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Hands-On Review of the Feelfree Lure 11.5 Fishing Kayak

Owning a Feelfree Lure as my first fishing kayak is a lot like getting a corvette as your first car. Being a new driver, you really don’t even have the experience necessary to fully appreciate everything that it is capable of. But, that’s the situation I have found myself in and I am very thankful and happy to share it with you. 

In June of 2019, I knew I wanted to get into a kayak and I knew I wanted to get into one that would be able to grow with me as I learned how to fish from a kayak. I did a TON of research and you can read more about my final list of kayaks and the complete selection process in my off the bank series here

The Feelfree Lure 11.5 is an Incredibly Fishingable Kayak

This post is going to provide a brief outline of what I have liked (and disliked) most about my Feelfree Lure 11.5 fishing kayak. I’ve spent three months fishing out of the kayak an average of once a week and I could not be more excited to share this experience with you. 

I am just going to provide a call-out list of my favorite things in no particular order to give you an idea of what has really tickled-my-fancy about this kayak so far. 

Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this fishing kayak to anyone, no-matter where their angling skill level and experience. It’s a blast to fish from.

What I Love About the Feelfree Lure 11.5 Fishing Kayak

The Wheel in the Keel

The wheel in the keel system that Feelfree has patented is very useful. Simply grab the molded front handle and lift to about waist height and you’re ready to roll.


The wheel is fully engaged and rolls extremely well. I LOVE not having to mess with a taxi or kayak cart of any kind. I simply roll my kayak over to my car. Throw it on top. Drive. Take it off. And roll it to the water. It’s so simple, fast, and easy. I love this feature.

The Seat

First, this is a very comfortable seat and this was important to me when selecting my yak. I planned to spend a lot of time in it. Second, it’s extremely easy to adjust. I’d say it’s the most simple and easy seat to adjust on the market. There’s a small red strap towards the bottom front of the seat that hangs. I simple grab it and pull the seat up or give it a quick yank directly upwards to drop it lower. It’s so easy and simple.

Feelfree Lure

Why does this matter?

Because I love the ability to transition from high to mid to low seat settings throughout my fishing trips.

Why does that matter?

Because if I am in current or in wind, it’s very nice to be able to drop the seat super quickly and have a lower center of gravity and more aerodynamics to efficiently paddle. When I get to a spot I can quickly transition to a higher position for better fishability. It’s just awesome. 

The Appearance

This thing just looks cool. I love the unique desert camo mold that this kayak comes in. It has a nice and flat profile that just looks lean and mean compared to many of the other kayak hulls on the market. There are some very tall profiles out there. This kayak just looks clean, hydrodynamic, and stable. And, it is.

feelfree lure 1)

I simply love how this thing looks.

The Versatile and Removable Center Pod Console

As your on the water it’s very convenient to have this accessible and water sealed pod to keep valuables, chargers, phone, keys, etc. Feelfree has designed this center pod to be very flexible in use. It comes with pre-drilled and sealed holes to run wires for electronics or transducers.

It’s also very easy to remove if you’d like for storing.

I have mounted a Ram Mount X-grip to the top of mine where I keep my phone running the ANGLR app while fishing. I keep a power bank inside the main compartment and run a lightning cable up through their pre-fabricated hole. It works extremely well. I just throw my Iphone on the mount when I hit the water and I am ready to go without having to worry about power. In the future, I can even swap this pod out for the Feelfree pedal drive system. 

Feelfree Lure (2)

The Walkable Deck and Overall Layout

This one is pretty straightforward. There is plenty of room between the seat and where the center pod and elevated bow begin. I can take a few shuffle steps easily for rotating while standing in this boat without running into space issues.

Feelfree Lure (3)

I like how it’s a nice clean and clear area for standing.

I feel everything is where it should be. Rear stern storage is also very well laid-out and I can quickly access tackle and other items with plenty of storage. 

The Stability

This was very important to me as I knew I wanted to be fishing standing up often. I love to power fish and there’s just something about power fishing and covering water that doesn’t feel right sitting down. You get extra visibility for sight fishing as well when you’re standing.

This kayak feels very stable when I am standing. I go from sit to stand in this kayak constantly. Oftentimes I don’t even use anything to stabilize myself when transitioning and stand up completely un-assisted. This kayak handles all my fumbling around on my feet, rotating while standing, rookie hook-sets and all my shenanigans with ease. The hull design is very stable for standing yet it wants to move in the water. I love it.

Feelfree Lure (5)

The Built in Paddle Storage

When you’re done paddling and need somewhere quick and easy to stow your paddle, having a quick and easy place to put it is incredibly important. Think about how often you will switch from paddling to casting and you’ll have a good understanding of why this is.

Feelfree nailed their built in paddle storage.

They placed two built in locations on either side of the kayak where the paddle rests perfectly on a molded perch that is perfectly integrated into their molded handles. You can quickly secure the paddle into this slot with a built in bungee that is easy to fasten with one hand. I use this feature constantly and I have really grown to appreciate the thoughtful design.

Feelfree Lure (6)

The Molded Handles

Now, you don’t really think about handles as one of the big features of your kayak until you try to move said kayak. These things aren’t a powder puff to throw around. They have some girth. After loading this thing on top of my Ford Explorer and then unloading it the first time, I was incredibly grateful for the nice molded style handles that Feelfree provides on all four sides of this kayak. They are solid, convenient, and absolutely essential after hauling this thing around for the past three months.

Feelfree Lure (8)

Lots of Goodies Come Stock

Rod mounts. Adjustable foot pegs. Rear storage bungees. Crate straps. Rod leashes. Seat storage pockets. Tackle box storage inlays and bungees. Paddle management. Handles. Tracking. 

Feelfree Lure (9)

What I Don’t Love About the Feelfree Lure 11.5

Nothing is perfect. After fishing in this boat for the past three months, here’s the things that I’d change if I were Feelfree.

The Seat Upper Back Support Isn’t the Best

The upper seat support seams to hit your back a little bit lower in the lumbar area than it should. It can cause some discomfort after spending six hours or more on the water. Feelfree does sell an upgrade to fix this issue and I will most likely be grabbing the upgrade. 

The Standing Strap

This kayak (and many others on the market) comes with a strap to help you stand from sitting position. It is attached to the deck right in front of the removable pod in the Lure. I found this to be completely unnecessary and it mostly gets in the way. I removed it after the first two uses. Not a big deal at all. Just not something I loved. 

Tracks Need Adapters

Another minor gripe that I have run into was the track system on Feelfree kayaks. They require an adapter in order to use many aftermarket accessories. This was easily fixed with a pack of adapters I got on Amazon, but it would be nice if they were just the standard track size that played nicely with most of the other big players in the aftermarket kayak accessory space. 

Front Bow Storage Cannot Fit Rods

I’d love to be able to store some rods in the sealed front hatch of this kayak, but I haven’t found a way to get them to fit properly. This would be a nice feature when transporting and storing the yak.

Final Warning… 

I have to warn you, if you’re thinking about getting into kayak fishing, it’s very addicting. Especially in a boat like the Feelfree Lure. I have found myself constantly thinking about the next time I can get on the water and where to take the kayak next. It truly is the best anti-depressant and stress-relief I have found. I truly feel free while I am on the water (see what I did there?).

To quote my buddy Shaye Baker…

“Once you go, you know. And now I know.”

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