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Using Fishing Technology To Solve A Century Old Problem

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For centuries, collecting fishing data has been a real pain in the waders.

ANGLR has solved this problem with a free fishing app and arsenal of fishing tracking accessories.

Now, you have the ability to build fishing intelligence without interrupting the fishing experience. One click marks a catch. Two clicks marks a waypoint.

You don’t even have to touch your phone or fish finder.

Don’t leave it to luck. Plan, record and improve. Turn your data into insights using the ANGLR fishing intelligence platform.

This is a lot more than a feed of selfies and fishbra pics like those other apps.

You’ll have complete trip summaries from start to finish with GPS routes, waypoints, catches, conditions and more waiting for you in your profile. And remember, your spots are your spots. You decide when and who to share them with.

This is fishing intelligence for the future. This is your chance to become a better fisherman. Hassle not included.

We hope you enjoy the video, we had a ton of fun creating it with the entire team. Huge shoutout goes to Dave Lefebre, Orange Astronaut, and Danny Jones!

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