliable. 

As tournaments progressed and expanded, other options have arrived offering many advantages and differences from their predecessors. While these measuring boards may not seem all that flashy, you can’t win a tournament without them, so take the time to pick out the option that works best for you.

Fish Bump Board #1: Ketch Board

I can still remember getting ready for the 2018 KBF National Championship and seeing the advertisements for the lime green KBF Edition Ketch board. At first, I saw a really expensive Hawg Trough, but after getting my hands on one in person, all of those assumptions went out the window. 

The Ketch Board is KBF and Hobie approved for their tournaments and is one of only a few approved measuring boards for these events. One thing I hear all the time from fellow anglers are comments about the price of the Ketch Board. At first glance, it is expensive. When you consider how many plastic boards you break over the years, it ends up being about two and a half of those and trust me, your Ketch Board isn’t going to break.

Fish Bump Board(1)

The first thing you’ll notice about a Ketch Board is the quality. 

Each Ketch Board is made of milled aluminum, there’s no question that this board is going to last a lifetime. If you’re someone who’s into a specific color, Ketch offers custom colors and engravings allowing anglers to build their own unique design or represent their local club. The quality of the powder coating applied allows great visibility of the measurement lines making the judge’s lives much easier.

Fish Bump Board(2)

Now, with that build quality, comes a less than buoyant product, so be sure to grab a Neverlost Leash to protect your investment. 

Ketch Boards are 100% American made, and if you ever get a chance to chat with some of the folks from Ketch, you’ll know you’re getting the absolute best quality product. Grab yourself a Ketch board, you won’t regret it!

Fish Bump Board #2: YakGear Fish Stik

The YakGear Fish Stik is a natural evolution from the classic Hawg Trough, constructed out of more durable plastic and being able to fold closed to be stowed safely out of the way. A bit of a disclaimer before going on too far about the Fish Stik, be sure to purchase the KBF and KATS approved versions of this product if you plan to use it for fishing tournaments. These boards have darkened markers and numbers making it easier for judges to review fish. 

Fish Bump Board(3)

Another key advantage to this product that should not be understated, it floats!

Fish Bump Board #3: Hawg Trough

The Hawg Trough is an absolute staple of any competitive kayak angler. I would be willing to bet that every kayak angler who competes in tournaments has had a Hawg Trough at one point in time throughout their career. 

Fish Bump Board(4)

The Hawg Trough is a cheap and reliable option for anglers of all levels and can even be customized for additional strength or to help it float in case it finds itself overboard. 

There’s not a whole lot to the Hawg Trough other than its a cheap and reliable measuring board for CPR tournaments.

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