Learn over 100+ Kayak Fishing Tips from the Professionals

ANGLR is on a mission to make your life not only better but also easier. We know how much you love to be out on the water, enjoying the breeze, the sunshine, and the thrill of chasing down your next catch. You may even enjoy your friends fishing stories about what he caught last weekend.

We know because we do, too. So we’re aware of how precious your time on the water is and how limited that may be with life, school, job, kids, spouse, commitments, and other things in the way.

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your fishing experience, from offering you an all-inclusive app that allows you to plan, record, and analyze your fishing data, to providing you with some of the most comprehensive learning and continuing fishing education opportunities available.

There’s a new installment of ANGLR education available, and if you’re new to kayaking, a kayaking buff, or looking forward to giving fishing from a yak a try, our 100+ Kayak Fishing Tips From the Pros can give you the ANGLR edge you need.

Bringing our Kayak Fishing Experts Together

We’re not sure, but this very well could be the largest conglomerate of kayaking experts together under one webpage. Eleven of ANGLR’s most knowledgeable Experts and Expert Contributors gathered together to share their knowledge, tips, tricks, tidbits, and advice just for you!

No matter what it is you’re looking for: general knowledge, new ideas, or that tidbit of genius that’ll make your next trip out the best trip yet, they’ve bared their souls out on the line for you to soak up their knowledge.

“What Are Your Top Three Kayak Fishing Tips?”

Simple. Everyone has things that they just had to learn the hard way. These guys are paving the way for you so you don’t have to go through that uphill battle alone. They’ve each shared their top three tips for the most successful kayaking outing. If you’re looking for a fast education that’ll hone what you do and how you go about your game, here’s where you’ll find it.

That’s 33 bits of information . . . .  and believe it or not, they’re all different. You’re not going to find the same old trite, boring advice here. Be ready to soak up a wealth of information just in the very first chapter!

“How Do You Break Down a New Body of Water On a Kayak?”

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Sitting in your tiny vessel, staring out at the vast, wide expanse of a new lake may seem very daunting. You can’t get very far very quickly in a kayak. So just how do you break it down and figure out where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there? These guys take the guesswork out of it. They’ll tell you exactly how they each approach the new body of water experience.

“What Technology or Fishing Apps Do You Use?”

Kayak Fishing(2)

You’ve got limited space in the boat, but want to make the most of your outing. Tech is a must-have if you want to be sure you’re giving yourself the best chances of finding some big ones. These guys share with you exactly what tech they rely on when space is tight and stakes are high so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choices. They go through pieces like depth finders and handy smartphone apps.

It’s no surprise that almost 50% of these experts mention reaching for the ANGLR App and ANGLR Bullseye when they’re out on the water. That’s because most experts agree that the all-around convenience and prowess of that combination makes life on the water (and off) that much more efficient.

“What Are Three Pieces of Kayak Fishing Gear You Never Leave the Shore Without?”

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When you’re trying to decide what could make or break you out on the water, ANGLR’s taken all of the guesswork out for you. Short, sweet, simple. The kayaking experts tell you exactly what’s on their rig every time, no question.

“Any Last Pieces of Advice to Share?”

In case you didn’t already get enough genius with the previous chapters, there’s always just a little bit more to squeeze out.

Finally, just in case you didn’t already get your fill, we’ve included video links to rev your paddle and make your casting hand twitchy. ANGLR Expert Dave Lefebre, winner of the Kayak Bass Fishing Northeastern Open takes you over, around, and through his personal winning kayak. You can never have enough craft, right?

Kayak Fishing for Bass with Nolan Minor

We caught up with ANGLR Expert, Nolan Minor, right after he finished up a day of kayak fishing for bass. He’s interested in helping YOU learn the ropes of kayak fishing for bass. If you enjoy the peace and quiet of bass fishing with a few friends, without the added hassle of a big bass boat to haul around, you’ve got to give it a try.

Getting off the bank really opens up a lot of opportunities, especially in a kayak. It doesn’t really need to be an expensive one either.

“It’s a really good way to get into the sport more, because it is challenging to be successful at bass fishing if all you’re able to do is bank fish,” he says.

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Kayaking Fishing for Bass: Gear and Tricks

Some people use shorter rods for kayak fishing, but Minor doesn’t. He grabs the same type of gear he uses on his bass boat, just less of it.

“I do tend to try to consolidate stuff. When I’m in a bass boat, I have a rod set up for every bait, to allow for ease of choice and utility. But when you’re in a kayak, you can’t have 15 rods, so I might pick four. I’ll use three or four different baits.”

