Logbooks, Waypoints, And Patterns Using ANGLR With Dave Lefebre

Professional bass angler Dave Lefebre has been with ANGLR since the beginning. He has helped shape the idea into what it is today. Having the ability to measure, record, and improve with each and every fishing trip has changed the game for so many anglers. Here’s what Dave had to say about the progress thus far!

Dave Lefebre Using Logbooks To Find Patterns

Dave grew up tracking all of his fishing in a logbook with the ol’ pen and paper method. He attests that keeping an old fashioned log book just isn’t productive anymore. With so many years of fishing data, it can be nearly impossible to find a specific trip or snippet of data. But, he knows how valuable a logbook can be!

“Keeping a logbook is something everybody should do, it makes you better.”

With ANGLR, your logbook is tracked digitally in real time. Being able to mark waypoints and collect all of the data simultaneously is the way of the future! Dave admits that he was kind of a geek with his old fashioned logbooks. He tried to track everything so he could figure out why the fish bit. When he began to notice some days were better than others, he knew keeping track of everything was going to improve his fishing. Now, He uses the free ANGLR app as a logbook to track every piece of data he needs to constantly improve!

“I don’t need the notebooks anymore, it’s all digital. I can do all this stuff a lot quicker, I can research it quicker. It’s easy, automatic, and all in one place.”

For Dave, using ANGLR saves him an incredible amount of time, but he’s able to still learn just as much if not more through reviewing his data. With ANGLR, Dave can see all of his data in real time, right at his fingertips! There used to be a lot of things that went into figuring out why the fish were or weren’t biting, now it’s easy! It’s literally the click of one button!

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I am an avid bass fisherman and part of the ANGLR marketing team. I recently graduated from the Pennsylvania State University after being the team captain of the PSU Bass Fishing team for four years. I fish in tournaments nearly every weekend of the fishing season. I love to fish and have devoted my life to constant improvement with big goals to accomplish. I hope to help others improve and increase their knowledge along the way!

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