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Power Drop Shotting | A Power Shotting Rundown with Justin Lucas

Power shotting is essentially power fishing a drop shot on heavier gear. Though this power drop shotting technique has gained popularity in bass fishing nationally over the last few years, it has been an ace in the hole for MLF Bass Pro Tour pro Justin Lucas for over a decade.

In 2007, while fishing an FLW event on the California Delta as a co-angler, Lucas used the power shot to put a 13-pound, 9-ounce bass in the boat. More on that monstrous fish catch in a minute. 

First, let’s run through the power shot with Lucas.

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Power Drop Shotting | The Basics of Power Shotting

I don’t really upscale my line super high or use really big hooks, nothing like that. But I do go from a 6 to 8-pound test leader to 12 to 15-pound test straight fluorocarbon on the baitcaster. I I use a 2/0 offset Fusion hook with a ¼-ounce weight 95% of the time. 

I use a really short leader between the weight and the hook, only 6 to 8-inches. If I’m going to dropshot on a baitcaster, I’m doing it because I’m pitching around shallow cover in 2 to 4 feet. So you don’t want the bait too high up in the water column. And with a longer leader like 15 or 18-inches between the weight and the worm, you’ll get that weight hung up all day long on whatever wood or grass you’re fishing around.

The length of the worm is a pretty good judgment on how long I make my leader. Like this year I used a Berkley Maxcent Hitworm a lot and that’s about 7-inches long. So I would put that worm on my hook and then put the weight wherever the tail dropped to.

When Do You Change From Drop Shotting to Power Shotting?

It all depends on how shallow I’m fishing and if the cover is thicker. If I’m fishing 4-feet or less, I’m going to power shot with a baitcaster because I won’t need to pull line out to let the bait hit the bottom. Like at the Potomac (when Lucas won the Elite in 2016) I was fishing a drop shot in 4 to 8-feet. With a baitcaster I would have had to pull line off my reel and my bait wouldn’t fall straight down. But in 1 to 4-feet of water there’s enough slack line when I pitch out that it’ll fall straight down without me having to feed it any line. 

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Then I’ll also use it whenever I’m fishing around thicker shallow cover, usually in the spring. 

A dropshot is so deadly around beds, so I like to use it where I know fish are spawning but I can’t see them. I like to pitch that thing around instead of a wacky rig or whatever everybody else is doing to show them a little something different. It’s just something we grew up doing at the Delta that worked really well. 

The Revo Stx 8:1 will work but I really like an MGX 8:1 because it’s built to cast lighter baits. When you’re talking about a ¼-ounce weight and a 6-inch worm there’s not much weight there on 15-pound line so you need a reel that will cast really well.

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Tell Us More About Power Drop Shotting That Big One? 

The fish were up spawning. It was a full moon and they had just moved up on beds. A lot of big females were up. The water was pretty dirty and it was a lower tide. We were fishing down a stretch where we knew they were spawning but couldn’t see them. We were pitching that power shot around. 

When you’re going around fishing behind people who are fishing with 20-pound fluorocarbon and a creature bait, you’re just going to get a lot more bites and with that power shot and catch some big ones in the spring. 

That was just what happened there. It was a community area that probably a bunch of people had fished throughout that day. That fish had probably seen several baits that day but not a dropshot pitched right in front of it. There was a little pocket in the reeds and it was just a perfect little circle for a fish to be spawning in even though I couldn’t actually see her on the bed. 

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The fight was insane. 

She was dogging me. She had me around a bunch of tules but I finally got her in. I caught that fish on my last cast of the day and I culled out a 12 and a half incher.

Justin Lucas’s Power Drop Shotting Gear

Power Drop Shotting Rods

7’3” Medium Heavy Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier 

12 to 15 pound Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

Power Drop Shotting Reels

Abu Garcia Revo Stx 8:1 

Abu Garcia REVO MGX 8:1

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