Storing Bass Fishing Weights

Three Best Options for Storing Bass Fishing Weights

You either love to do tackle or you hate it. I personally really enjoy messing around with tackle when I’m not on the water. It’s my favorite way to kind of extend the experience where some anglers do the same thing through map study, reading fishing reports or studying their logbook

For those that don’t like messing with tackle, it’s usually out of frustration over the cost of the boxes and other organizational items, or they just can’t find a way to do things that suit them. But finding a way to safely and securely store several higher-end items when it comes to fishing is actually to the benefit of the budget-conscious angler. Tungsten weights definitely fall into that category. 

They’re pricey and notorious for chipping paint off one another if you just toss them into a pile. So here are three options for storing bass fishing weights that are a worthwhile investment for an angler on any budget.

Storing Bass Fishing Weights | Terminal Tackle Boxes

Many terminal tackle boxes now come with a foam section with several pre-cut locations to store weights. I can hear you already, “I thought you said we were going to be talking about affordable options?” And you’re right, some of these boxes are extremely expensive coming in upwards of $50. But…

I lucked out one day and found a box in Academy that I’ve been using for a couple months now and it’s awesome. I’ve been really pleased with it so far and would definitely recommend it. It has two secure latches, nice sturdy hinges, a seal and a good array of storage options inside for anything you might need when it comes to terminal tackle. And the best part, it’s only $14.99. 


Storing Bass Fishing Weights(1)

Checkout the H2O XPRESS Premium Terminal Tackle Utility Box if you’re in the market. 

Storing Bass Fishing Weights | Small Boxes & Original Packaging

I use VMC Tungsten Weights, and that is an important part of this next method of storing weights so it’s worth noting that this won’t work for everyone. And in regard to these weights, they’re a solid product and come in at a great price point compared to other tungsten so it might be worth swapping over if you like this next idea. 

Storing Bass Fishing Weights(2)

A while back, I found a bunch of little plastic boxes at Harbor Freight. The smallest containers in that set were perfect for holding two of the little plastic trays that VMC weights come with. And then three of those little plastic containers fit perfectly into the compartments of Flambeau’s IKE Quotient Tackle Storage Series 140-IQ. 

I used this setup for quite a while and liked it really well, only moving to the new H2O XPRESS box I use now because of the waterproof seal the Flambeau box lacked. That seal is important because I was using the box to store all my terminal tackle, not just my weights.

Storing Bass Fishing Weights | Tungsten Baggies

This next one works well for oversized weights, even if you buy one of these tackle boxes. Once you get over 3/4- ounce weights, most terminal tackle boxes don’t come with cutouts to fit anything else. So I’ll take a 1- and 1/2- ounce punching weight for instance and put it in the corner of a thin ziplock bag, then give that corner several twists. I’ll then tie that corner off, effectively shrink-wrapping the weight in its own little baggy. 

Storing Bass Fishing Weights(3)

Now you can place that weight and several others in the same compartment of your terminal tack box without having to worry about the weights beating and banging on each other as much. It’s rare that you’ll need a new one of these weights so there’s no real inconvenience in having to wrap and unwrap them and I haven’t had the paint chip on any weights I’ve stored this way in the 3- to 4- years I’ve been doing this. It’s a super cheap fix and your weights are right there when you need them ready to go. 

Storing Bass Fishing Weights | In Conclusion

Storing weights can be a little tricky and tungsten weights are expensive. But you have to have weights when it comes to bass fishing and, if you go with tungsten, you’re definitely going to want to protect the investment. 

Don’t get discouraged if the first box you see is comparable to your boat payment. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find there are a few budget-minded options out there that will save you time and money both on the front end and in the long run. Hopefully, these three methods will make your tackle organization a little easier in the future.

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