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The Top 3 Bass Fishing Subscription Boxes For Serious Anglers

For anglers, there’s nothing better than new gear. Whether it’s rods and reels, a new spool of line, or a pile of baits, there’s a special feeling you get looking at your newest tools that are without a doubt going to help you catch more fish. 

I believe this is why bass fishing subscription boxes have jumped into the fishing scene and spread like wildfire. As a subscriber myself, I must admit, there’s really not a better feeling than walking outside to check the mail and seeing your box of brand new baits sticking out of your mailbox or sitting on your doorstep. It’s like having that Christmas morning feeling as you come downstairs to see all of the presents under the tree.

With that being said, there’s not much worse than opening your bass fishing subscription box and seeing a handful of ragtag baits that aren’t quite what you expected and probably won’t work in your area. So, to avoid that disappointment, I’m going to break down the top 3 bass fishing subscription boxes for you to check out.

Bass Fishing Subscription Box #3: The Super 6 Sack from 6th Sense

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Now, the guys and gals at 6th Sense clearly know what they’re doing. They saw a spike in bass fishing subscription box offerings and instead of joining with one of those options, they decided to put a spin on it and make one of their own. 

The Super 6 Sack may not be a box, but it is a monthly subscription where anglers will receive a sack of products for all water depths and colors that are great for lakes, rivers, and ponds. The lineup of baits at 6th Sense is nothing to scoff at either. Whether it’s hard baits, soft plastics, terminal tackle, jigs, or even rods, 6th Sense puts a ton of time into each product to make sure it’s tried and tested against the fish. 

The Standard Super 6 Sack sends you baits exclusive to 6th Sense each month for $22.99. They also offer a Premium Sack for $36.99/mo or a Tailored Sack for $42.99/mo with an approximate value of over $50 worth of product! 

The Super 6 Sack lineup is perfect for 6th Sense lovers or anglers looking to try a few of their products to see what all the hype is about. 

Bass Fishing Subscription Box #2: Mystery Tackle Box

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Mystery Tackle Box has been in the bass fishing subscription box game for years. Over the course of those years, they’ve refined their offerings based on skill level and species. These boxes come packed full of ‘mystery’ baits to help you catch your desired species based on what you fill out during the ordering process. 

They offer three tiers of monthly boxes. Regular at $19.99 (a $25 value), Pro at $29.99 (a $40 value), and Elite at $39.99 (a $60 value). Obviously, as you climb the tiers, you get more baits and higher quality baits to help you put more fish in the boat. 

As far as selecting the right box for you, the guys at MTB have broken down their box selection into four species categories: Bass, Inshore Saltwater, Panfish & Trout, and Walleye. Based on the selected category, you’ll receive baits to help you dial in the bite of your desired species.

Bass Fishing Subscription Box #1: MONSTERBASS

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The folks over at MONSTERBASS have really dialed in on the bass fishing subscription box and are offering anglers baits and gear to focus exclusively on bass fishing. They have taken the subscription box game to the next level by offering boxes based on your region of the country!

No more receiving baits that don’t apply to your lakes, rivers, and ponds. Each regional box is hand-selected by a professional angler who lives in your area! There’s not a much better feeling than opening your monthly subscription box knowing that each bait has been hand-selected based on the time of year and your region to help you catch more fish. 

MONSTERBASS offers two different boxes. The National Series at $25/mo (a $40 value) or their famed Regional Pro Series at $35/mo (a $50 value). The Regional Pro Series is broken up across 5 regions: 

  1. Midwest & Great Lakes Region
  2. Northeast Region
  3. Northwest & Mountain Region
  4. Pacific Southwest Region
  5. Southern Region

Being the only bass fishing subscription box to dial in exactly what you’ll need in your region, I feel that MONSTERBASS is deserving of the top spot in this list. 

If you’re already subscribed to any of these boxes, let me know how you like them in the comments below. If you subscribe to one because of this article, be sure to let me know what you think after receiving your first box! 

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Finally, for a chance to get rewarded by other brands in the fishing industry, download the ANGLR app and log the gear you receive in these boxes! Track what baits work best for you in certain conditions and dial in the bite.

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