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Kayak Fishing Accessories | The Top 5 Accessories You Need

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Choosing your kayak fishing accessories is easily one of the most fun and interesting aspects of the sport. As companies continue to innovate and release new products, there are plenty of kayak fishing accessories on the market that make the life of an angler much easier. Here’s my top 5.

Kayak Fishing Accessories: Cal Coast Donkey Leash

If you’re a kayak angler who competes in tournaments, you’ll understand the importance of being able to manage your fish while you prepare yourself to photograph the catch. Previously, I used fish grips with some paracord attached to my kayak in order to keep my fish in the water.

Overall, fish grips are great, until you make the mistake that I did and grab them by the release handle. During the first hour of a tournament, while I was still waking up, I landed a decent-sized fish and prepared to photograph and measure. When I was ready, I reached down to retrieve the fish but without realizing it, I grabbed the release handle. In that moment, the fish and I made eye contact for about three seconds before it sped off. Now, this isn’t a knock on the product, this was my fault, but this is also when I decided to look for something more foolproof.

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During my search for a product that would protect me from myself, I discovered Cal Coast’s Donkey Leash. At first glance, the clip looks really small, especially compared to the fish grips. I did a quick search online to see how it worked and I was really impressed.

Unlike fish grips, the Donkey Leash is a plastic clip that goes inside of a fish’s lip and locks down. It doesn’t hurt the fish, it closes just enough so that the fish can’t get out of it. To secure the clip, it has plastic teeth that keep the clip closed. This is a huge advantage as it almost entirely eliminates the chance to accidentally release a catch. Ever since I purchased this product, I haven’t lost a fish. This product has completely reduced my anxiety about securing a fish off the side my kayak.

Kayak Fishing Accessories: Lowrance Hook2 7” Fishfinder

When I first started kayak fishing, I resisted having any electronics to keep my setup streamlined and simple. Since then, it’s become extremely easy to add a fishfinder to a kayak with minimal effort and modifications. Admittedly, I don’t know all of the ins and outs of fishfinders. So when I made a selection, I made sure to select a simple unit that was easy to use.

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I ended up with a Hook2 7” with the SplitShot transducer and maps.

This was my first time with anything from Lowrance but I haven’t regretted the decision for a second. The Hook series is really streamlined and user friendly. The model I selected has sonar, maps and down-imaging which is all I need. If you compete in tournaments, you know the value of being able to see what’s going on under the water. On those days where the fish don’t seem to be where you thought, a fishfinder can be your saving grace. The 7-inch screen is extremely clear, easy to read, and tells me everything I need to know about where I’m fishing. The basic features prevent me from overthinking while out on the water. If you’re looking for a reliable fishfinder, consider the Hook2 series.

Along with this great graph, I also use ANGLR’s fishing intelligence software on the water. Being able to track all of the data associated with my catches has changed the game for me! When paired with the ANGLR Bullseye, I gather all of that data with the click of a button. It’s something every kayak angler should look into!

Kayak Fishing Accessories: ForEverlast Generation 2 Net

If you’ve read my previous article on fishing nets, you already know how essential this accessory can be for ensuring you land a majority of your fish. As someone who isn’t the most coordinated, I need equipment that isn’t going to be easily lost should it venture over the side of my kayak.

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Knowing this, I discovered the Foreverlast Generation 2.

This net is really wide and covered in foam allowing it to float if it ends up in the water. The short handle is great for staying out of my way while casting or pedaling to the next spot.

Kayak Fishing Accessories: YakAttack Black Pak

The YakAttack Black Pak is something that I initially wasn’t interested in because of the price. At the time, I was using a basic milk crate to store my tackle and fishing rods. After a day of fishing in the rain, I discovered that all of my plano boxes were full of water. It was that day, that I decided to take the plunge and buy one.

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Right out of the box, it’s clear that this is no ordinary kayak crate.

It’s extremely sturdy and allows for all kinds of add-ons. It isn’t water tight but having a cover is a really effective way to keep all of your tackle stored and mostly dry. Occasionally, I use mine to mount a GoPro camera. It’s much easier to modify a plastic crate instead of modifying the hull of a kayak. While it’s not the most flashy accessory for your kayak, it’s an essential in my eyes.

Kayak Fishing Accessories: Ram Mounts

When it comes to adding accessories to my kayak, I try to avoid drilling at all costs. This was one of the many factors that lead to me purchasing a Hobie Pro Angler. The H-rail provides a really strong and reliable mounting point for a variety of accessories. When it comes to accessories, Ram Mounts cannot be beat. These mounts are extremely simple and strong, I never worry about them breaking. Currently, I use a Ram mount for my fishfinder as well as a mount for my phone. These products are really high quality and are super reliable.

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