Summer Bass Fishing

Summer Bass Fishing | Flukemaster’s 5 Favorite Summer Bass Fishing Baits

Now that the dog days of summer are bearing down on us, the bass fishing bite can get tough. If you’re looking to avoid those slow days on the water, preparing yourself for the summer bass fishing bite is key!

Gene Jensen (aka The Flukemaster) lays out his 5 favorite summer bass fishing baits.

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Summer Bass Fishing Bait: Topwater

Early in the morning, it’s going to be some sort of topwater bait. First thing in the morning right when the sun starts to break out all the way up until the light starts hitting the water, I’ll be throwing some type of topwater.

Bait examples: Whopper Plopper, SPRO Poppin’ Shad

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Summer Bass Fishing Bait: Squarebill 

The next one I can probably say is one of my bread and butters just for covering water. When you’re not fishing a lot of grass and you’ve got a lot of cover like wood or even if you don’t have any wood, I’m going to throw a squarebill. It’s going to be a small one. The baitfish are typically fairly small this time of year so I’m going to throw something like a 1.5 or 1.0 squarebill. 

Bait examples: 6th Sense Squarebill 

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Summer Bass Fishing Bait: Bladed Jig

There are two chatterbait colors I throw: green pumpkin and black and blue. ½ ounce or 3/8 ounce are typically what I throw the most. This is another one of those moving baits I rely  on heavily. When you have a lot of grass, this is probably the best moving bait you can fish in the grass.

Bait examples: Picasso Tungsten Knocker

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Summer Bass Fishing Bait: Spinnerbait 

Notice a lot of these are search baits. Bass tend to scatter early in the morning and work along the banks so a search bait is typically really good. A spinnerbait looks like a small school of baitfish going by. And it’s an all-terrain vehicle. It’ll go through a lot of different types of cover. 

Bait Examples: Strike King Spinnerbait

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Summer Bass Fishing Bait: Texas Rig

My bread and butter for bottom bouncing. When the bass get deep they get on that offshore cover, those points and humps. A Texas rig worm is awesome for that offshore cover. My favorite color is tequila sunrise for the summertime. My go-to around grass and flipping cover is going to be a Rage Bug. They go on the same Texas rig. No matter what I’m doing. If I’m flipping cover, if I’m Texas rigging off-shore, or if I’m hopping the bottom that Rage Bug is just absolutely incredible. 

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Bait examples: Zoom Worm, Strike King Rage Bug 

For more on Summer bass fishing check out Flukemaster’s video below:

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Gene Jensen is a born and bred Georgia boy who grew up trout fishing under the tutelage of his father. As most freshwater anglers do, he was exposed to bass angling and forever hooked. Today he can be described as an avid bass angler and, at best, that description is an understatement. Gene’s home lakes are Guntersville and Lake Chickamauga. Gene guided on Richmond Mill Lake for five years and it was there he learned he loved to teach people how to fish. Today he owns and operates multiple social media channels, to include his YouTube channel, Flukemaster. He has amassed a gargantuan following of 290,000+ subscribers on YouTube and that number grows every day. Through social media Gene shares his passion for bass fishing but also teaches others to fish. After all, it his motto: “Teaching the World to Fish”. His passion and ability to teach others has propelled him to become a commonly known name in the recreational fishing world. This is not because of special marketing or advertising, but simply because he provides value to his following. More people are able to enjoy fishing because of Gene Jensen

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    For summer time bass I normally fish deep, I look for the deepest part of the lake and drop scented jigs that I soak in fish spray the day before, bass suck them in and does not spit them out, very easy to set the hook. I also use deep diving crankbaits in the same deep water to catch big bass.


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