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Bass Fishing Forums Every Bass Head Should Know About

Sometimes you just need a place to hang out with like-minded people who share the same passion you do. Chances are you’re probably not surrounded in your day to day life with others who also have a desire to spend every waking moment out on the quiet waters with a rod in their hands.

They just don’t get it.

When you’re daydreaming about that upcoming trip to the Great Lakes, or pondering why your Pop-R topwater got you no results your last trip out, it’s nice to be able to churn it out with friends who know what they’re talking about.

Online forums are a great place to go to have real discussions with others that share a common interest. There are some great fishing forums available right at your fingertips, with fellow anglers who share your thirst for more.

We’ll take a look at a few of the best bass fishing forums out there.

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What is a Forum?

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Sometimes called a message board or internet forum, an online forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Each conversation topic is called a “thread”. Some conversations may contain a subforum, breaking a conversation down into smaller topics. Everyone has the ability to see each message and reply, in turn.

A forum gives the users a place to offer help and advice, and for professionals to lend their expertise, making some interactions a good learning experience. At the very least, it’s a place to go when you just want to talk shop with other anglers.

Forums are typically set up in a similar fashion, with the list of topics and subtopics available to choose from on the main page. Sometimes you have to watch what forum you subscribe to, as some are “dead,” or no longer active. People just aren’t using them anymore. They may still be a great place to research questions you have about technique or tackle, but not a good place for real-time discussion.

Bass Resource

Bass Resource is a pretty standard forum that offers a little bit of something for everyone, from a “General Bass Fishing Forum” thread to a “Fishing Flea Market” where members can sell or trade items. “Fishing Locations” are divided up by region so you can easily spot your favorite spots and report in, or research where you’ll be headed next weekend.

There’s an entire thread dedicated to tackle making with discussions on where to order supplies and how to modify a jig mold. For the off-season, there are even threads on hunting and shooting.

There usually tend to be between 250 and 350 users online, with new members joining daily and new posts offered within the minute.

Ultimate Bass

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Ultimate Bass is a great all-around forum and an extremely active site that offers the usual collection of rod and reel talk, “Catch of the Day” brag corner where you can boast about your hawg, and tourney connections. There’s even a place where local clubs are given an entire personal message board for member communications.

Their offering of boat talk far outshines any other forum in terms of exhaustive topics and discussion. If you’re looking to troubleshoot your Nitro 750 or chat about the best depth finders and GPS, there’s a place for you. There’s even an entire thread devoted to “Boating Safety” for a refresher course and information on life vests for both you and your kids.

The usual helpful “Bass Fishing Reports” for both U.S. freshwaters and international waters like Korea and Spain is a member favorite.

Ultimate Bass offers tons of giveaways and contests every month with contributors like X Zone Lures and Dobyns Rods. A special “New Members Contest” is released each month for any new member with less than two months of activity with a chance to win a special weekly drawing for a prize donated by Mr. Twister.

The site stays active, with activity logged within the hour, so you’ll always have new posts to stay on top of. There are consistently between 250-300 people on the forum at any given time, though their record was 6,877 back in July of 2012.

River Smallies

River Smallies is a bit of a more specialized forum catering to . . . . you guessed it. . . . . bronzeback. In addition to the typical threads on general discussions, watercraft, DIY lure making and rod building, and River Reports for each region, this site offers much more in the way of getting down and dirty with nature. They offer threads on kayak fishing, fly fishing, and river safety. “River Camping” is also a hot topic of conversation, as is “Conservation Talk.” If smallies are your go-to species, this is definitely the spot for you.

Conversations are generally updated daily. There’s no way to know how many members are active at any given point in time, though there seem to be new members joining monthly.

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The Bassholes

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The Bassholes has a wide variety of topics from a general discussion thread to a place you can brag about your own experience or share photos of your lunker. Especially helpful is the “Tips & Tactics” thread where you can dig into bass biology, and glean tips on different seasonal nuances.They include not only “State Fishing Reports” for every state in the continental U.S., but have an “International Fishing Reports” with info on Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and the UK.

There’s an entire thread dedicated to “Lure Crafting & Modification,” where the especially motivated can discuss techniques for twisting up their own spinners or pouring plastics. A unique offering on this site is “Women Bass Anglers,” though this thread hasn’t been active in over a year. An older thread titled “Weekly Topics” gave a venue for users to gather every Tuesday night and chat with others on a specified topic. Sadly, this hasn’t been active for several years. It would be great to see this restarted.

“The Bassholes Military Honor Roll” is a special thread dedicated to recognizing members who have served in the United States Military Forces.

Though it offers some unique qualities, this forum is not extremely active, with new posts within a few weeks of this article. There are typically between 20-40 people on the forum at any given time.

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Bass Fishing Forums By The Region

If you’re looking for something a little closer-to-home that caters to your particular geographic area of interest, there are plenty of smaller, regional forums available. They each offer many of the same amenities and features as their bigger brothers, but on a smaller, more local scale.

Great Lakes Bass is one such place, catering to the Great Lakes region with extensive information on just that area. Uniquely, they offer “The Pro’s Pond” thread with conversations driven by, and with some of the industry’s leading faces like Mark Zona of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show and tournament angler, Steve Clapper. Here, too, are special sections on “Bass Biology & Management,” “Conservation & Environment,” and “Legislation & Regulations.”

This forum is active, with posts typically happening within the hour, and about 100-150 users online at a time.

When you’re looking for a place to go to find up-to-date, useful, and helpful information, joining the online community of one of these best bass fishing forums is the way to go.

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