MONSTERBASS May Unboxing | What’s Inside My MB Box?

Every single month, I get a box full of baits delivered directly to my doorstep. Quite frankly, it’s like getting that Christmas morning feeling as I open my front door… whether that makes me a small child or not is still up for debate. 

Regardless of how you feel when you get a box full of bass fishing baits, a MONSTERBASS regional subscription box is a great way for an angler to improve their arsenal.

So, what comes in each box? Let’s dive in and unbox my May MONSTERBASS Northeast subscription box!

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #1: B8LAB Ultimate Strike Shad

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(1)

The first bait I got in my May MONSTERBASS box was a B8LAB Ultimate Strike Shad which is a medium-diving crankbait. It will work well between the 5-10 foot range. This should work really well in the post-spawn as the bass move out of the shallows and position on rip-rap banks or shallower rock piles where perch will be staging. 

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #2: Chasebaits Rip Snorter

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(2)

Up next was the Chasebaits Rip Snorter, which is a weedless swimbait with an underspin. This bait will excel as the bass feed on baitfish are grass or laydowns, or it can even do well in open water when the bass are schooling. This little 3.5” swimbait does a great job mimicking baitfish that are found on most bodies of water. 

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #3: Lunkerhunt Kraken Crankbait

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(3)

The second crankbait I received in my May box was the Lunkerhunt Kraken crankbait. This bluegill pattern crankbait is a bit more of a deep diver than the Strike Shad from above. I plan on throwing it around the initial drop-offs just outside of where the bluegill are spawning. This is where some giant bass will be laying in wait. 

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #4: Booyah Squelcher

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(4)

The Booyah Squelcher is a big profile buzzbait. This will be a great bait to throw as the water warms up during the post-spawn as the bass start to feed heavily on baitfish. A buzzbait makes a ton of noise and mimics a baitfish along the surface of the water. If you’re looking for some fun, explosive strikes, try out the Squelcher this season.

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #5: Super K Swim Jig

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(5)

To be honest, I’m really excited about this Super K swim jig. I love throwing a swim jig in the post-spawn when the bass are positioning around shallow cover like bushes or laydowns. These low profile jigs can also be great in river scenarios where you find a good current break. You can throw a swimbait or a craw style trailer on the back to mimic baitfish or crawfish. 

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #6: Gene Larew Biffle Bug

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(6)

The Biffle Bug is a classic in the post-spawn. Named and designed by professional angler, Tommy Biffle, these work really on a swing head jig in deeper water as the bass move off the banks in the heat of summer. These not only catch a ton of fish but some giants as well!

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #7: Rabid Baits Rabid Craw

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(7)

The Rabid Baits Rabid Craw is the perfect finesse bait to throw during the post-spawn. Now, this is clearly a crawfish style bait, so you’ll want to throw it around some rocks. I’m going to pair these with a Ned rig style head or shaky head and throw it on pressured bodies of water or on days where the bass are a little more finicky than normal. 

MONSTERBASS May Unboxing Bait #8: Sandbar Tackle Worm Hooks

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(8)

Last but certainly not least, some Sandbar Tackle EWG worm hooks. These are a pretty standard hook that can be used for most styles of soft plastics. Whether you want to throw a weightless senko or texas rig a creature bait, these hooks will get the job done. 

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your bass fishing arsenal this season, check out the regional subscription boxes from MONSTERBASS. Get baits that will work in your area delivered directly to your door. 

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(9)

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