How the ANGLR App Has Helped Me Improve | Tracking My Data and Gaining Insights

From year to year an angler’s main goal is to grow. To become smarter, more efficient, and generally be an overall better angler than they were at the start of the season. Anglers are able to accomplish this in various ways.

From trying new techniques, fishing new water and situations, some just add more time on the water overall, but generally it’s a combination of all these factors. I can attest saying that I used a combination of all three to further develop my abilities in 2019, but one thing that stuck out to me that really helped me up my fishing abilities over the year was the ANGLR app and the ANGLR Bullseye.

What is the ANGLR App and Bullseye?

With the ANGLR app and Bullseye, you are able to efficiently mark fish catches, mark waypoints, and various different fishing holding structures like rocks, ledges, grass lines, and other things you can find under the surface.

Now where this differs from your standard boat-mounted electronic, besides keeping your depth finder clean of cluttered waypoints, is the ANGLR app pairs those catches and waypoints with the extra data your depth finder does not collect like air temperature, water temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, water gage, and flow rate.

Pair that data with the various map layers and overlays and you’ve got a very complete informative, intelligent, and interactive fishing app.

How To Use That Data to Improve

Now all the things the ANGLR app can do is cool, but how did it make me a better fisherman?

Well, the app collects and holds a lot of information and in fishing, information is power. Bass fishing is very similar to reading a book. When you go fishing it is like you open the book to a random page and start reading (fishing). You could just start reading and try to put information together and figure out what is going on at the part in the book you opened to, but at times this can take longer than you may have time for.

Whether it’s a week for a tournament or a single day on the weekend, it can be hard to dial in exactly what’s going on (in the book, and on the water).

With the ANGLR app, you can use the information you’ve collected over the season or year and look for the patterns. This can help you fill in the areas of the book you haven’t figured out yet or simply speed up the curve to figuring out the story on how to catch and pattern the fish.

Get the App!

The ANGLR app helped me this year because I was able to jump into the book of fishing at any point and based off of the information I had from the past experiences in the app, I knew where I was and was able to fill in the information on how to catch fish.

This made me more efficient as an angler, decreasing the time it took to pattern fish and maximized the time I had to find and catch fish. It allowed me to catch more fish and in return become a better fisherman.

The most exciting thing I was able to learn about the Bullseye and ANGLR in 2019? The more you use it, the better and more useful the information gets.

I am so excited for kicking off my 2020 season and using the ANGLR app, because now I will get the experience of seeing multiple years of fishing data and how that data changes or remains constant over multiple years.

I believe the ANGLR app will help me have a better idea of what fish are doing on a given day this year before I even step on the boat and get out on the water.

The app paired with the Bullseye should be seen as a tool, and this tool is a great way to help you progress as an angler. I mean after all; the company is called ANGLR.

Remember, the more you put into using ANLR, the more you are going to get out of it, just like fishing. Tight lines & remember to take a kid fishing,

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