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Top Fly Anglers You Should Be Following

There are a lot of long winded folks out there. Some of them have a lot of knowledge to impart, and some of them just like to shoot the breeze. So who should you be watching out for, and who should you be watching? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fly anglers and why you should be following them.

Devin Olsen

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Devin Olsen, self-proclaimed obsessed fly fisherman, co-founded Tactical Fly Fisher along with his partner Glade Gunther. He’s been fishing since the age of nine and has been competing since 2004. Last year marked his ninth consecutive berth as an angler for Fly Fishing Team USA. He finished with the individual bronze medal and was a member of the team that won the first team medal (silver) for USA at the 2015 world fly fishing championships in Bosnia. He’s been featured in the acclaimed Modern Nymphing Elevated, Beyond the Basics with Lance Egan.

Devin’s blogs are a good combination of modesty and useful information. He’s got a Bachelor’s degree in ecology and a Master’s degree in fisheries science and spent three years working as a fisheries biologist before taking on Tactical Fly Fisher as a full time business in 2017. That means he has a lot to teach us that goes way beyond just how to tie a tungsten taco egg (and why you shouldn’t avoid it!)

Tyler Cornett

Tyler Cornett of Rivers Edge Outfitters (REO)  may just be the next up-and-coming thing. A junior at Western Carolina University, Tyler has a good thing going. As a national fly fishing team member, Tyler co-founded his university’s fly fishing club. He’s put together countless tutorials for REO already (found on their YouTube Channel) and seems to have big things up his sleeve. Keep your eyes on this guy!

April Vokey

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April Vokey has been spey casting since the age of 18. She spent her early years watching instructional VHS tapes about how to cast, and now she hosts a popular fly fishing podcast called Anchored with April Vokey, where she interviews some of the most influential people in the fly fishing game. She believes that fly fishing is a sport for both genders. It “requires finesse, timing, passion, excitement, intrigue, and dedication – descriptives that are not sole features of either gender,” she says. “I urge women who have not given this sport a try to skip their next yoga class or hike. Tranquility or excitement, whatever it is that you’re looking for, why not follow Mother Nature to the river to find it?”

Her blogs bring on the finest fly fishing trips and adventures in the world.

She owns her own guiding service, flygal, specializing in Steelhead trips on British Columbia’s Skeena River, and is currently a member of the Patagonia ambassador team, where she is assisting in the design and direction of an upcoming women’s line of fishing apparel.

Hilary Hutcheson

Hilary Hutcheson grew up plodding around Montana’s Glacier National Park, where her father worked as a ranger for the National Park Service. She started fly fishing in the seventh grade, and by age 14, she had landed a gig with Glacier Angler. By 17, she was guiding fly fishing excursions. While in college, she earned her degree in broadcast journalism, which lead to a television news anchor position in Missoula, then one in Portland, Oregon.

Back in Montana again, she worked to create an outdoor marketing firm, Outside Media, and a network television show called Trout TV, which she hosts.

Pat Dorsey

Pat Dorsey is a Denver, Colorado based fly fishing guide that has been pursuing selective, Rocky Mountain trout for over 35 years. His vast knowledge and expertise makes him a true authority in the fly fishing industry. He generally posts a blog update about once a month with topics ranging from travel to tips on tippet selection

Anni Yli-Lonttinen

Anni Yli-Lonttinen is a fly fishing journalist and entrepreneur who’s been writing about fly fishing for about seven years. She started her own fly fishing business in 2014, Kajana Club. It offers fly fishing enthusiasts inspiration, courses, community, and help with international travel planning.

Chris Dore

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Chris Dore is a professional New Zealand fly fishing guide, writer, FFF casting instructor, SCOTT pro staff, and rep for Manic Tackle Project. He is a recognized freshwater fishing writer and has been a regular contributor to a number of New Zealand angling publications over the last 15 years. He believes that “life’s too short to not catch fish,” and takes a highly instructional and fun-filled approach to fly fishing.

Jeff Blood

Jeff Blood is not only a very well-seasoned steelhead angler with over 40 years of experience under his belt, he’s quite possibly one of the geniuses of the industry. He’s had the great fortune of fishing all over the world, and still favors Lake Erie as some of the best fly fishing he has found. He’s the famed inventor of the Blood Dot egg fly for steelhead, which he created in 1977 while still a college student, and developed Frog Hair tippet and leader material with Gamma Technologies. He’s also a managing partner of NetStaff, LLC, a netting device encompassing multiple tools for fishing. You can find his wisdom on many interviews, blogs, articles, and instructional videos across the net.


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