You’ve got to simplify your tackle and gear. “I try to take as little gear as possible because it makes it easier if you’re not shuffling around with stuff on the boat. If I’ve never been somewhere before, I’ll take more stuff because I don’t know what I’ll need.” You definitely want to pack light and consolidate, because it makes life a lot easier in the small space of a kayak.

Kayak fishing for bass (1)

There are certain presentations that are more challenging when fishing from a kayak. While you’re using the same baits, you do have to adjust your technique when power fishing. While you’re using moving baits like a spinnerbait or crankbait, the kayak will move towards it because of the drag of the bait in the water. “You have to learn how to account for that. You can almost use that bait as a trolling motor, allowing the pull of the bait to be your momentum,” he explains.

“It’s definitely a strange thing to get a feel for.”

Fishing a deep diving crankbait is almost impossible. “I’ve done it, but it’s really challenging because those baits pull so hard and there’s so much resistance there.” If you’re casting beyond a rock pile, by the time you retrieve your bait, you’re probably on top of the rock pile or even past it because of how hard that bait pulls.

Kayak Fishing for Bass: A Whole New Way to Fish Tournaments

Kayak bass tournaments are a whole separate sport when compared to bass tournaments in a boat. There are a few different organizations that offer the sport, one being Kayak Bass Fishing, (KBF). There are also a lot of state and regional level clubs that offer opportunities to compete. Kayak fishing tournaments are typically held on large lakes, which makes it difficult to quickly pick up and head someplace else.

The rules do allow anglers to load their kayak into their truck and head to a different spot, but it’s a huge difference from other bass tournaments. Kayak tournaments aren’t really something Minor plans to participate in. “As a tournament bass angler, participating in a kayak tournament is a big change for me.” He’ll stick to using the kayak as a great relaxation and escape tool.

ANGLR Expert, Dave Lefebre won $10,000 in a KBF kayak tournament on Lake Erie this past fall. There’s talk that 2019 will bring a professional kayak tour with substantial entry fees that will travel to lakes all over the country.

Some of the larger kayaks have little bait wells, but there’s no live well for keeping a fish. Kayak bass tournaments utilize a big ruler called a Hawg trough. It allows you to measure the fish, take a picture, and submit it for the tournament.

Kayak Fishing for Bass: Using Challenges to Your Advantage

On a windy day, the kayak will travel quite some distance, but when it’s not very windy, use that opportunity to be more thorough in your searching in an area, since you don’t have that freedom to crank up a motor and head somewhere else.

Since the kayak is built to easily move through the water, there are times when you need to alter how you’d normally do certain things. Take a hook-set, for instance. When you set the hook and as you’re fighting the fish, your kayak moves toward the fish, so you have to learn how to account for that.

“When I first started, I couldn’t figure out why I was losing so many fish. Sometimes you really do have to set the hook harder because your kayak moves with that pressure.”

Bass aren’t usually known for taking anyone for a ride, so getting pulled across a lake Scooby-Doo style shouldn’t be too high up your worry list. Minor has only ever really been taken for a ride once. “I caught my biggest fish ever on a kayak.” That was on Lake Anna back when he was in high school. “It was a 10-pound bass, and that one kind of took me around for a little bit because I caught it on a spinning rod, but that doesn’t usually happen.”

Learning to balance in a kayak isn’t usually that challenging, but sometimes you have to be careful. Minor has flipped his twice in his life. He recalls a time he was out drifting into a very small, narrow creek. He looked over his shoulder and found a spot he really wanted to cast to. He cast to that spot across his body.

“I got a bite immediately, and the way that I set the hook while I was standing since I cast behind me, I was in a really unstable position to try to set that hook, but I did it anyway.” Fortunately for him, this was the middle of summer, so being pitched out of his boat wasn’t that big of a deal.

Kayak Fishing for Bass is Worth a Shot!

kayak fishing for bass (2)

With kayak fishing, the number one rule is safety. Life jackets are important. They may save you when nothing else will. Let someone know when and where you’re going and when you expect to be back. Pack lightly to make your life much easier in your kayak.

It may be a good idea to not fish large bodies of water. Look for places that are off the map, off the grid. A large bass lake known for bass fishing may give you a tough time since you can’t really move around on the water very well. You’re pretty much stuck close to where you put in. “A big body of water is really overwhelming to fish from a kayak. Obviously, there are exceptions, but for anyone just getting into it, stick to smaller bodies of water like ponds, small lakes, and creeks. The smaller the better.”

Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 14 | Kayak Fishing with Tim Perkins

On this episode of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast, I have the pleasure of hosting kayak fisherman Tim Perkins. Tim is a three time River Bassin National Champion as well as a two time National Team Champion and has found great success in the kayak fishing niche. He has been successful enough to even design and use his own spinnerbait, the FadeBlade River Series.

Kayak Fishing  Kayak Fishing(1)














We started off the podcast by first talking about how he got to kayak fishing in the first place. Tim was a creek fisherman as a child. From there, he became a bass boat guy, fishing tournaments and finding success until the industry took over and he had to give it a rest for a few years. From there, he picked up kayak fishing after seeing an add for a new tournament series and has been hooked from there. He started out in a Wilderness Systems boat and hasn’t left them since.

Kayak Fishing(2)

All of his championships and high finishes have been out of his Wilderness yaks. We then began talking about how to go about getting into kayak fishing if you are new to the sport. He suggests not starting with the absolute base model kayaks but instead put a little more money into a basic fishing kayak and then build from there based on how much you enjoy your time on the water. We wrapped up by talking about how great the kayak community is and how willing they are to help others. Make sure to check out Tim and his sponsors as well as pick up one of his custom spinnerbaits!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 9 | Kayak Redfish With Eric Muhoberac

Welcome to Episode nine of the Fishing Intelligence Podcast! This week I am talking with one of the highest rated guides for kayak fishing in Louisiana, Eric Muhoberac! Eric is the owner of the Louisiana Kayak Company and has won the Guide of the Year award for his fish catching abilities out of a kayak. I had the pleasure of fishing with him during the ANGLR Tour and got my personal best 31” redfish out of a kayak on artificial bait!

Venice Louisiana Fishing

To see the cast to catch of this fish, check out Episode 16 of the ANGLR Tour!

Eric and I started off by talking about what makes Venice, Louisiana the fishing capital of the world. Inshore, you have some of the biggest, meanest redfish in the world and in less than an hour, you can be fishing for massive Blue Marlin that don’t even require a full offshore run. Combine that with a variety of other excellent saltwater game species such as flounder and massive speckled trout, and you can hit an inshore or offshore slam in no time.


The tidal flats of Venice are some of the most unique terrain in the fishing game and to say that it is overwhelming is an understatement. It takes years of learning and exploring to get comfortable on your own in these vast flats but once you learn them, Eric explained that patterning the redfish comes down to a few simple lure choices.

Venice Louisiana Fishing (1)

His best advice if you are going to be fishing for redfish, you absolutely need a gold spoon and a spinnerbait with chartreuse on it. The gold spoon is a true secret and Redfish weapon, catching more fish for Eric than any other lure he uses. He says that live bait is obviously a good option as well but for a truly unique experience, nothing beats tricking these beautiful giants into taking an artificial.

We finished up the podcast by discussing some of his favorite recipes for when he does want to take a few fish to the grill. The key is to work with fish on the smaller end of the slot and keep it simple. I wouldn’t recommend listening on an empty stomach, however, because these recipes will make you hungry! Make sure to check Eric out at the Louisiana Kayak Company on Facebook and Instagram and use him as your guide if you are in the area!

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Fishing Intelligence Podcast Ep. 2 | Kayak Bass Fishing With Cody Prather

On the second episode of Fishing Intelligence, I am talking with Cody Prather of Yak 4 It. Cody is a kayak fisherman as well as videographer and has mastered the kayak fishing in his home state of Texas. We started off by talking about his recent bass that almost went over the 10 pound mark, weighing in at 9.7 pounds! Just to make the story even better, he caught that 9.7 pounder on a topwater lure which is something that every bass fisherman dreams of.

Kayak Bass Fishing

Cody and I fished together during Episode 13 of the ANGLR Tour on Texas’s famed Sam Rayburn!

After telling me the story of this monster fish, Cody and I got into talking about some of the best gear that one can have with them while kayak fishing. We discussed all of the finer details down to line type and pound test. When you are kayak fishing, you don’t have the option to bring all of the gear you own, so it is important to work on keying into a few different setups that will allow you to throw the best variety of baits possible to get the job done.

Kayak Bass Fishing (1)


Another topic that we talked about was how kayak fishing forces the fisherman to learn the water better than a guy fishing out of a boat. When in a kayak, you don’t have the ability to pick up the trolling motor and run 15 miles down the lake to the next spot you think will produce. You have typically under 8 miles as a total range to really break down the area that you put in at. This causes the fisherman to hit each section of water and every possible fish holding location instead of just hitting the good looking patches and leaving. We finished up by talking some of Cody’s favorite lures and baits to use in Texas any time of the year. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out my ANGLR Tour episode with Cody!

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